I Can Not Tell a Lie But I Kind Of Have To

For those of you who read my other story, Behind the Scenes of a Klutz, you know her father is an author who wrote a book called, I Can Not Tell a Lie But I Kind Of Have To. Well, this is it. So its technically a book within a book, like a play within a play or a show within a show. But this is the confusing part. The author of the book is Paul Magnificent (the girl’s dad) but I wrote it so…

Neil Laxton is a typical teenage boy… rock music cranked loud while driving his beat up car and talking on his phone to his friend about playing soccer the next day. But no one knows his secret. He’s The Wonder, the only superhero in his small town of Breezy Point, Minnesota. But when his constant lying about his double life becomes too much for him to handle, who will be there to save him?

Created by Paul Magnificent, Written by Mary aka my.world.rocks