Strange Sepia

Cold Daggers

7th September. Autumn; and with the return of it, came the return of school, and the looming of winter. I knew Helen had always always hated winter. Cold mornings, gloomy Sundays, and dark, more than anything. Dark scared Helen and always had done, and this would be, I knew, her darkest winter yet.

She hadn't spoken to Toby all summer, since the day he ravished her. Somehow, she had been able to avoid pregnancy, and just stored the memory in a box at the back of her mind, and tried to forget about everything. She hoped though, that today would be the day of reckoning. Maybe she had imagined it all. Of course, she hadn't at all. It was all too true.

As she walked around the wall, emerging from a smoky alley, she saw him at once. He stood out to her, of course. There, Toby, standing, joking, he seemed to be so confident always. He was with all the usual, all the boys that she hated, the ones that jibed her last year, and would do so this year too. For a second, he caught her eye, but just as she was about to go over and say something, the other boys, the cronies, turned round to face her, the most sour looks of disgust on all of their faces.

"Oi! Helen, would'ya do me after school 'en? I've heard you're a good girl in the sack, nice 'en loud..." some boy, Chris, it sounded like, jeered at her. She tried to ignore them, walking past quickly, until she heard Toby speak,
"Ha! You don't want that sket, mate, should'a seen the fat shit there"
His words were like daggers to her, I could see that. But it was all going to get a lot worse yet. She just didn't know.

In a state of limbo, Helen had been abandoned. By Toby, and (or so she thought) by me, as well. But what she didn't know, is that I'm still here. Of course. I wouldn't leave, not as soon as it was getting good now, would I?
That was always my problem, my mother used to say. On a mission to destruct this world that had brought so much hate to me. I wouldn't stop now. I would carry on and on, watch Helen until she was pushed to the brink of her life, and then watch her pick up the pieces of my destruction. My plan was just starting to work.
♠ ♠ ♠
Part two, here we come! ;)