The Origin of the Blue Princess

The Short War

The Story/Book

The Origin of the Blue Princess
Author: Jessie Hatley/Fleming

Chapter One
The Short War

The history of this story was lost through time, so much time it was forgotten. The bloodline of this power will always exist, no matter how much of history is forgotten. This is one story that should never have been forgotten, for the few who live a life of secret with greater powers than one may imagine, this is the story of Alsia Swan and her legacy...

It all started in a castle where King Ravel and the beautiful Queen Amelia sat on their thrones in a kingdom known throughout all of the lands as Swania. The castle stood separate form the village, but not to show separation, but because it was the only spot that over looked the whole kingdom, no wall stood in between the castle and village. Though the rest of the world seemed to be at war, Swania was at peace and was flourishing with prosperity. For this reason Swania was thought to be the Jewel of Hope.

In the castle, in a room very grand, a six-year-old child lay asleep. She was very beautiful, looking like her mother, but had her father’s eyes. They were hazel, surrounded by blue shrilly temple curls. Her face looked angelic and her name was even grandner than her looks. That name is Alsia Swan.

The kingdom knew not the dark forces at work, for on the kingdom’s outskirts, an army of evil sorcerers advanced on Swania.

“Master, we spare no one, right?” one of the soldiers asked.

The Master spoke in a high, cruel voice, yet hollow and kind. He was handsome in features with a strong and sturdy face, with very pale skin that gave him a ghost-like complexion. He was muscular with long black hair that covered his back, but his eyes... such a deep black that they appeared hollow and empty.

At his waist, a reddened sword, dripping with the blood of his last victim, stained the ground as he walked. His army followed his trial of blood as Chinc thought of where his sword had come from, a small smirk appearing on his face. The greatest master of the dark powers made his sword.

He had warned Chinc about the power his sword held and had taught him how to harness it with his full ability. Master Caque deserved his title as the Dark God. He was Master Caque's best and only apprentice, having earned his apprentice ship by slaughtering an entire village. At the age of sixteen and almost done with his training, he watched his master fall at the hands of the current King Ravel’s sword. Now after six years of training; he was ready to take his revenge.

"Spare no one!" Chinc answered with his lip curling like the snap of a whip after every word.

“Yes sir!” answered a solider by the name of John.

Back at the castle, Alsia woke up dripping in cold sweat. It had happened again... Every time it always scared her... She hated dreaming because of it. In her dream she had seen this man with hollow eyes withdrawing a bloody blade while whispering some words that sent shivers down her spine, and even thinking about those words gave her an instant distain and disgust while the shivers made their run up and done her spine again. Then he took his sword and drove it though her father’s heart. Slowly she climbed out of bed, stopping only for a second to look around.

Faster than she knew, she was running towards her mother and father’s room, with tears streaming down her face. She burst in the doors to see her mom and dad lying in their bed asleep... At first she thought them dead.

“Mom, Dad, someone is going to kill you!” screamed Alsia, unable to hold back her tears. Her mother awoke first upon hearing her child’s cry.

“Who Honey? Is going to kill us..?” asked Amelia with a sweet but tired voice. What time was it?

Amelia was tall and thin, she had long blond hair that fell down her back beautifully. Her bright blue eyes were always soft and warm; while gazing into them you would always feel comforted. She had high cheek bones that often were flushed.

“Alsia, nobody is going to kill us; the guards will protect us...” Ravel said as he yawned and almost chuckled at his daughter for such an absurd thought.

Raval looked much different than his wife. He was about three inches taller than a normal man, had a dark brown hair that was always cut to right above his ears and his eyes were a deep green and sometimes almost looked blue under the right light. He looked as he was royal and grand, but he was not intimating.

“But the man with no eyes, he…” Alsia muttered, unable to finish her sentence.

“Your Majesty! the kingdom is under attack!” said a fully armed solider who had burst through the doors in alarm.

“What do you mean 'the kingdom is under attack'? By whom?” asked Ravel.

"King Ravel, its Chinc and his army of sorcerers!" replied the guard frantically.

Ravel looked over at Amelia, their eyes met briefly as though they were having an unspoken conversation.

"Send the armies, I will join them soon," King Ravel replied.

"No Ravel!” cried Amelia as tears filled her eyes.

"Amelia my love is yours, but I can't just hide here while our kingdom is under attack, it's not right. I'm sorry, my love. Take Alsia to the"--

"Your Majesty!" interrupted another panicked soldier, just bursting into the room the way the last one had, "he's getting closer to the place."

"I'm sorry, I must leave right away. Take Alsia to a safe place.” Raval kissed his daughter’s cheek.

"I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too...”

Ravel kissed Amelia with an intense passion, then before disappearing out of the castle hugged Alsia tightly. Amelia couldn't hold back her tears any longer.

"Come on, my darling, we must hide,” said Amelia with a new found confidence that hid her pain and fear.

"Mom, what’s going to happen to Daddy?” Alsia asked innocently.

"I... don't know... I don't know..." Amelia answered.

“Mom, where are we going?”

"Shush my child, you mustn’t say we're going anywhere," Amelia said in a hurried, hushed voice. "Now, we must hurry."

Amelia and Alsia left the room, turned a corner, went down a hallway and a flight of stairs, and then another and another until they reached the dungeons, which were dark, damp and generally unpleasent and they scared Alsia. Then they passed those as well, still they went deeper and deeper until they came to a statue of a woman; the eyes on her face were deep and even for a statue were hypnotizing. Alsia looked at it with wonder.

“Mother, what is this?” Alsia asked, her eyes still on the statue.

“It’s called the All Seeing Statue. This plaque above says ‘this lady only felt misery all her life. She was constantly betrayed by every last person in her life. As a result before she died, she was granted a gift that allowed her to see into the souls of people. She once lived in this place, but now she guards it, only letting very few past beyond her shell',” Amelia read as she pressed the eye in the middle of the dress. The statue opened to reveal a long corridor that instantly lit up by torches.

“Come Alsia, we must hurry,” she said as they stepped into the hallway.

As Alsia and Amelia followed Ravel’s orders, he made his way towards Chinc.

“How far is he into the kingdom?” Raval asked the solider.

“In the middle of the kingdom, Sir.”

"Let's go meet him then!"

Their horses sped up to a full gallop as they approached the middle of the kingdom. The destruction was so unbelievable it was like a nightmare to Raval... The blazing flames blinded them at first and the burning homes gave of the smell of seared flesh, but the real feeling was a tense emotion of heartbreak... The families that were torn apart and slaughtered by death ravaged Ravel’s heart which was warped with tragedy.

“Chinc... You will pay for the lives you have ruined and the destruction you have caused our kingdom and its people!” Raval said with such anger... It was terrifying.

His eyes, flaring a deep red showed the burning anger inside of him. They were ready for anything as they rode over the hill, but even so, the sight was so dreadful that even their worst nightmares couldn't take on the gruesome sight.

“Come Alsia, down the corridor now,” Amelia said. They began to run down the hall as tears still fell from Amelia’s face.

“Mommy... Please stop crying...” Alsia begged.

“I can't, I'm worried about your dad,” Amelia said between sobs.

“Mother, why are you crying? Daddy will be okay, okay?” Alsia said while smiling, trying to hide her own sadness.

Text Amelia weakly smiled back, but in her heart she knew horrors were ahead and she was worried for her daughter and her husband, but not for herself. Her mind raced with terrible thoughts, she couldn't help but think the worst. The idea of losing her daughter and husband scared her to death... She thought on how they might be murdered before her very eyes and then only the death that awaited her would ease the pain. She looked at her innocent child... She was so young... And realized she must tell her child these things even if she didn’t understand. But how could she tell her child that she might lose her father and mother and then face death herself? As she prepared to explain this to her daughter, her thoughts were unsettled.

“Alisa... I need you to listen to me very carefully. Your father and I love you with all of our hearts... but you are in terrible danger, and one day I hope you can understand what this all means,” Amelia said.

The king arrived to the battle grounds, for here they decided to wait. Off in the distance they could hear the advancing army... War was now at hand and soon they would come to the face of battle, the king’s forces were strong and equal to Chinc’s as far as they could tell. The sounds of battle grew louder as Chinc’s army revealed themselves on the horizon.

Raval shook with adrenaline, others shook with fear and some even had the thought to run, but they were all well trained and ready for battle. Soon enough the armies clashed and battle had begun, as many men Ravel’s army took Chinc’s army took two, it was a gory sight to behold.

All around people were dropping dead, war cries echoed throughout the battlefield before the village and in front of the mountains. Raval dismounted his horse and ran into the battle, sending his horse back to the castle. Quickly disposing of any who got in his way as all the while he kept an eye out for Chinc. Many of Chinc’s men fell victim to Ravel’s sword.

They became corpses that cluttered the battlefield and became trampled mush underneath the clashing soldier’s feet. Raval didn't know Chinc had seen him and before the king could counter it, he was hit.

Chinc yelled "Ash teno quince," and a blast of midnight blue sorcery came towards Raval.

"Alsia, I want you to go to a kingdom called Swage and find someone by the name of Shirley. (Amelia's heart ached at the name Shirley) Your father and I aren’t going to be able to go with you,” Amelia said.

“Why aren’t you and father going to go with me?" Alsia asked. Amelia hadn't thought of her child asking that.

Text In her heart Amelia knew she would never see her daughter again. It hurt Amelia not to be able to tell her daughter that Ravel and she were going to die, and tears filled her eyes once more. She knew that she and her husband were only awaiting death at this point... The only thing she could do was protect her child from the destiny that would await her if she would fall into Chinc’s hands. Amelia now sobbed uncontrollably, sinking down to the floor with her back against the wall.

“Mommy, are you okay?” Alsia asked, trying hard not to cry herself.

“I'm fine,” Amelia sobbed and lied.

Text Amelia sat there, crying for her husband and for her daughter and for the first time she was sad for herself, she thought of all the things she would miss out on in her daughter’s life. It wasn’t fair that she had to lose Alsia too! She was sure they would kill Raval first, then she and then ether kill Alsia or enslave her...

That was an unbearable fate for Amelia to even think about, it added tremendously to her suffering.... to know that the fate of her child’s life was uncertain and more than anything she wanted to live for her child. She sobbed more, looking beside her realizing that Alsia was sitting next to her on the dirty ground, crying herself. She hugged and held onto her child and cried for a while longer.

“Mom, why are we crying?”

”Because I’m... sad...”

“What are you sad for?”

“Terrible things are about to happen and I’m afraid about what is going to happen to us...” Amelia said as she got up with the thought that her child needed something to protect herself with, though she needed a lot of training, but Shirley would be able to do that.

“Alsia, my beautiful child, my baby girl, remember that no matter what happens that your father and I love you. You will always keep this sword upon you, no matter what.” And then Amelia spoke some words Alsia did not recognize.

Then there was a flash of bright blue light that left Alsia blinded, but just as quickly as it came the light vanished and Alsia’s sight returned after a few blinks. And again she had to blink her eyes to believe the beauty before her, for in her mother's hands lay a sword of crystal, sleek and beautiful.

The handle was made of pure silver that shone brightly and was truly the art of craftsmanship, with a black sapphire swan embedded into it. On the hilt’s sides were two clear sapphire hearts, each with a ruby rose inside. The crystal blade stirred with two humps, then the blade went down to two more humps that formed its own tip so the sword looked as if it were to separate blades combined into one. A blue glow surrounded it, illuminated it in a mysterious incandescent light.

The sword was light, but still too heavy for Alsia, and even Amelia was barely able to hold it. It was small for the size should it be and compared to many of the other swords Alsia had seen.

The little girl stared at the sword absent mindedly, she wanted it more than anything, as if a hypnotizing spell of love and completion came over her, like rolling waves sweeping over and swooping her into it’s current, but she wasn’t fighting it; if anything she was allowing it to take her into it’s strong tide. She felt as if the sword was her and that she was the sword.

“We weren't going to give this to you until you were ten, but you can have it now... We won’t be able to give it to you when you then. It's too heavy for you to carry for now, so I'll transport it to where you’re going to be.... Goddro of Heaven... Help me to reach the power I seek...” Amelia spoke in a trance-like state. There was another blinding flash of blue light and the sword was gone.

Alsia, not sure of what had just happened, started to cry; it felt as if something precious and dear had been torn from her very soul and it left her feeling empty and cold...

“My daughter, the sword is not gone, it is just put away,” Amelia said in that comforting voice.

Alsia didn’t stop crying. It felt as if her mother - who was only concerned for her daughter - had done a horrible thing. Alsia knew whenever a sword was given before the age of reason, which is ten, something bad was going to happen and until now it had seemed... So far away.

The blast hit King Raval, causing him to scream in pain. He felt his life drifting from him, slowly he began to lose consciousness, but before his eyes shut he saw Chinc before him.

“Kill him, Master!” screamed the soldiers as they begin to celebrate.

“My soldiers…” Chinc paused as the soldiers cheered, “Glory is not yet at hand. I shall kill the king, but not here,” Chinc said.

The soldiers cheered again.

“For now we must go to the palace so we can watch the destruction of the royal family!” Chinc said with a greedy simile.

The soldiers cheered again and in triumphant song began their march towards the place.

Amelia got a sudden sharp pain in her heart, something was wrong and it felt horrible, like a knife stabbing her and cutting her soul. Then she realized something bad had happened to Raval and she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was on the fringe of death... That was the only time Amelia ever felt that way, it was only when Alsia or Raval were in danger... Once again tears filled her eyes and she sobbed with her child.

“Mommy what is going to happen? Are we all going to die?” Alsia asked.

“Wake him,” Chinc said.

The soldiers woke him.

“You bastard Chinc, I will kill you!” Raval yelled.

Chinc laughed a hostile laugh that mocked the king. “King Raval... oh, King Raval... 'The Great and Mighty King Raval'... and now look at him as my prisoner. I wonder what your daughter and wife would say? If only they knew how easily their great 'Hero of Hope' fell. There is no hope Raval, not for you, not for your wife, not for your daughter, and not for your kingdom! With you, their pointless hope dies. Does the name Caque- or better yet, Master Caque- ring a bell?” Chinc asked.

Raval trembled with anger. “Their hope may die, but their will to fight will overcome that lose.”

Raval... He had slaughtered Caque when he was a prince. Caque was killing, torturing, and doing unspeakable things to people with an evil sorcery, a forbidden magic. The battle had been hard and he had barely come out of it alive, but in the end Caque had lost and Raval had won, walking away with his life and leaving a corpse behind him.

“You didn't know he had an apprentice, did you?” Chinc scrawled.

“If I would have known at the time do you think that you would be alive?” Raval asked with an intense anger. “You will follow his fate, Chinc!”

“Are you not man enough to see this is the end for you? Will you not meet your own doom?” Chinc said with a calm mockery.

“Chinc I’m not the one who needs to see this is the end, YOU ARE!” Raval screamed.

“King Raval, you and your wife shall die at my hands.” Chinc said with a wicked smile.

“Over my dead body.”

“Then it shall be so!” Chinc laughed.

“Mommy will you answer me? Are we going to die?” Alsia asked.

“No, my child, you are not going to die... I won't let you...” Amelia smiled through tears that still fell from her eyes.

“Then.. Are you and Daddy going to die?” Alsia asked, tear swelling at her eyes as well.

“My child, do not worry, alright?” Amelia said kindly.

Alisa took the hint not to say anymore on this subject.

“Come on Mom, lets go.”

Amelia was miserable but she agreed with her daughter.

“You are right, lets go.” But if only she knew... Despite the thought, Amelia and Alsia began to run.

“Mom... Slow down, please!” Alsia yelled.

“Where are they?” Chinc yelled.

“I don't know,” John said.

“You won't find them,” Raval laughed, clearly enjoying Chinc’s frustration.

“Shut up or I will kill you now!” Chinc snapped.

Chinc touched the king, searching Ravel’s mind for the information he wanted. Raval squirmed beneath his touch, quickly throwing up every block he had, but Chinc went threw them as if they were child’s play. It had taken Raval years to learn those few barriers, but they were nothing to Chinc. Chinc found the weakness in the barriers that Raval put up amusing and searching through Ravel’s mind, he could easily find anything he wanted to know.Chinc saw a statue, covered with eyes and the answer had come
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