Strange Sepia


I wrote my first version of Strange Sepia a while before this one, when I was very much in my one world and out of touch with the real one. It is a much darker, more complicated and less organized story than this second version, as I wrote it all when I was very much in the heart of the whole situation, and less experienced on how to handle people, like ‘Toby Robinson’ and other people such-like.

You may or may not be aware that some of the characters from this book are not of my creation at all, but from another story altogether, A Midsummer Nights Dream, by (I think it is safe to say) the God of Literature, William Shakespeare. I was in this play when I was around twelve years old as Hermia. I loved the play and whole performance so very much that I didn’t want it to ever end, and so when it did, I grew very fixated with the character of Hermia, and her companions Lysander, and Helena. So fixated in fact, that I believed that somehow she had taken over my entire mind, as what happened to dear Helen in the course of this story. Perhaps she had. Until this day, I still cannot tell, but as time has gone, the idea of it has become more and more ridiculous as I realize, that like many other people of teenage years, I was just in love. Of course, Helen’s situation is very different, throughout the entire book.

This book is somewhat of a true story, but please do notice the operative word of ‘somewhat’. Some parts are completely true to what I was feeling, some parts based on truth, but many completely dramatized and fictional. It is, after all, a fictional book, but it was something I needed to write at the time, and through that whole year I have selected parts and feelings, and turned them into a story.

If you will, read on, and we shall commence...