The Origin of the Blue Princess

The Short War 2

"Of crouse, the all seeing statue!!” Chinc said with excitement. The army cheered.

Alsia and Amelia reached a dead end. They went through the right wall. Amelia was now carrying Alsia, who laid on her mother's shoulder. They entered a room full of jewels and gold. A huge buffet table stood in the middle of the room. Everything anyone could imagine was on this table. It all looked delicious beyond compare. The food glazed with an intoxicating smell and steamed hot and fresh, as if it had just been cooked. Amelia didn’t even glance at it, and kept walking.

It was tempting and Alsia felt hungry all of the sudden. Amelia put Alsia down knowing they would soon be safe. Alsia let go of her mother's hand and moved carefully towards the buffet table, but Amelia re-grabbed her hand.

“Do not fall into temptation, my child. Nothing good ever comes out of falling.” Amelia said wisely, leading her away from the table.

Alsia thought to break free of her mother’s grasp and run for the table and start cramming food into her mouth, but instead gave her will up and allowed her mother to lead her away. Though it still hung in the air like something forgotten.

“Look for a statue of a girl, she has a big eye on the top her hand that she wears like a crown, she'll be wearing a flowing dress, and her eyes will have pupils overlapping her eyes, these things will tell you that this is the statue. In the middle of her dress there is a circle eye, press that. After you press that eye, the statue should open and reveal a long corridor or hallway. Walk down it quickly! Follow it until it goes to a dead end then go through the right wall, it should let you through if it doesn’t...”

Chinc handed John a piece of paper. John couldn’t read it. It was written in an ancient language. He had never seen anything like it. The letters - or rather, what he assumed to be letters - were so close together that it looked like one big run on word. Darkness ran off the paper almost as clearly as looking into the night sky. It made John sickening just holding the paper.

“Put that piece of paper on the wall, then it will let you through. I do believe that they are already there. Now listen carefully: the statue that will lead you down the right way will have a plaque above it that says this.” Chinc said as he handed him another piece of paper.

“It is very important that you find the plaque that says exactly that, not one word off. Three other statues exist in the castle, but only that one is the one that you’re looking for. The only difference between the three is what the plaque says."

"John, do you understand all I said or do you need me to repeat it?” Chinc asked with an obvious intuition that meaned he better not have to repeat.

“Yes Master, I understand. I will not fail you,” John said while bowing low to Chinc.

“For your own good, you better not,” Chinc threatened.

They marched on and on until they reached the castle, weary and tried, but driving on the excitment of battle. Men surrounded the castle while John chose ten men and began to search the castle. Chinc took the knocked out king into the castle there he waited for Jhon to re-turn with the princess and queen.

The castle was huge and John thought that it would take more than ten men to search the castle. John also wondered why they had to search it, it was a waste of time to him. Chinc could look into people’s minds, that’s how he found out where the dreaded Queen and princess were, it made no sense, was he delaying the end of this? despite all of this, John would never bring this up to Chinc, it would mean his death.

No one dared to question Chinc's power, nor his plans, for they knew better. Chinc was not a fair man, he was a deceiver. He tricked men into doing exactly what he wanted them to do and no man (For as long as John knew him) had ever been able to stand against him and John knew he, like so many before, would have no chance.

They had searched countless rooms already. There were about twenty rooms in this hall alone. (More in others) The castle was unusually empty. It hadn’t been vacated for long. Torches that acted as light through the hallways and rooms were still blazing lively. Rooms where left a mess, as if people hurried out. Things, imporant and not imporant had been left.

John couldn’t help but marvel at how fast Ravel could adjust to war. He already had the castle vacated, his army on the front lines and his wife and child hide so well, Chinc had to look through his memory in order to find where they were. Amazing someone could act so fast and so well that it challnged Chinc. It wasn’t long before they found the frist statue.

“Sir, I found the statue” said one of the soldiers.

“What does the plaque say?” asked John

“It says ‘The All Seeing Statue, loved filled all these eyes once,’ the solider finished reading.

“Damn it! It's not it!” John yelled and shot a hateful look at the man who had assumed worngly.

Finally Alsia and Amelia reached their destination. It looked like another dead end. Amelia tapped on the wall and a booming voice answered.

“State your name and your royal blood line, also who accompanies you and your purpose,” the voice cut off and waited for Amelia's answer.

“I am Queen Amelia, my royal blood is through King Raval and my father and mother, Queen Aurora and King Seth. My daughter, Princess Alsia, Ravel’s offspring is with me. Our purpose is to use the room you protect.” Amelia answered.

The booming voice came on again “If what you say is true, then you may enter. Press your hand on the wall in front of you,” the voice said.

Amelia took her hand and pressed it against the wall, a blue light flashed and a weird symbol appeared on Amelia's hand, it was beautiful, as it gave the sense of strong comforting power. Lines went everywhere, stretching from Amelia’s right hand up her arm, shining through her clothes, even her eyes, (which had rolled into the back of her head,) the symbol ran up the wall, up the ceiling and surrounded the whole room.

The wall began to move up, revealing a room behind it. Alsia marvled at this and stood shocked until Amelia grabbed her hand again and led her into the room. The wall slammed shut behind them, trapping them into the new room.

In the room the walls were red and there were two canopy beds flushed with thick feather pillows and thick heavy blankets. One was a dark blue and the other was black. They were made of a fine silk and were soft and velety to the touch. The carpet was a rose red and very soft to the touch, feeling almost as smooth as sand.

In the corner was a storage room, which had a roomful of dried food. All sorts of salted meats and dried vegetables hung form the ceiling. In barrels on the other side of the room were different liquids to drink.

The wall facing the beds had a huge brick fire place and some metal pots and pans hanging up above it. The room had no paintings or pictures or anything that gave it a very comforting look. (Besides the beds, this looked more than inviting to Alsia.) This, was all that was in the room.

John and his army went through a labyrinth into the dungeons. It was a long path. They had found the hidden staircase and were now making their way down it.

“Sir, I really found the statue!” A solider said. John hurried over to where the solider was, he quickly read the plaque.

“It's The All Seeing Statue!” John announced exicted for the second time tonight.

He pressed the middle eye just as Chinc had told him. The statue opened, revealing a long hallway. They made their way down it at a run.

Chinc kicked at Ravel. Ravel said nothing and only hardened his face more.

“Are you ready to see your wife die, Raval?” Chinc asked.

“Your men won't find her or my daughter!” Raval said sternly.

Chinc laughed. “Do you think I would attack your kingdom and not know all the secret places of your castle? The All Seeing Statue, of course, is the most protected route.” Chinc said.

“Chinc, it’s time for you to die now!” Raval screamed.

Breaking free of the evil magic that had trapped him, he quickly withdrew his sword and stabbed at Chinc. Chinc dodged with ease while drawing his sword as well. Raval brought his sword and blocked Chinc’s blow. Raval quickly changed his feet making a swing at Chinc’s back, it hit. Chinc screamed in pain. A red glow surrounded Chinc’s sword, he tried to hit Ravel’s leg, but he was too slow. Raval blocked and swung around hitting Chinc’s ankle. Chinc quickly brought his sword up and sliced Ravel’s shoulder.

Blood covered the floor. Chinc was having a hard time moving. His ankle hurt and the more he moved, the wider the cut became, but he wasn’t able to heal it. Raval held his sword with difficulty, but he masked his pain and kept a good hold. Raval stabbed at Chinc’s heart, but it was blocked. He was moving too slow. Chinc made a quick blow to Ravel’s other shoulder. Raval couldn’t bring his sword up quick enough. Chinc hit his other shoulder. Raval dropped his sword.

“Are you done trying to play hero now, Raval?” Chinc asked, breathless.

Raval was in overwhelming pain. It hurt worse than a thousand knifes. Raval felt the demonic power filling his body.

“I... I will... not... let you take... my... kingdom!" Raval stuttered.

“You have no choice.” Chinc said.

They both were in striking pain. Raval reached inside himself and found his power, he withdrew it, causing a blue ball of energy in his hand, aimed at Chinc.

Chinc saw it and quickly used his sorcery (which was a dark blood red,) the energies met. The blasts were at a stand still. Clashing in a powerful force that shook the castle around them. The glass shattered into tiny pieces and flew in the air by the mighty wind caused by the energies’ power. Raval reached down for more power, concentrating his blast to overcome the blast of red. Chinc saw the blast coming near him, but he had no time to counter properly, he pulled out more power, but still it wasn’t enough.

It hit him, consuming him in its power. Chinc’s clothing became torn and started to disintegrate. Chinc didn’t have the strength to withstand through the blast. He fell to his knees, no longer able to stand. Barely able to keep his eyes open, Chinc fainted.

The smoke lifted, Raval saw Chinc lying on the ground. With great difficulty, he got up and checked to see if Chinc was alive or dead. He bent down and checked his pulse, it was still strong.

I could end this now. I could kill him and all of it would be over. Amelia and Alsia would be safe, and so would my kingdom, but I can’t kill him. Not this way. It’s dishonoring, though this man is not worthy of honor; I will not stain my honor for him. No one is worth that and I’d rather die than stain my honor. So, for now, Chinc, you will live and we will end this honorably. Not like rats in a cage, Raval thought to himself.

He stumbled through the long way to his room, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He would have stayed there and healed himself, but he had no time. Chinc had men looking for Amelia and Alsia. They would all have to leave before they were found. For all he knew, they could of already found them. They could be bringing them back to Chinc right now. He chased that thought away. It would take time, a lot of time, but they had lots of time already. What would he do if they were both gone? More importantly, what would Chinc do to them? Would he kill them both right then or would he use them as hostages to draw Raval out? Since he was Chinc’s target, the second option was most likely. Still, he couldn’t rule the first option out either.

He had to get to them first, he moved faster, but he was barely able to move, even so, he pressed himself. Everything was at risk and he didn’t have time to be weak and frail. He reached the second, all seeing statue in his room. Pressing the necklace eye, it opened up to what seemed like a box.

“Transport me to the room of protection.” Raval said. All of the sudden, he began to fade, then all at once he disappeared. It was a warming and comforting sensation.

John and the other soldiers were at the dead end. They tried to go through the right wall, but were unable to. Withdrawing the paper Chinc had given him, he slapped it on the wall.

"No! I will not let you in," said a loud, booming voice.

John and the soldiers were startled.

"Your evil sorcery will not get passed!" Said the mysterious voice.

All of the sudden, big axes came out of the walls, swinging back and froth towards them.

Raval wearily arrived in the room and passed out.

"Raval my love, what happened?” Amelia asked, happy to see he was alive, but concerned that he was passed out.

"See mommy, I told you daddy would be okay." Alisa said, clearly happy.

Amelia picked Raval up and laid him on a bed.

The axes moved closer as John whipped out a time freezing spell.

"I demand you open now!" John yelled as he laid the paper on the wall again.

The room shook violently, like an earthquake.

“Open now!” John yelled again, pressing the paper harder against the wall. The wall stood still, not opening.

“Open now!” John commanded.

Slowly, the wall began to lift. He spoke another spell that unfroze time.

"Hurry soldiers, through the wall" said John.

Nine soldiers made it though.

"Help!" screamed the last one, who couldn't get though the wall, it had already closed. He pounded on the wall.

The solider let out another scream as the axes sliced him up, sending blood and body parts all over, leaving a bloody mess behind them.

"Take your helmets off, your in the presences of the dead" John told them. The soldiers obeyed and took a second, before putting them back on.

Alsia walked over to her dad. She allowed blue energy to surround and absolve into him. Raval woke up.

"Amelia, your okay, you made it. Listen, Chinc sent some of his men for you and Alsia. We need to leave. I’ve knocked Chinc out, let's go." Ravel begged.

They entered a room full of jewels and gold. The greedy soldiers looked at it with wide eyes.

The buffet table in the middle of the room stood with rare and appetizing delicacies.
The soldiers ran for the gold, jewels, and food. One solider was ahead of the rest, he ran to the table and eagerly and started cramming food into his mouth, taking one bite of this and that then reaching for the next thing. As he was eating, (unknown to him, but the others watched in deep fear.)

At the head of the table, what they had first taken as a statue, began to move. It was hideous. It had long nails and long fingers with pointed teeth and only small slits for eyes. The teeth overlapped his lips and thick slobber drooled down the creature’s body and onto the floor. It was a pale white and moved slowly.

It paid no attention to the others in the room, it only moved towards the glutinous solider who continued to cram food into his mouth. With the strength of twenty men, it picked the solider up, (who, just at that moment realized that creature was holding him.) He screamed in fear and tried to squirm free, but the creature tightened its grip around him, digging its long fingernails into the man, puncturing his lungs. Then the creature lifted him to its mouth and opened wide, raveling many razor like teeth. In one bite half of the solider was gone.

The men stood horrified and unable to move. Some were about to draw their weapons and attack the creature, but it made no move towards them.

“Don’t attack, unless it comes near us.” John whispered.

They all obeyed at once. The creature moved back to the head of the table once more and became a statue.

“No one touch anything. Look for some way out of this room.” John ordered in a loud voice.

He placed the paper on the wall and a door opened without hesitation.

Amelia, Alsia, and Raval were shocked when the door opened.

"There they are! Grab the child and the queen" John ordered.

"Sir, what about Raval?" A solider asked.

"What do you mean? Are trying to waste my time… He scanned the room and there was Raval, lying on the bed. "Grab him too!” John screamed.

"Keep dreaming, you’re not getting my family." Raval said as he got up.

Raval prepared to fight and so did Amelia. They would do anything to defend their family and kingdom. John withdrew his sword, so did Raval. The soldiers also withdrew their swords. All the soldiers and John charged at the king and queen. Amelia pulled a sword up out of thin air, it seemed, and put her back against Ravel’s.

"Die!" screamed John and Raval at the same time.

The battle began. Amelia brought her sword up in one quick movement to block a soldier’s attack. The solider was slow and tired. These, were two things that Amelia could use to her advantage. She moved her sword fast as lighting, slitting the soldier’s side. He fell immediately.

She turned with Raval to face another opponent. Raval brought his sword down to block a low hit. He moved his sword up quickly to hit his shoulder, but it was blocked. The solider went to stab Raval, but he was too quick and cut his arm, blood dripped from the cut. The solider wasn't that skilled and he could hardly hold his sword. Raval brought his sword down and cut off his foot, then brought his sword up and stabbed him in the stomach. He dropped dead. Amelia blocked the soldier’s hit, he was skilled and had experience, but that wouldn’t save him. She brought her sword up, but it was blocked easily. She turned and brought her sword down and cut his leg, leaving it bleeding heavily. He returned her hit by cutting her arm. The fight continued until…

"Mommy, Daddy" screamed Alsia.

John had he with his sword at her neck.

"Drop your weapons, or I’ll kill her!” John said.

Everyone stopped fighting. Raval ran towards John, but John cast a spell that put a force feild around him and Alsia. He hit it hard and fell. "Now, follow me," John said. Amelia and Raval obeyed. They made their way out of the gore of battle and back up to the main floor. John held Alsia the whole time his sword was at her neck. Alsia screamed and cried, begging John to let her go, to be able to go to her parents, but he was mean and told her that if she was to go to her mother and father that he would kill them and then she would be alone, left with nothing, but their corpses. Alsia didn’t understand and still cried, until Raval told her to be quiet.

Chinc awoke, surprised he wasn't dead. It took him a minute to remember what had happened but he recovered quickly. Standing up and grabbing his sword, he was about to take off when he heard voices and quickly prepared to fight.

"Master, are you okay?” John asked.

"Yes, how else would I be?” Chinc snapped.

"I have them all" replied John.

"About time you’ve done something right, you imbecile," Chinc replied.

John brought them around the corner.

"So, you thought you and your family would be able to escape? To escape me? That itself is laughable. I am the new Dark Lord and no one will escape my wrath. Not even you, Raval.” Chinc pulled out his bloody sword.

“You’re not a lord. You’re nothing but someone who can’t move past the past.” Raval said, staring into Chinc’s dark eyes.

Chinc didn’t respond.

“The past can’t be moved past until you settle the things that haunt you. You are my nightmare, my downfall, so to prevent it, you and your family must die. Do you have any last words?" Chinc asked.

"You may take my life, but you will never have my kingdom's heart." Raval said.

Chinc laughed.

“Why would I want such a useless thing? As long as I have power I will rule over everyone and no one will be able to defeat me! I am power!” Chinc declared.

“You’re a fool with a fool’s heart. Power is only good when it’s used to better things. Not for some mad, crazy, lunatic who doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Raval said.

“I know what I’m doing as King.” Chinc said, agitated.

Chinc took his sword and was just about to drive it though Ravel’s heart, when a blast of blue power hit him. He looked for the source, then laughed.

"You know, for a little girl, you are strong, though, little girl, you’ll never have enough power to destroy me. Not that you’ll have the chance," said Chinc.

"Leave my dad alone!" screamed Alsia.

Chinc laughed again. He grabbed Raval by the throat.

“You mean him? This man here? Do you love him, child? Is he your world? Does this man I hold mean everything to you? I bet he does. I once had a man who meant that much to me and this man, this good man, this man of power and rightness killed a good man who had changed the world and he was going to change the world even more, but this man... this man stole his life. He killed him. For changing the world. Killed him in cold blood and he walked, this man walked away with his life while the other man died alone, with no one to help him. Now, child, what’s fair about that?" Chinc asked while squeezing Ravel’s neck tighter, then he threw him aside.

Raval quickly got up and bounded towards Chinc, but Chinc (not even looking behind him) put his arm out and a shield threw Raval back.

“You’re wrong. My dad is a good man, he would never kill an honorable person, he wouldn’t leave him there to die.” Alsia said.

“No, he’s right. I did kill Caque and I did leave him there to die, but it was justified. Caque was killing innocent people and playing with forbidding things. It was disrupting a balance that is set. He was evil and the only one he wanted to better was himself and this man, Alsia, follows blindly in his footsteps, there will come a day when someone will be stronger than him and he will fall and all that power he has gained will mean nothing. You should pity him, Alsia. You should always feel sorry for this man, because he’ll never have what you have and you’ll never be able to give it to him, because he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Nor does he want it.” Raval said to his daughter.

“I don’t need anyone’s pity. All I need is power, because power is all that matters.” Chinc said.

“We pity you, Chinc. We pity you because you’ll never have the love of the people who serve you, they will always fear you and out of that fear they will serve you, not out of love.” Amelia said.

“I have all that I want except you three dead.” Chinc replied.

“Amelia, Alsia, I love you both. Alsia, this your kingdom now, not Chinc's, always take care of it.” Raval said with a heavy voice, his strong green eyes blazing with heartbreak and hidden pain.

Raval felt that he let his kingdom, his family down and there was nothing he could do. Amelia's eyes swelled with tears.

“Now, Raval, this is the end for you,” said Chinc.

He withdrew his bloody sword and whispered words that sent shivers down Aslia’s spine. Chinc and Raval stared deep into each others eyes, Ravel’s full of pain and love, Chinc’s full of anger and hatred. Alsia and Amelia’s powers were gone, Chinc had locked them.

The fact that Raval was going to die, hung in the air like clouds before a storm.

“This is the end to your legend, King Raval, the great warrior of Swania.” Chinc nodded.

Raval looked at Alsia and then to Amelia, their eyes hanging onto each other as if they were locked in an embrace. Then he looked to Chinc.

“This is not the end, but only the beginning of much more than you know, Chinc.” Raval said.

Without another word, Chinc, with a furious rage, drove the bloody sword right through Ravel’s heart.

“Daddy! Raval!” screamed Alsia and Amelia.

They wanted to run to him, but they were grasped by soldiers. They tried to get free, but the soldiers were stronger than them and they had too good of a grasp. Amelia started to cry uncontrollably. Alsia's eyes flooded with tears.

“Don't worry, Amelia, you’re going to join him soon,” said Chinc with a laugh in his voice.

He took the sword out of Ravel’s heart and his corpse fell to the ground. Chinc’s sword dripped with Ravel’s blood. Fat drops of thick warm blood dripped from his sword to the marble floor, staining it with innocent blood. He walked over to Amelia. He looked at her, grabbing her face and turning it this way and that.

“You’re beautiful. It’s a shame I have to kill you. Uh well, another one dead and such an important person, too.

It’s a shame that important people don’t use their powers for things that need to be done. Instead of weeding out infestations, you brought them here and even encouraged them to come. Telling them that this kingdom would treat them right and did you think, Amelia, that you would get away with such crimes? Well, you have not, because today, dear sweet Queen Amelia, you pay the price for your acts of hindrance to the better good. Hindering such a grand plan, what a shame and now, for that, you must die.” Chinc said as he lifted the heavy sword into the air and prepared to stab Amelia also.

“Leave my mom alone, you jerk!” yelled Alsia. She broke free of the soldier’s grasp and threw herself on her mom. “Kill me instead!” Alsia said, as tears flowed down her face.

“Get out of my way, child!” Chinc yelled.

“No, I won't let you kill my mom!” Alsia yelled.

Chinc didn’t say another word, with the wave of his hand, he threw Alsia across the room. Alsia was knocked out cold, her head cut open and bleeding heavily. Chinc drew his sword up and stabbed Amelia in the heart too.

“Grab the child.” Chinc demanded. John did as he was told.
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