Arranged, marriage to a hot self centered werewolf who has no sense of style whom I fell for


Andrews point of view

I grabbed her and started running. we left going out throught the window. the maid has already grabbed our stuff so started to run towards that woods. she askes \
"where the hell are we going?" she aske through all the running. i just ignored her and kept running.

***15 minutes later******

"Are we there yes she asked again? Then she thought if I do not answer the fuck question she will scream i am not very patient.

"Will you shut up please!" I yelled telepalthicly. we are going to a beach now shut up.

***!0 minutes later***

"Were here" i thought agitatedly.
all i heard from the ride here is like
"When are we getting there and when is lunch?." it was soo annoying.

"Get off and wait by the sand" I told she rolled her eyes and went i phased back with nothing but pants and I will explain.

" I started when i was born.... I did not know what I was or why i was the way i was." " I was just different.. or so you guess."

"How did you act?" She asked out of curiosity and a hint care in her tone.

"Well.... Lets jus say i had puppy like symptoms" I said. I laughed a harsh laugh like what I said was something gruesome and never meant to be funny.
"Do your care to explain?" She asked in a light tone.
Well... I kinda... well.... "setochasemyselfincircles,tobark,sleepinabalandrunforlongpeirodsoftimewithoutstop-ing.'

"I maybe a tad to fast."I mumbled.

"A tad" she said looking wide eyed.

"Whatever can you please let me finish?" i asked with fake annoyance.
What did you just say, you spoke ... Like that whole sentence in a minute she said trying to hold laughter Maybe i did say that a tad to fast

"use to chase my self in circles, to bark,sleeping in an ball and run for long peirods of time with out stoping" I said slower.

"So you acted like were probably so cute" she said turning her head.

I was bullied for it too, i cried every night." I was starting to shake now, rocking back and forth like when i was a kid. she rapped her arms around me. " they told when i was 8 years old so could understand it." " It was like hell for those first couple of years."

I am so sorry she said kiss my head , cheek, nose, nibbled on me ear.

"Hayden" I moaned.

"What?" she whispered in my ear. she started to kiss me tenderly i turned my head and looked at my watch it said 8:00 pm.

"We. Have. To. Go. Now." I said.

?Where?" She asked curiously.

"You'll see" I said as I smirked
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