Is It Still So Wrong?

Nothing Suspicious, Huh?

it feels like a million years since my last update, when it has actually been 3 months and 13 days. Sorry people, been extremely busy and lazy nowadays. I'll stop killing you now.

“I’m not waiting for you girls!” I heard Mikee shout, coming from one of the rooms. There were eyes rolling and groans from the girls as they managed to catch up with their friend, of course, with those heels on she couldn’t have gone far.

The night turned out for the guys to get drunk anyway, but it seemed that the girls didn’t mind because they were pretty funny and random when they were drunk. The girls tried controlling their drinking, so they don’t end up like their boyfriends who are now just rambling and pretty much doing crazy things.

“What a prettyful trophy…” Spencer slurred in awe as he stared at one of the trophies that was on the table, our trophies, the ones we won at the awards, you get what I mean.

“Ours is prettyfuller.” Bob said.

“No way, ours is the bestest.”

“No, ours is.”

“Are you getting the vocabulary of this Anna?” Nadine asked the girl next to her, who was taking down notes for some reason.

“Yes, it is very interesting.” Anna said. After verbally arguing with each other Bob and Spencer suddenly picked the trophies up and started ‘sword fighting’ with them, complete with sound effects.

“Hey! Don’t do that! You’ll scratch them!” I said, they turned to me for a short while. Bob, seeing an opportunity, poked Spencer with our trophy.

“Ah! He got me!” Spencer said.

“Well that was stupid.” Anna said as the girls started laughing coz of the two drummers’ stupid sword fighting act.

“Frankie’s getting on the table!” my brother said in a drunk way, yes, he is drunk. This time I’m the one not drinking a lot while Mikey’s getting as drunk as he wants, let the kid have some fun once in a while.

“Frankie! Don’t be an idiot!” Mikee said.

“He’s drunk Mimi; he’s bound to act like an idiot.” Abi said.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m tall!” Frankie said.

“Oh yeah?” Ray said, getting up from where he was sitting.

“Ray… what are you doing?” Christa said, shocked as Ray got on the table too.

“I’m taller now!” Ray said.

“Hey no fair! Get off!” Frankie said.

“No way!” there was silence between them for a while until Jon randomly paused the music that was playing at the moment coming from Nadine’s iPod connected with speakers, he then changed the song to what has to be the most random song ever.

I’m too sexy for my shirt…
Too sexy for my shirt…
So sexy yeah…

“JON!” the girls scolded him for changing the song.

“Oh yeah, don’t change the song!” Ray said.

“I’m too sexy for my shirt… too sexy for my shirt…” Frankie said as he started slowly taking his tuxedo jacket off

“OH GOD! FRANKIE’S STRIPPING!” Nadine shouted.

“SOMEBODY GET A CAMERA!” Anna shouted.


“NO ONE’S TAPING FRANKIE STRIPPING! I—AH!” Mikee was interrupted by what she was really going to say when two black tuxedo jackets landed on her head, turning her head she saw both Frankie and Ray stripped as they started untying each others’ neckties.

“This is getting really weird…” Iris muttered.

“They took their ties off! They’re unbuttoning their shirts now!” Riley said.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!” Mikee shouted back.



“Will everyone stop shouting?!” Ryan snapped, but no one seemed to be listening, Ray and Frankie continued stripping until I grabbed two pillows and threw them both at the two. Causing for them to fall off the table and land with a thud on the floor.

“I’m glad that’s over…” I muttered.

“Yay! My turn!” Mikey said, now being the one getting on the table. “Come on Brendon!” he said, calling out to the drunken vocalist.

“I’m coming!” Brendon slurred.


“But we’re all friends…”

“Mikey get down from there bro, before I throw a pillow at you.” I warned calmly.

“Aw but Gerard… aren’t I too sexy to have a shirt on?” Mikey said, of course I thought he was absolutely hot without a shirt on, but stripping on a table where everyone else can see you and record what you’re doing to sell it on eBay? Erm… no.

“Listen to your brother now Michael James.” Nadine said.

“YOU TOO BRENDON BOYD!” Abi shouted.

“So much… shouting…” Ryan said, checking his ears if they were bleeding.

“You poor dude…” Anna said, patting Ryan on the shoulder.

Ryan’s POV:

All this shouting is going to be the death of me someday. I look over at my watch to see that it was almost getting late and the jewelry shop’s going to close any time now. I went over to Brendon, who was taking another glass of beer.

“Brendon, you sober?” I asked him, though he clearly wasn’t.

“Chocolate covered caramel filled kitties!” he rambled; I roll my eyes and ball my hand into a fist.

“I’m sorry I have to do this to you dude but…” I had to do this if I want him to snap out of his drunken state, I gave him a sharp punch in the jaw, only painful enough to make him snap back into reality.

“AH! RYAN! WHAT THE HELL?!” he shouted at me, holding his now aching jaw. “You could’ve punched me in the stomach instead… I need my mouth if we want to maintain being the best techno band!” he said.

“If I punched you in the stomach you’d throw up.” I pointed out.

“Whatever, what is it?” he asked, I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Don’t tell me you forgot… we have to buy the uh…” I cleared my throat and raised my pinky finger up; Brendon gave me a weird look at first. I sigh, rolling my eyes as I raised my ring finger too, now he seemed to get it.

“Oh! Right, right, right.” he cleared his throat and stood up. “Let me wash up in the bathroom first.”

Don’t take your time.” I told him, he nodded and rushed to the bathroom.

“Where’s Brendon?” I heard Abi ask.

“He’s just in the bathroom washing up and all.” I answered.

“Why? You guys going anywhere?” Abi asked again, I turn to her and smile.

“Yeah, but we’re not telling you.” I said.

“Will you tell me?” Anna asked, taking interest in our conversation.

“It’s a surprise.” I said.

“Ryan! I’m done! Let’s go buy those—“my eyes widened when he was about to say something that’ll surely ruin the surprise, I punched him again in the jaw, on the same spot. “AH! WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT?!” he demanded, holding his aching jaw again.

“You idiot! The girls are right here!” I hissed at him, he looked over at Anna and Abi, who were not giving us weird looks.

“Oh… uh… hello girls! Nothing suspicious here! Nope! Nothing at all!” he said, I rolled my eyes and stomped on his foot on purpose. He let out a cry of pain as he started hopping on one foot.

“Uh…” I said, clearing my throat and sustaining my smile. “We have to go now, sorry we couldn’t stick around longer.” I said, giving Anna a light kiss on the cheek.