Worry Rock


Carlie (Charlie) Spencer is the best friend and band-mate of Jakob Danger Armstrong. For her entire life, she looked towards Billie Joe and Adrienne as parents even more than her own father. But when Joey says those three little words, can her life really be so simple anymore?

Meanwhile, Jakob thinks he's found the love of his life. But can it really last? Or is there more heartbreak in store for our favorite young bassist?

Read and find out!
  1. Running in the Rain With My Socks On
    Charlie goes through a bad break-up. Jake does what he can to cheer her up.
  2. Play My Troubles Away
    Carlie's dad wants her to come home... and things get ugly.
  3. "I Think My Dad's At A Disadvantage."
    Billie Joe Armstrong Vs. Carlie's dad... who will win?
  4. Meet The Families
    Billie calls everyone over to hear his son's band play. Then Ramona decides to "take a ride on the wild side."
  5. At The Gilman
    Ramona, Stella, and the entire band of Worry Rock take thier trip to the Gilman, where Charlie meets someone. Joey needs some cheering up.
  6. The Jakob-Charlie Tradition
    Worry Rock is signed to Adeline. Jakob and Charlie spend their made-up birthday together.
  7. "PRESENTS!!!"
    Jakob and Charlie's birthday party; Charlie and Joey go skateboarding.
  8. Fame
    Worry Rock starts getting famous, and Jake and Jen are getting closer.
  9. Hospital Visit
    Carlie takes a trip to the hospital!
  10. A Letter From Daddy
    Charlie opens the envelope from her dad!
  11. "I Love You"
    This part involves Joey... and three very special words.
  12. "You're Like Jesus!"
    Worry Rock meets thier new favorite fan.
  13. Talk now.
    Joey and Charlie finally confront eachother!
  14. Reunion
    Charlie and Jakob visit Charlie's dad...
  15. Shenanigans
    Mick steals the Starbuck's counter girl, and Worry Rock goes on a 'movie date' with My Chemical Romance.
  16. It's Not Love When You've Inhaled Half the Bar
    Title kinda says it all... a bit of Joey-Charlie drama going on, as well as a Jakob-Jennifer segment and even a little Mick-Rene.
  17. The Kitchen Table Never Felt So Wrong
    Blackouts, breakdowns, and breakups...
  18. You Just Don't Touch Blue
    The title says it all.
  19. A Very Long Week
    Billie's punished Adie from sex for an entire week... but can he last? [NOTE: Thanks to Ash (finksgirl) for all the help with this part!]
  20. Cookies, Caffiene, and Long-Awaited Confessions
    Ash gets Charlie to open up some to her, Rene comes to visit, and Charlie finally gives Joey an answer. What will it be?
  21. Red Flags and Long Nights
    Jake and Jen get in a fight, and Warren stays out all night.
  22. Shut Up
    Joey moves out...
  23. The Fool Whose Stable Soul's Gone Bad
    Lots of pining... sorry it took so long!
  24. A Charming Gentleman
    Mick and Rene spend the day together.
  25. Heartbeat
  26. (Don't) Leave Me Alone