Is It Still So Wrong?

Candid Picture

“Why not?” she asked.

“As we said, it’s a surprise.” Brendon said, doing the same to Abi.

“Okay… are we going to find out soon?” Abi asked eagerly, I exchanged glances with Brendon and we just smiled.

“Yeah.” we said in unison as we made our way to the door.

“Hey Gerard, we’re leaving now, take care of Anna and Abi for us.” I said.

“Yeah sure, come to Uncle Jiggy kids.” Gerard said jokingly, Brendon and I stifled laughs but we stopped when we saw Anna and Abi giving us glares.

“Uh… yeah…” I cleared my throat and exited with Brendon.

“Ryan, are you sure about what Nadine said?” Brendon asked, looking at some diamond engagement rings behind a glass case.

“It’s interesting enough to believe.” I said, standing beside him, looking at the rings too.

“What if the ring’s too loose? Abi’s a small girl you know.”

“Trust me Brendon; you’ll have better luck than Frankie.” I said, patting him on his shoulder and going to look somewhere else.

“Can I help you two?” we heard an elderly sounding voice say, looking up we saw a kind-looking old man, smiling at us.

“Uh… we were just looking for… some engagement rings.” Brendon answered.

“Planning on proposing to that special girl?” the old man said, I suddenly find myself smiling again, I wasn’t the only one, Brendon had this big grin on his face too.

“Yeah… we’re planning on proposing tomorrow, or at anytime convenient.” I said.

“Excuse me, but aren’t you two Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie?” the old man said, Brendon and I exchanged glances before looking back at the old man.

“Uh… yeah…” I said. I didn’t know elderly people listened to our music, I always thought they think our music was ‘noise’ and not music.

“Oh, my granddaughter’s a big fan of you two, congratulations on winning that award.” he said, okay, so it’s his granddaughter who likes us, not him. Stupid me.

“Um… thanks…” I said.

“Ooh! Ryan! This is a pretty ring!” Brendon said eagerly, pointing to one of the diamond rings behind the glass. He looked up to the old man with his eager face, man, what a kid. “Can I try fitting this one on my pinky finger?”

“I thought you were doubtful about believing in that stuff?” I said, raising an eyebrow at him as the old man got the ring out.

“Well I do now! Come on Ryan, you haven’t found a ring for Anna yet.” he said, which was true. I looked over at some other rings while Brendon was fitting the ring he found on his pinky finger.

“Can I suggest this one Mr. Ross?” I heard the old man say, turning to him he was holding a particularly beautiful diamond ring, just sitting there on its small box, the diamond sparkling in the shop’s light. I was in awe at the ring.

“Wow…” I said, taking the ring with its box from his hands, I looked at the old man and he was smiling. I looked behind him to see that Brendon wasn’t standing there anymore. “Where’d Brendon go?” I asked.

“Mr. Urie went off to get something to snack on, well Mr. Ross what do you think?” he asked.

“The ring’s really amazing; can I fit it on my pinky finger?” I asked, this time the old man raises his eyes at me.

“What’s with all this pinky finger nonsense?” he asked chuckling, as I placed the ring on my pinky and he made some adjustments.

“It’s some kind of superstition a friend of mine told me and my guy friends, if the ring fits on the guy’s pinky finger it’ll fit on the girl’s ring finger.” I explained.

“Well it sounds believable, a girl has small, dainty hands, a boy though may have rougher and a little fatter hands, it’s nature.” he said, he made the final adjustment and the ring fit perfectly on my pinky finger.

“Thanks…” I said, putting the ring in its box and paying the old man before pocketing it.

“No problem, I’m sure your girlfriend would like the ring very much.” he said smiling.

“Yeah, thanks again.” I said, smiling back as I exited the shop and searched for my friend, who I found was having trouble with the ketchup container he was holding as he shook it vigorously on his hotdog (no dirty thoughts now).

“Stupid ketchup…” he muttered.

“Brendon, come on dude, let’s move.” I said.

“But the ketchup!” he whined.

“Forget the ketchup, you can just eat it plain.” I said as I climbed into my car. “I’m going to drive off any minute now…” I threatened.

“All right I’m coming!” Brendon said as he took a bite of his un-ketchup-ed hotdog, he climbed into the passenger’s seat and started the car. “It doesn’t taste the same without ketchup…” I heard him mutter.

Gerard’s POV:

Ryan and Brendon had already left with some mysterious mission, everyone else was still here, it seemed Nadine and Mikee brought along their Dance Factory game and a couple of dance pads so it won’t get boring. It was entertaining seeing that our songs were there, I can’t imagine dancing along to Famous Last Words or I Don’t Love You, but that game made me think other wise.

“How did you get the MCR, Panic! and FOB songs in your game?” Abi asked curiously.

“I just need the CD and stuff, it’s hard to explain.” Mikee answered.

“I want to dance to… Camisado!” Anna said.

“Is that even danceable?” Abi said.

“That’s what I thought, but this game made me think otherwise.” Nadine said.

“Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks is hard.” Mikee pointed out.

“I wanna try that song!” Spencer said.

“But I wanna try Camisado first!” Anna said.

“You two could play against each other, but Camisado’s first, because Anna said she wanted to play first.” Nadine said.

“Aw… fine…” Spencer said.

“Wait, aren’t you drunk?” Abi asked.

“Who said I was?”

“Well a while ago you were having a swordfight with Bob with your awards, who wouldn’t think you were a drunken ass?”

“Maybe I am drunk…” he said in a mysterious tone.

“You’re making no sense.” suddenly we heard Nadine let out a squeal, making everyone turn to her and Frankie and Bob, who had fallen asleep shoot up awake.

“Ugh… what the hell Nadine?!” Frankie said.

“Gerard! Mikey! Aw… I can’t believe you still have this picture! It’s even framed!” Nadine said, showing the reason for her squealing. It was a group picture we took a year ago when we met at our house right after the tour; everyone started crowding over her to take a look at it. I soon saw big smiles on their faces, as if they were reminiscing about that time.

“That picture’s a real candid one.” Frankie said.

“You think?” Nadine said.

“I still remember when we took it like it happened just yesterday!” Ray said.

“Ooh, I feel a flashback coming.” Abi said.

“Wheeeeeeeeeee! Flashbacks!” Mikee said.

“Let us all have flashbacks now.” Anna said.

Flashback (Normal POV):

“Group picture in the Way living room! Now!” Nadine said, getting her camera out of her pocket.

“Candid?” Anna asked.

“Be the most candid you guys want to be.” Nadine said, placing the camera on the table and putting the timer on. She ran over to where everyone was positioning themselves.

“Brendon! Hold onto the teddy bear!” Abi said, picking the said stuffed toy up from the carpeted floor and putting it in-between her and Brendon on the couch.

“Of course! How could we forget teddy?” Brendon said as the two cuddled it from both sides, Abi on the right and Brendon on the left.

“Hey! Abi! Brendon! You’re teddy bear’s blocking my view!” Spencer complained.

“Good luck with that Spence.” Jon said, snickering as he found a place where only one person could be seen without being blocked by the enormous teddy bear Abi and Brendon had.

“Move over Walker!” Spencer said, attempting to push his bandmate out of the spot.

“Hey I got this spot first! You get your own Smith!” Jon said, soon the two started wrestling/pushing each other out of the spot, all the while accidentally elbowing Ryan, who was also sitting on the couch with Abi and Brendon with Anna, on the head.

“Ow! Guys knock it off!” he scolded.

“You all right?” Anna asked, Ryan smiled and held her hand with the hand that wasn’t rubbing the inflicted area.

“Eh, I’m fine.” he said with a grin.

“Uaaaaaah! Bob!” Nadine said, making the blonde turn to her with a questioning look.

“What?” he asked, Nadine just grinned and before he knew it she had jumped on his back.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” she said, a big smile on her face. Bob laughed along and made sure she was in a state where she won’t fall painfully on her ass. “Ray-ray!” she said, finally able to reach out and mess with Ray’s hair while on Bob’s back.

“Ah! Bob make your girlfriend stop messing with my hair!” Ray said.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Fuzzyness!”

“I’ve already got my hands full with her on my back Ray.” Bob said. Frankie and Mikee were just standing in front of them (being short people) and laughing at their antics.

“I wanna mess with Ray-ray’s hair too! But even if I get on Frankie I still can’t reach…” Mikee said.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!” Frankie said, poking the short girl on her tickle spot.

“Frankie! No poking!” Mikee said, poking him back.

“But you’re poking!” Frankie said, still poking her.

“Eh!” the two just continued poking each other, everybody seemed to be busy doing something to notice that the timer was going to go off anytime.

“What do we do Gee?” Mikey asked his older brother.

“Well, Anna, Ryan, Brendon and Abi have the couch, let’s sit on the floor in between them and just pose.” Gerard said.

“Hmm… okay.” Mikey said smiling as they did so, when they sat there Mikey noticed Gerard had a mischievous look on his face. “Gerard… what are you thinking?” he asked.

“Steal glasses!” Gerard said, grabbing Mikey’s glasses and raising his hand out of reach from his younger brother.

“Gah! Gerard! Give those back!” Mikey said, since he was actually taller than Gerard he could easily grab it from him. But before he could get it back from his brother the timer went off and the picture was taken.