Worry Rock


*November 2016*

---Charlie's POV---

Our last show of the year is next week. I can't wait, I'm getting pretty tired from all this touring. The MCR guys are going to be going on without us for a while, internationally. We aren't going with them, though. We feel like we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. After all, My Chemical Romance in the year 2016 is pretty much as big as Green Day was in 2005. Yeah, so you get the picture.

"Charlie!" I hear and sigh. Jakob. Whiney ass. Ever since we left home again, he can't shut up about Jen. How he misses her and all. I mean, it's cute when you hear it a couple of times, and it's cute to watch him when you know he's thinking about her, but when all you ever hear is, "I miss Jenny!" it gets pretty damn annoying.

"What, Jakob? No, wait, let me guess. You miss your oh so wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny, and all around perfect girlfriend, Jennifer?"
"Yes! How did you know?"
"Lucky guess," I reply sarcastically.
"Hey, I don't whine that often!" I reach into my pocket, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper, and hand it to him. "You took count of how many times I said Jen's name?"
I smile and make a mark with my pencil on the tour bus windowsill, where I've decided to keep today's count. "Yup. And I think I missed some. That was yesterday's."
"I said her name three hundred and twenty two times?"
"Yeah. Don't worry, it wasn't all consciously. Sometimes you mumbled her name in your sleep."
He opens his mouth to respond, but Boom has walked over and sat next to me now. "Yeah, it's true," says the man with the Starbuck's coffee in hand with a smirk. "I didn't know you had a food fetish, Jakey. More specifically, extra spicy nacho cheese."
At that point, I burst out laughing, and Boom joins me. Jakob chuckles a little. "What? Are you serious?" he asks.
I try to answer, but I'm laughing too hard. "Y-y-yeah," I choke out, tears coming to my eyes. It doesn't help me stop laughing when I look up and see that Jakob's face is turning deeper shades of crimson than I knew was possible.
"We got it on tape," laughs Boom.
Now let me sum up: Video camera; $20, Recordable disk for camera; $10, Camera battery; $5

Jakob's face when he finds out we video recorded him mumbling kinky thoughts about his girlfriend in his sleep: PRICELESS.

"You taped it!?" he yells loudly, and I get up and start dashing away as he chases me. Of course me, because Boom is protected with hot coffee. And really, why waste perfectly good coffee? Besides, he knows us well enough to know that this would be either mine or Mick's idea, and Mick is busy trying to exit the Starbuck's we've stopped at, both unnoticed (not an easy feat) and with everybody else's coffee. Yeah, Boom left him. I guess he figured he'd go back and check on him in a couple of minutes.
I run over to the part of the bus where the bunks are and climb up to the bunk where Warren has been taking a nap. "What are you doing?" he asks grumpily.
"Save us! Jake found out about the video!"
"Damn, that's what you woke me up for?" He pushes me, making me fall down and into a pair of arms so conveniently located beneath me. I look up. Oops, not convenient.
"Um, hi, Jakob..." He gives me an annoyed look and drops me onto the floor, making me give up an unconscious shriek. Damn high pitched girlie screams.
"Charlie, where is the disk?" says Jakob seriously.
"What disk?" I ask innocently from my spot on the floor. His face hardens.
"Charlie," he says warningly.
"Alright, alright, just don't cause me any head injury! It's under Mick's mattress." He walks off, pulling said disk from said place and cracking it in half, throwing it away.
"You're no fun," I mutter, standing up, and he just smiles.

"Ow! Owowowowow!" We hear and look over to see Mick coming in with a beanie covering his recognizable green hair and an old black Avenged Sevenfold hoodie which covered the distinctive tattoo he got on his left forearm last May. If you really want to know, the tattoo is one of a classic heart, except it contains a cartoon-ish picture of the Grim Reaper, rather than "MOM," or a girlfriend or ex girlfriend's name. Actually, I can't really imagine Mick with a girlfriend. He's more of a floater kind of guy. He just doesn't like being confined.

I bet you're wondering what all the "Owowowowow"-ing is about. Well, one of the cups in Mick's crowded arms is starting to tip over, and some of the hot coffee is burning his arm. I know, I sound so concerned. But it's not like he's going to die from a little coffee burn. "Hey, Mick!" I yell cheerfully across the room, and he throws me one of his rare glares.

"Help me, you morons," he says.
"Yeah, as if. You guys taped me sleeping!" says Jake.
I chuckle and walk over, picking up the tipping cup, settling it firmly in the cup holder, and setting the cup holder on the table as he puts the other one there.
"Um, about that," he says as he removes the hoodie and examines the red burn mark on his left arm.
"Don't worry about it, I already destroyed the evidence," interrupts Jake.
"Aw, man! But it was so funny!"
"Yeah, yeah, don't make me throw coffee at you," says Jake, grabbing his cup.
"Why did I have to go get the coffee anyway? It was scary. There was this gang of girls who were like, thirteen staring at me the whole time, and they were like, whispering to each other and stuff."
"You were the one who said you were too restless to stay in the bus any longer," Jake points out.
"Yeah, but I thought Boom was going to help me carry it all!"
"I did," says Boom. "I carried mine."
"Fuck off. I'm going to go back in and ask if they have any ice. This thing burns." He turns and exits the bus.

A few minutes later, we hear an uproar outside, and I'm sure we're all thinking the same thing: "Oh, shit. What did Mick do now?"

---Mick's POV---

"Hey, can I get some ice for this?" I say, walking up to the counter and holding out my burned arm to the pretty girl at the counter wearing the vintage Anti-Flag tee underneath her green Starbuck's apron.

She smiles at me and says, "Yeah, sure." In a couple of moments, she comes over with an ice pack, handing it to me. "Coffee burn?" she asks knowingly.
"Yeah. Fag friends wouldn't help me carry it."
"Happens to me all the time," she says, and after a moment of glancing away, "Those teenies are staring at you."
I glance over. "Dammit. Yeah, that happens. If I'm lucky, they'll be the shy kind."
"You might want to get out of here just in case," she advises.
"You wanna come with me?"
"Now, Mr. Rock Star, I don't think we've even had a proper introduction."
I grin. "Well, I beg your pardon, ma'am. The name's Tucker. Mick Tucker."
She laughs. "Been watching a little too much James Bond?"
"Actually, I've never seen it. I'm just that talented. So anyways, your turn."
"Rene Brown." She holds a hand out to shake, and I do so. Normally, I'd lick it or something, but I like this girl.
"Well, now you know me, I know you, how about we ditch this place?"
She looks around for a moment as if she's thinking about it. I can imagine it now: "Should I stay here at my crappy job with the preppie ass bitch who speaks like she constantly inhales helium and the middle aged bum or should I go and hang out with the uber sexy rock stars for the rest of the day? Choices, choices..."
Rene shrugs with a "Sure, why not?"
"Yay!" I say, and then the worst thing ever happens.
"Oh my God, it's Mick Tucker!"
I think all the dogs in the neighborhood just went deaf.
"Fuck," I say. "Hurry up." I hold my hand out, and a tingling feeling goes down my arm when she grabs it, jumping over the counter.
"Mick!" I hear, and I grab Rene's arm, pulling her with me out the door and towards the tour bus. I feel a hand on my arm and turn around to see who but the obviously psychotic teenie with straight blonde hair and a pink tank top. Ick. "Hey, can I have your autograph?"
I sigh. Dammit, I thought I'd be free. "Yeah, sure," I say begrudgingly, signing her piece of paper, and of course, this signals to her equally plastic friends that they can come over and ask. Within moments, I see a few getting out cell phones to take pictures, and they're crowding me way too much. "Okay, that's it," I say, throwing down the pen and paper I'm currently holding. "I'm out of here." There are protests, but I push out of the annoying throng of little anorexic-model wannabes and take Rene's arm. She had been pushed to the side, and I mutter a "Sorry," before we start running together for the bus.

---Charlie's POV---

The door opens up, and in runs our drummer with a hand around the arm of.... somebody. She looks like she's about sixteen or seventeen years old, with medium black hair that has red streaks in it, a black shirt with a green apron over it, a pair of jeans, and beat up sneakers.
They slam the door shut, but not before we get a glimpse of a few girls running towards us. "What did you do this time, Mickey?" says Boom like a parent whose ten-year-old has been getting into too much trouble with the neighbors.
He turns to look at us, seeming to be out of breath. "I stole a girl!" he says happily, with a big grin as he points to the girl in the apron, whose nametag says "Rene."
"Yeah, we see that," says Joey, rolling his eyes.
"Okay, well, remember how I told you about those creepy little kids who were looking at me? Well I went in to get ice, and I started talking to Rene here, and we decided I'd steal her from work, and then those little girls decided to freak out and one was all 'Ohmagosh, it's that drummer dude from Worry Rock!' and so I helped Rene jump over the counter really fast and we ran back to the bus and they were running after us and stuff."
"Aw, our little Mickey has teenies," remarks Warren, who is not completely over his morning grouchiness.
"Well, I am the sexy twin," he fires back, causing Warren to roll his eyes.
"Hi, Rene," says Joey, smiling at the girl who seems to have been forgotten in the midst of our regular conversation.
"Hey," she says with a grin.
"Oh, yeah!" says Mick. "Okay, everybody, this is my gorgeous friend, Rene. Rene, this is Boom, Jakob, Joey, Charlie, and my not-a-morning-person brother, Warren."
Warren grunts and the rest of us wave with the occasional "Hey," and we receive the same sort of reaction from her.
"He gets happier, don't worry. The caffeine just has to kick in," explains Mick, and Rene smiles.
"Shy much?" asks Jake, smiling at her. Ashlynn tells me Jakob's a favorite with many teenies. Strange since he only plays bass. Don't get me wrong, bass is important as anything else, but usually the crowd goes for vocals or guitarist. Well, Ash tells me it's because of his smile. Apparently, he has an adorable smile.
If she's right, then either Rene doesn't agree or she hides it, replying with a smirk, "Not that much."
"Okay, so what are we going to do today? We have a day off, so let's have a good time," I suggest.
"We can't go anywhere," says Mick. "I mean, hello, I just tried to go into a Starbuck's and was nearly mobbed by a bunch of little girls!"
"You weren't wearing your jacket," I point out.
I go to the computer to see who sent us a message.

MCR: hey. this is frank... do you people wanna go see a movie?
MCR: since we're free and stuff today...
WR: Charlie here and yeah, that sounds fun.
MCR: yeah. you guys are so sexy, we can't resist taking you on a movie date! plus... you're legal now.
WR: Lol! OK then, we'll come. ;) What movie?
MCR: i dunno... we'll figure that out when we get there.
WR: Sounds good. Mind if we bring a friend?
MCR: who?
WR: Mick stole the Starbuck's counter girl.
MCR: lol.
MCR: sure, she can come too.
MCR: what's her name?
WR: Rene.
MCR: cool.
WR: Okay, so we'll drop the busses and crap off at the hotel and then to the movies!
MCR: k. see you then.
WR: bye.

"Okay, we're going on a movie date with MCR, everybody!" I announce to everyone, who have been chatting away as I conversed with the My Chemical Romance tour bus.
"Yay!" rejoices Mick. "More molesting of sexy Ray Toro! Mmmh, that hair turns me on." We all laugh; Mick loves to tease Ray about his hair.
"Fine, then I get sexy Rene!" says Warren, who is pretty much awake and back to his normal self again.
"Naw uh! She's mine!"
"Well if you get Ray Toro, I get Rene."
"No! I found her first!" Mick fires back jokingly.
"Uh huh!"
"How about you two go on separate sides of the bus and call her name to see who she goes to?" says Jakob sarcastically.
Of course, Mick doesn't get the joke and runs to the other end of the bus. "Sexy Rene, I love you!" he yells, holding his arms out as if he's about to give a sumo wrestler a hug. We all laugh, including Rene, who smirks again and doesn't move. "Rene, how could you betray me?" he yells.
"Sorry, Mickey," she jokes. "But I prefer singers." As she says this, her arm snakes though Boom's, and Mick's face goes from shock to a fake glare directed at Boom, who laughs. He points to Boom and then makes a threatening gesture across his neck.
"I like her," laughs our front man.
"Yeah, you stole her from me!" says Mick, still in his false rage, and he lays down in a nearby bunk in a huff. We at the other side of the bus laugh, Rene and Boom still with linked arms. I smirk at him, and he rolls his eyes at me, smiling slightly.
Well, we get to the hotel, and Mick refuses to move from the bed, so Rene walks back there and whispers a little to him. I see a grin spreading across his face as she talks, moving her face closer to his as if she's going to kiss him and then moving away and walking towards the door. "You tease!" yells Mick, running out after her.

*Later That Night*

"Hey, Charlie," says Joey, sitting next to me on my bed. Believe it or not, I was reading. The Da Vinci Code, even. I know, amazing, right? I can be literary!
"Hey, Joe," I say, putting down my book. "What's up?"
"Not much. How'd you like the movie?"
"It was pretty good. I mean, it was a tad distracting how Mick and Rene weren't really watching it half the time, but besides that, I liked it."
"It was alright," he responds, shrugging.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Nothing. I'm fine," he lies.
"Joey, I can tell when you're upset, and I can tell when you're lying. Right now you're doing both. What's up?" I pull him closer, hugging his arm and putting my head on his shoulder. He sighs and opens his mouth but closes it again, apparently not knowing how to start. "Is it about me?" I ask uncertainly. He hesitates, then nods, looking away. I pull off of him, scootching to sit cross-legged in front of him. "Spill."
He hangs his head, running his fingers through his brown hair nervously. "Charlie, I really do love you..." he says, and I feel as if he just jabbed a knife into my heart. I look away.
"I - "
"Yeah, I know you haven't decided, but it's just killing me."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be. It was all kind of pressured. I just really want to know for sure - do you love me or not?"
"I don't know, Joey."
"Charlie, please, you've had months."
"I know, I know. I'm sorry." I feel tears coming to my eyes. I'm hurting Joey. Just because I can't come to some stupid decision. I feel horrible.
He wraps his arms around me, pulling me into him gently. "No, you should have time. I'll wait for you."
"Yeah, but how long? I have no idea when I can figure this out."
"As long as it takes."
"Would you really?"
"Yes, Charlie. I love you."
I look up at him, and he's staring back at me with the sincerest of eyes. Wow. I've never really noticed what nice eyes he has before. I mean, sure, they're brown, but there's a distinct green spot directly above his pupils. Like the inverse of his dad's eyes. I feel his hot breath on me, and it awakens something I've never felt before. I can't really describe it. What is it? Lust, maybe? Love? That scares me so much. I can't be in love. I mean, me? In love? Not really. And with Joey? No way!
Still, I'm finding it hard to look away from those gorgeous eyes as he leans in closer. I think if he kisses me now, whatever barrier there is that's blocking me from knowing how I really feel will be knocked down completely. I'll finally know.
It scares me to kiss him, but I can't pull away. I just can't. Yet Joey stops an inch from my face. Oh, why did you have to stop? He looks down, breaking the trance I seem to have been in. "I won't kiss you if you don't want me to," he says.
I look away as well, and then shake my head.
I'll never let him know how he just missed his chance.