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Fear of a Blank Planet

Chapter 2

My phone vibrated against the wood of my desk. An eye cracks open to see my trembling phone. With a groan, I bury my face in my pillow and reach out, blindly grabbing at the items on my desk. First was a bottle of codeine, then a lighter, I even knocked over an empty water bottle in my attempt to grab the damn phone. Finally my hand meets the vibrating piece of plastic and I flip it open, managing out a groggy, “Hello?”

“Where the fuck are ya?” What a wonderful thing to wake up to, isn’t it?

But I digress. Rotem’s voice is a lot better to wake up to than my mum’s voice. Pushing myself up from my mattress, I reply, “Mum got pissed at me for not waking up so she told me to fuck off and just stay home.”

“Wanker, and you didn’t tell me?” Rotem has a way of acting like a complete bitch, but in a way that you just had to love her. “So can I come over or what?”

I flip myself over and sit down, slumped over to tug on my clothes and straighten them out a bit. At least look good for her. “Yeah sure, since the bitch is gone.” Mum never approved of Rotem, but since when did I ever give a damn about what she wanted for me? She doesn’t know shit. Dad just never bothered with me. He’s a pussy anyway; my mum always ended up taking out her frustrations on him and he didn’t even fight back. Let it be known now that my father is spineless fucker.

She was silent on the other line but I could already see the smirk growing on her face. “So you’re alone, huh?” I could sense the lust in her voice, and it sent shivers through me, but they all went south.

“Be here in ten minutes,” was all I said before shutting my phone closed. I threw my phone off to the side, lying back against the wall. I looked back down at myself and laughed. Why’d I bother straightening out my clothes when they were going to be thrown onto the floor anyway? I mused that as I pulled my shirt up over my head and threw it on the growing pile of clothes.


“Fuck, Steven,” she moaned as her hips moved against mine. The image of her body rocking rhythmically was one that I was so used to seeing. This was just a weekly ritual of sex. This was nothing special like you see in those magazines for women who can’t get any (meaning my mum). She was just my girlfriend, she was just a fuck. That’s all.

I growled, pulling her closer, thrusting my hips faster against her. She cried out, clawing at my shoulders to keep herself up. I enjoyed the scars she would leave behind on my skin. They were like a mark that’s showed me how well I could fuck her, how I had the power to make her scream. The bite marks on her neck were proof that she was mine and only mine.

Before long I shuddered, my hips thrusting deeper and slowing down as I came inside of her. Rotem grinned, panting in my ear as our movements stilled. With one swift movement, she got off of me, leaning down to find her knickers in the pile of clothes near my bed. My breathing went back to normal as she threw a shirt at my face. “Get your arse dressed. I’m dragging you to school.”

“The hell you are,” I replied, grabbing her wrist. “What happened to my day off?”

“If I can’t have a day off, neither can you.” This was Rotem’s inner bitch coming out again. I rolled my eyes and took back my wrist, pulling the crumpled blue shirt over my head.

I flipped open my phone as I stood up: 9:26. Second class of the day today. “Give me one good reason to go with you today.”

She stared at me, half annoyed and half devious. “I heard the physics teacher is getting arrested. Someone said there’s porn in his desk drawer and he shows it off to the kids in year ten.”

My ears perked up. That wanker has been giving me a failing grade since the beginning of the school year. I couldn’t wait to watch him go down in flames. …what period is my physics class?

“We have him after lunch,” Rotem said out loud, reading my thoughts. “So we should see the action during lunch period.” I love how this girl always knows how to catch my attention, whether it’s through sex or through watching the demise of a hated teacher. Good riddance. He never knew how to shut up and had nothing of vital importance to say anyway.

“Alright, you win,” I muttered, pulling on my jeans. “Maybe I can catch Mikael and get some vicodin.”

She eyed the empty bottle on my dresser before glancing back at me. “You better share.”
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