I'm Melting In Your Eyes

Party When The Funeral Ends

Chapter 100

I looked around once I realized I wasn’t on earth anymore. I was really in the clouds. I looked around and there was everyone. They were all happy and I ran to every one and hugged them except frank I ran to him and kissed him. we were all up in the clouds and the band was back together rocking out. even though they wouldn’t really be making anymore records to be released. We all picked up were we all left off and that was when we were all oh so happy. We all were joking around like nothing ever came between us. Even after death everyone still had there craziness. Mikey was still wacko for coffee and we all still joked around. It was heaven for me. when I got up to the clouds all that I had gained disappeared and I was how I was before frank left me. we could start are world all over again. we could all be happy married couples. Which is what everyone was. And everyone except Jenni was still pregnant. We were all still having our babies. I was gonna live my life to the fullest now. even though it was more of live my after death life to the fullest. Nothing could happen to us now since we were all gone.


******* ok I bet that this last chapter sucked I think it sort of did but I couldn’t think of something to happen up in the clouds. Well I hope you liked the story and again I’m sorry I had to kill of MCR it was cruel I know but I had a hard time trying to kill them. I had to get ideas form others. Oh I was gonna make a sequel to this but have it as if she chose Mikey instead of Frank…But I think this stories good as it is. Cause it would have ended the same way them all dead. Lol sry kk I’m done.*******

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