Worry Rock

A Very Long Week

Day One

Our punishment isn't going too badly yet. I mean, sure, it's day one, but so far, it's not too bad. Why? Because Billie is smart. He knows that if we're left alone, confined to one place, with nothing to do, for too long, we will literally end up becoming bored enough to tear the house down. We also know where the tools are kept, so he wouldn't dare being quite that cruel to us. We can watch TV or movies or play video games. Basically, all we're restricted from is any sort of instrument and communication with the outside world. Meaning, we can't go anywhere or invite anyone over, and no internet or phones. But since we seem to have misplaced our phones, he couldn't take them away. Our plans are already being formed to get around the other rules.
Adrienne, however, is going to suffer. She's denying it to me right now. "I don't need sex," she tells me. "I go months without it when he's on tour. I can go a week, easy."
"Adie, you know he's not going to make it easy on you."
"Well, I'll be fine. I can resist him."
I sigh. I honestly doubt she can.

Day Two

I'm bored. One day without a guitar solo is pretty much agony. A week is torture. Billie knew what he was doing when he took away my guitar as part of this punishment.
Adrienne seems to be doing okay though. Despite Billie Joe walking around in the tightest pair of jeans he owns (I think they might actually be mine) all day, she apparently does alright by simply looking away. Though I have seen her taking a few peeks at him while his back was turned.
When I didn't tell Ashlynn about this on the phone (since we have misplaced it, of course) she, not knowing what was going on, did not want to be here and will not be sneaking in through my bedroom window tomorrow. Niether will Jennifer. Or Boom.
Anyways, Jakob and I have decided to watch a wonderful thing called TV. Some random show is on, which neither of us care about, but both of us are mesmerized into watching.
"Why are you watching Spongebob Squarepants?" asks Billie from behind us.
Without taking his eyes off the gay yellow sponge in front of him, Jakob responds. "I have absolutely no fucking idea. But apparently there's a marathon today."
Billie sighs, picking the remote up from between us and jumped over the back of the couch to sit down, flipping the channel to Fuse, where a new Loaded was on featuring The Living End. I look over at him "What?" he says. "I too get tired of watching the news. Besides, they are on my label."
I roll my eyes and turn back to the TV. This particular video is an older one called Wake Up. It's really one of the coolest music videos I've ever seen, so I honestly can't complain. Well, not about the video, at least.
"Hey, Billie, why are you wearing my pants?"
"These aren't your pants," he says. "I think they're Jakob's."
"Oh, well I've been wearing them too."
"Why can't anybody just get their own pants and leave mine alone? You have pants too!"
"Yes, Jakey, but yours are special." He rolls his eyes and hits me playfully before turning to Billie.
"Dad, can you at least stop wearing my pants? You're going to stretch them out."
"I'm not that much bigger than you."
"Dad, come on."
"Fine, you can have your fuckin pants back. Tomorrow." Jakob groans in annoyance.
And yet I'm the only one who finds it strange that all three of us have been sharing pants.
The rest of the day is spent in boredom. Jake and I went up to our rooms for a while, talking, drawing, writing, whatever we could do to pass the time. I repeat: This is going to be a long week.

Day Three

Adie is weakening. You know, she'd be fine if Billie hadn't told her she couldn't have sex the whole week. She often goes weeks without it. The thing that's getting to her, though, is that she can't now. Want what you can't have kinda thing.
Anyways, remember the thing I mentioned yesterday? About us sneaking people in? Well, Ash and Boom are here. It's about 12:00 now, and we're talking as quietly as we possibly can, Jakob keeping watch for Billie at the door, which is cracked ever so slightly. This is why Mick and Warren aren't here. They don't have a quiet bone in their body.
"No sex for a week," laughs Ash, putting a hand over her mouth to stop from laughing louder.
"Yeah!" I whisper.
"That is fucking funny. But can Billie last?"
"Maybe," says Jake. "He can be pretty damn stubborn."
"That's just too funny."
"Yeah, but it's not too surprising," says Boom. "This is Billie we're talking about."
"True," I say.
"Shh, Dad's coming!" says Jake. At that, Ashlynn quietly stands from her spot on the floor, walking over to the door and peeking over Jake's head, since he too was sitting. I see her eyebrows rise as she looks through the door. Jakob just smirks and pushes her out of the way, motioning for her and Boom to hide. Boom stands quietly from his spot at the end of my bed, moving to the closet with Ashlynn close behind. Meanwhile, Jake lays next to me on the bed just in time for Billie to come in the room. His attire is very similar to yesterday's, except I think he's actually wearing his own pants now. I wonder if he can breathe...
"Hey, you two. What are you doing?"
"Nothin," I say with a smile. "What are you doing?"
"You were being creepily quiet. I wanted to see if you'd snuck out or something."
"Come on, Dad, we wouldn't do that. We're under house arrest, remember?"
"Yeah, Billie, what do you think we are? Some kind of rebels or something?"
"Well, you did grow up around me, and Jake does have my genes."
"I'm not you, Dad."
"I know, I know. I wouldn't want you to be like me. I'm not that great of a person. I really do not know how anyone can stand me."
"Oh, come on, you're cool, Billie."
"I guess.
We start laughing, and Billie just rolls his eyes, closing the door on his way out. Jakob winks at me and jerks his head towards the door to say he'll follow Billie out and tell us when it's safe, and I nod as he does so. Getting up, I open the closet door to reveal Boom and Ashlynn sitting on the floor next to eachother, Ash holding back laughter, and Boom grinning widely. It's easy to tell where this merriment is coming from, since Boom is now wearing that pink feather boa I got at a fair when I was ten. Yes, even he can act goofy on occasion.
"Do I look pretty?" he asks in a scarily feminine voice, making me laugh.

Day Four

Adie cracked. It's only been a few days, and the woman lost it. That may have had something to do with the fact that Billie decided today that shirts are overrated and began walking around in a pair of black leather pants alone. Thus, Adie has decided to seduce him. More reason for us to keep to ourselves.
Well, with a few visitors nobody but us know about.
Today, Boom couldn't come. Said he had a date. When I tried to ask him about it, he just told me I could meet her later if all went well. I hope it does. Boom deserves it.
But Jen and Ash are here. Jen and Jake are in his room right now, and Ash is in mine keeping me company. I'm seriously starting to think of Ash as one of my best friends. Outside of the band, of course. When I think about it, Jazz and I have grown apart now. I occassionally talk to Chris or Matt, and I really didn't have a lot of friends to begin with. There's Joey, but I'd rather not talk about him at the moment.
But if someone would have told me when I met this girl that I'd end up spending so much time with her, I probably would have feared for my sanity and/or run away.
Thank god I didn't.
"One time," I'm telling her. "Me and Jake had this teacher, Mrs. Gedeon. She was such a bitch. Everyone hated her. She always gave the class extra work and stuff, just to keep us busy. So the Jake and I decided she needed to be tought a lesson."
"What kind of lesson?" she asks with an interested grin.
"The kind that involves superglue." She grins wider, getting the kind of look we usually see when she's talking about a certain rock god. But then different. More... I don't know... fond? Did I just used the word fond? Well, I guess I did. And it seems like a good word to describe what she looks like right now. "We poured it all over her desk while she was out of her room for lunch. It was on everything. Her papers, statues, all that crap, was stuck together and to the desk. She had bits of paper stuck there for weeks."
"Did she find out it was you?"
"Yeah. We were suspended for the rest of the week. Jake said he'd do it all again though." There's that look again. That strange, thoughtful, affectionate look. I don't really get it. "What are you thinking?" I ask.
"Nothing much. Just how Jakob always sticks with you even when he knows it could lead to trouble. It's nice."
"Yeah," I say. "That's Jakob." And then I realize something. That look. Those smiles. The constant compliments and excuses to be around him. Ashlynn likes Jakob.
Oh, great.

Day Five

---Adie's POV---

That man is so damn stubborn it's unbelieveable. And what's worse, he rubs it in. He brought Tre over here this morning simply for him to be perverted around me, and that is just not right. Tre can make a preist horny. He's been walking around in the tightest pants he owns (today, he's even slimmed down to just boxers). And beleive me, Billie has been working out.
Well, you get the point. My husband is denying me my rights. I WAS going to just ignore him, but I was thinking. Why act like you don't even care when you can just prove him wrong? That's what I'm doing.
It's time for Operation Seduce Billie.
Step 1: Slim and sexy.
The treadmill. Friend or enemy? I believe it is my best friend. Why? Because it helps me keep away the inevitable guilt of that gallon of ice cream I feel the need to consume every month, and today, it's going to help me seduce my husband.
Like I said, Billie has been working out. Every day after lunch. Usually, Mike comes over to work out with him, but today, Billie's best friend had some business to attend to at his restaurant. I've taken the liberty of filling in for him. I'm wearing a white tank top with a pair of jean shorts, my good old pair of running shoes ready to give our treadmill a workout. Or the other way around. Well, technically speaking, if my plan works, I'll just be giving Billie a work out.
So after only a little while of my walking, just when I start to beleive Billie might not come in today, in he walks. Dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, this man is looking damn sexy, as always. He looks a little confused to see me in here with him.
"Hi, Adie," he says as I continue to power walk.
"Hey, Bill."
"Are you listening to AC/DC?"
"Yes. I happened to be in a classic rock mood today."
He smirks in a "Sure, whatever you say," kind of way, and I see his eyes migrate down my body in a more suggestive manner. I can see those clocks turning in his head. After a moment of that, he turns away a little and begins to pull off his shirt.
Is it me, or did the room just get a whole lot hotter?
I can't help but stare as he begins his own workout routine, and soon enough, the man is glistening with sweat and has started weight lifting. I speed up into a jog, well aware of his eyes on me as I try not to glance over at him too much.
Finally, I hear the song I've been waiting for. "You Shook Me All Night Long." Well, what better way to seduce a musician than through music?
I see Billie stop mid-lift as begins to recognize the song. He slowly lets the barbell down, sitting up on his seat and looking over at me as he leaned his elbows down on his knees.
'Cause the walls start shaking. The earth was quaking. My mind was aching. And we were making it and you - Shook me all night long.
He gets up, walking over and leaning on the treadmill. He stares at me a little more, and I notice that glint in his eyes.
Working double time On the seduction line. She was one of a kind, she's just mine all mine. She wanted no applause Just another course. Made a meal out of me and came back for more. Had to cool me down To take another round. Now I'm back in the ring to take another swing.
"Hey, Billie," I say with a smirk. Instead of getting a verbal response, I feel his hand take a slap at my ass.
Now, I'll admit, I did not expect that. And though it's embarrassing to say, I fell. That's right, I fell off the fucking treadmill. I think I have a brush burn on my forehead now, and it hurts like hell.
And the asshole laughs. "How ya doing down there, Adie?"
You fucking bastard. "I think I'm done for today," I reply, lightly touching my forehead and walking out of the room. Not before I hear more laughter and a few more lines of that song.
'Cause the walls were shaking. The earth was quaking. My mind was aching. And we were making it and you - Shook me all night long.
"Woah, Mom, what happened to you?" asks my eldest son as I walk into the living room.
"I hate your father," I say acidly and begin my ascent of the stairs; I need a shower.
"Yeah, he loves you too..."
I just want to mention something right now: The treadmill is not my friend.

---Charlie's POV---

"Other than that, how have things been going without us?" I ask my only companion of today, Boom. By 'that,' I mean the news he just told me of how our dynamic duo decided to go out and get hammered the other day. Apparently, it was Warren's idea.
"We're dying without you two," he admits with a grin. "Yesterday while I was over here, Mick drained the pool and used it as a skate ramp."
"Has he broken out the spraypaint yet?"
"No, I think that's on today's agenda. And now they have Ash to help them."
"Your pool is going to be a tribute to Green Day."
"But you wouldn't mind that." I smirk, teasing him about how he still loves Green Day. He smiles and shoves me playfully.
"Shut up."

Day Six

---Adie's POV---

By first attempt at seduction was a failure. But today I will succeed.
Step 2: Fight fire with fire.
Billie Joe has been walking around the house in his underwear and the absolute tightest pants he has. I think the other day he was even wearing Jakob's. But damn, was he sexy.
Anyways, back to the plan. There's this one peice of lingerie I've had for a couple of years which just drives him crazy. I haven't worn it in a while, but I think it's time to pull it out of the closet.
A few minutes later, that sexy asshole walks in through the door, which I close behind him. He turns around to look, and I swear, that smirk left his face faster than he could run across the stage during a concert. Which, by the way, is about 2.5 seconds. It's replaced with a look of surprise. His eyebrows are raised, his eyes are wide, and he is looking me up and down.
"Hi, Billie," I say with a smirk.
He opens his mouth and closes it like a fish out of water, and all he can get out is "Uh - um." He starts backing up towards the bathroom, and I grin and step closer to him. "I'm gonna go, uh, take a shower," he says, backing up more.
"Want me to come?" I ask, smirking.
"No, I think I'm okay," he says, turning around and bumping his head on the door and cursing before hurriedly opening the door and going in.
Well, I at least had some satisfaction in that I'm no longer the only one whose sexual frustration has caused me a head injury.
Well, I still have one more step...
Step 3: Slippery When Wet

Day Seven

---Billie's POV---

Damn. I mean, damn. Yesterday, Adie was almost irresistable, but today? I'm dying here. I bet you're wondering what she's doing that's so bad and how much worse she can get than the lingerie from yesterday. Well, let's just say that if you take my wife, put her in a bikini, then in a hot tub and the song "Feel Like Makin Love" blasting from the speakers next to her, then add in a sexally deprived and horny me, the hot tub will be a bit more bubbly than usual, if you get what I'm talking about. But today, I can't. Because then Adrienne will have been right. Well, she never specifically said that I couldn't last the week. But she was thinking it.
Now she's looking at me. Oh my god, she's looking at me. The Dookie era is nothing to this.
The song ends, and a new one starts. This isn't another Bad Company song, though. It's Tenacious D. Oh, no.
This is a song for the ladies, But fellas listen closely. You don't always have to fuck her hard. In fact sometimes that's not right to do. Sometimes you've got to make some love And fuckin give her some smoochies too.
Fuck Her Gently. Oh, hell.
She stands up now, starting to climb out of the hot tub towards me. I can't fucking take this anymore.
"Charlie! Jakob!" I'm running through the house now, already halfway up the stairs. "Get your asses over here!"
"What? Where's the fire?"
"We didn't do it!"
And here they are. My own personal Fred and George Weasley. "I know you didn't fucking do it! Wait, do what?"
"Nothing," says Jake. "Weren't you listening?"
"What is it?" asks the other.
"It's been long enough now. Your punishment is over. You don't have to stay anymore."
"Adie got to you, huh?"
"Do you really want to stick around to find out?"
"Nope. Bye, Billie!"
"Bye, Dad!"
The two run off to finally get to go and be with their friends. Not that they haven't seen them in the last week anyway. Yeah, that's right. I know about them having people over in secret all week. I'm not stupid. They both take after me a little, even if that's not really a good thing. They're always going to be bending the rules. The only thing that's important are the kinds of rules they bend.
"So I guess that means my sentence is over too?" I hear and look around to see my wife standing at the bottom of the stairs, still dripping wet and in that gorgeous bikini.
"Oh, hell yes," I say, relieved.
She smirks again. "Well, you know, Billie, I really don't think I'm in the mood after all." She walks away, leaving me to stand dumbstruck on the stairs, my mouth hanging open.
"That is not fair!"
I take off, running down the stairs so fast I almost fall. Actually, I do fall. But only for a second, because straight away, I'm up again and running after my wife. In moments, I have her pinned to the wall in the hallway, practically forcing myself into her mouth. I feel her sleek, wet waist beneath my hands as I press her close to me. Apparently, Adie's changed her mind and is now "in the mood," because her arms are now wrapped tightly around my neck.
I won't go any farther than this moment, because it does get a bit dirty. I do have to make a mental note to clean out that hot tub though.
Yes, this has been a very long week.