The Origin of the Blue Princess

In the Enemie's Camp

Chinc and his army marched away from the castle gloating in glory. Now they would go back to Lenaroch, for years that’s where Chinc had been. Swania was now his, but he did not want it, he had no reason to rule a kingdom. He had other powers he needed to gain, to have a kingdom would only hinder his progress.
His mind already raced with his next plans.

They would rest at Lenaroch for a week, after all they needed it. It would also take about a week to get there because Chinc had no plans to go the direct way... there was a small town by an uprising kingdom and in this town was a certain thing that Chinc wanted and would do anything to get his hands on it. They, just like Swania, would have no idea of their coming, but word of Chinc and his army would spread fast and by this Chinc would gain even more power; the power of his reputation.
Parents will tell their children stories about him and his army and it would frighten them, that fear would stay with them and no one would dare challenge the new Dark Lord Chinc. He smiled.

The child in Chinc's arms was emotionless from the nights events, and when he looked at her sickness overwhelmed him. Chinc had knocked her out and placed a sleeping spell over her so that he didn’t have to waste time fighting a useless child, wondering why he had not killed her. He carried her as he thought on how he could torment her.
This girl was Ravel’s child... his blood... and yet she was alive, but not because she was stronger than Chinc, but by his mercy this child was alive. He should kill her, but she did have noble blood in her and that would make her a good fighter, in fact, she would probably be the best. Out of curiosity and to know whether he should kill Alsia or not, he ran a scan on her. This scan was a philosophical device that Caque had taught him to use, and it allowed Chinc to see into a potential future of a being.

He laid Alsia on the ground, kneel beside her and put his hands over her. It wasn’t easy, for a child she was already strong and indeed she had great potential, if Chinc had been anyone else he would have been impressed, but Alsia was just everything he expected a child to be, especially Ravel’s. Her guards were easy enough to break and digging deep into her wasn’t even a child’s game to Chinc, he had even expected it to be somewhat more challenging than what it was.

Memories of Alsia’s perfect childhood flashed before Chinc’s eyes as if it were him instead of her. The memories were full of love... it made Chinc sick and he was disgusted. Amelia and Raval had always been there for her, not even once had they even seemed to forsake her. It would be a challenge to defuse these memories and replace them with ones that would benefit him.... Slowly the memories changed to a futuristic vision. He set up the circumstances where Alsia was with him, that she was his prisoner all her life.
Alsia grew, she was rebellious and hated him more than anything... at age fourteen she would met a boy named Gabriel. he would save her at the age of seventeen. It would end with Chinc's death, but before that there would be many escape attempts by Alsia. That was the first future he saw.

The second one he liked. It started the same way, then it moved past the past into the present and into the future, here Chinc had diluted her memories and she became his loyal follower obeying his every command and eventually she would succeed him, killing him and taking his place of the new Dark Lord.

The third one was almost the same except it didn’t end in his death, but Alsia was a loyal champion. He liked this one even more.

The fourth was totally different. It involved Alsia being rescued not too long from now, by a stranger, but Alsia would return to Chinc stronger and more faithful, she would serve him for a short time, but during that time she would be the most powerful being alive and no one, not even Chinc, would be able to stop her.

This pleased Chinc, but in order for that to happen he would have to allow this person to rescue Alsia. She would always hate him, but he could delude that hatred into a loving devotion if he tampered with her memories enough, but to do it now would be a mistake. Alsia shook under his hands and her will began to fight him, so he withdrew, his work was done.

Alsia’s dreams were of the same thing, of her mom and dad. She couldn’t wake up and she was stuck in a nightmarish hell that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape. Alsia felt the tears streaming under her closed eyes and she tried to open them, to blink the water away, but instead they slipped out from her closed eyes.
She awoke with a start, in a state of sheer panic, and in realization she looked around in horror, this wasn’t her room. Where am I? Alsia thought. She curled her knees to her chest and rocked back in forth in the back of something that was moving rapidly across the ground, it was a strange thing indeed. The only thing Alsia had ever been on that moved this fast was a horse.

All at once she remembered everything that had happened and why she had awoken. Tears and soft sobs escaped her... she was alone now, an orphan without a home. In a sudden jerk,throwing Alsia across the floor of the moving object, it stopped.

Outside of the boxed object soldiers moved aside as Chinc came near.

“Set up camp for the night,” ordered Chinc.

Alsia shook with fear, that voice was the voice that had haunted her dreams even before her parent’s death. It was the image that taunted her with the very face of evil, to her all he meant was fear and anger and so many other things Alsia couldn’t even recognize, but she could recognize love and hate and she hated him; with such a deep hate like the likes she had never felt before. He had no right to take them form her; he had no right to leave her all alone! Alsia cried harder, she could never imagine this, not even in a million years, she could never imagine this and what was he to do with her? it didn’t make sense! why had he killed her mother and father right before her and then not kill her also; it was unfair!
I’m not staying here, I’ll make my way to that kingdom my mother told me about and look for Shirley; this is my chance to escape! thought Alsia. She look out of the back of something, it was small and wood was built all around it like a cart, with a small opening in which Alsia would attempt to climb out.

Finally she looked around and discovered that she was lying on hay. She climbed up and looked through the hole, the coast was clear and it was dark outside, the moon and stars shown brightly, lightening the night sky, but she could hardly see a thing... There was no sign of anyone outside nor close to… whatever she was in.
A warming, dancing light flickered off in the distance and Alsia let out a heavy yawn... The fire had a hypnotizing effect on Alsia and if she had been close to it she would have fallen back sleep. Of course, this brought back painful memories.
In her room there had been a fire place and on cold winter days a nice fire would roar from behind the guard fence; she would watch the flames, losing herself in them as she fell asleep...

Standing on her tiptoes, she grabbed the bottom of the hole and hoisted herself up and pushed herself out, landing with a small thump onto the muddy ground. Getting up quickly and looking around to see if anyone had heard the quiet thump, Alsia then found herself running as fast as her little legs would carry her; she didn't get far before running into something or.. someone. Looking up to see what it was, she couldn't see the gleam of someone’s eyes and felt around, and with horror discovered it was someone’s legs. Sturdy and strong arms picked her up with a rough unclasping ease.

“Help, help, someone has to get me HELP!” yelled Alsia in distress.

“Shut up, child,” Chinc said, his voice ringing with a claim of authority that still sent shivers up Alsia’s spine.

Squirming even more to get away from him, this was her chance and she wasn’t going to let him ruin it. Though she couldn’t see Chinc’s eyes she could feel that they were on her... those cold soulless eyes, Chinc’s eyes always scared her and that fear made her stop squirming, despite how much she wanted to... Alsia was scared, surely her parents didn’t mean for her to die and surely they would want her to fight for her life.
She grabbed Chinc’s arm and bit down hard. He showed no sign of any pain, only showing Alsia that he was trained to handle it. Alsia bit down harder; still he showed no sign of recognizing that she was biting him. All of the sudden, she felt a fierce pain, feeling like a million demons all going for her soul at once.

The pain was too much for her and she passed out. Chinc picked her up and entered dark power into her, but her power knocked it back out and hit him; causing a deep gash in his chest.

“Damn...” Chinc swore under his breath.

His blood slowly dropped out of the wound, burning through his clothes, just like a toxic would. He bandaged his wound with a special bandage that his blood didn't burn, the bandage was yellow and soaked. Gently he warped it around his wound after taking off his shirt, revealing his broad muscles and pale skin that was even whiter in the bright moonlight. “I should have killed her, but she will be such a great force for us... Through her, none will be able to stop us,” Chinc said to himself.

He laid Alsia in his tent and laid down beside her, she won’t escape this way... He lay there for what seemed like hours... watching Alsia as she moved in her sleep... thoughts of killing her in many ways passed through Chinc's mind... until he fell into a light slumber. Chinc dreamed of his master that night. The dream vanished as quickly as it had come and he awoke, and Alsia awoke to Chinc shaking her shoulder.

“Come, it is time you learned to fight and house your powers,” Chinc said.

Alsia looked at him awkwardly... “You want to teach me to kill?” she asked. Chinc didn’t answer for a moment.

“Follow me,” he commanded in a strict voice instead.

“No." Chinc fell silent as Alsia flat out disobeyed and disrespected him. Her brow furrowed at that.

"Didn’t you hear me? Or are you deaf? I said no,” Alsia said again.

“Let me make something very clear to you, child... The only reason I haven’t killed you is so you can work for me, if you refuse to do so then I have no problem killing you. Your life runs on a thin line, so you better watch what you say. This is your last warning, next time I will kill you,” Chinc threatened sternly.

Alsia didn’t say anything just sat there.

“Now come with me immediately,” Chinc ordered.

Alsia silently got up and followed him, fearing her life. He led her out of the warm tent, but Alsia had no idea how she had gotten there as that is where she awoke to Chinc. Who had promptly given her orders to follow... and then she refused until he threatened her life.... Her parents had died to protect her life, so she would not give it up so easily... no matter what.
Now Alsia followed him in the cold, dark morning air, through the camp and around soldier’s tents, where cinders from fires still lay steaming in ash from the night before. The camp seemed empty and desolate and they made their way through it with ease.
Strangely, the tents were set up in a straight line. Not one was out of place in fine rows of ten, even at a diagonal angle, they were in line. Alsia shivered in the crisp, freezing air, getting to her. Chinc made no sign that he had noticed, and although Alsia tried, she stumbled behind Chinc, doing her best to keep up with his brisk pace.

“Where are we going?” Alsia finally asked.

“Don’t ask questions, child,” Chinc answered sharply.

“But I’m cold and hungry...” Alsia complained.

“Food is a privilege you have not earned, and so is warmth. Learn this quickly, you will get nothing unless you earn it, even I earn everything. I earn power. No one is going to hand you anything, child. You have to take it to get what you want, so if want food: take food, if you want warmth: find a way to obtain it. But do not complain to me.”

“How am I suppose to do that? If I take food, I have to take it from someone else, then what would they eat? and if I take someone else’s warmth, how will they be warm?”

“That’s not your problem, now is it?” Chinc countered.

“No... but it’s a problem I caused and my daddy told me not to create problems, but to solve them. He told me to ask questions to find answers, and to get to know people so that you’ll know how to help them, and to never take. Always, always ask instead, and if the person can, they will either give it to me or share it, but no matter what I should be grateful for it,” Alsia said, musing over what Chinc said even as she offered a different method.

“You don’t gain anything by asking. It’s not your fault if a person can’t defend what they need. Who’s need is greater, yours or theirs? The answer is always yours. Their survival is not what matters, only your survival."

“My father and mother always told me that we don’t live for ourselves, but for those we love and the kingdom we protect.”

“Look where that got them, child. They are both dead now, they aren’t living and breathing. They’re not doing anything now. That’s what their views will get you, a quick grave. Do you want to die like them?” Chinc asked.

“No, I don’t want to die,” Alsia answered truthfully.

“Then follow what I say and you too will become immortal.”

“What does immortal mean?” asked Alsia, having never heard the word uttered before.

“It means to live forever and never die.”

“Is that a good thing?”

Chinc laughed, amused by the question, causing Alsia to became scared, uncertain of what she had just asked. Why was he laughing?

“It’s a very good thing,” Chinc answered, sobering up as his voice returned to the same whispering, empty hollow sound.


“Because child, if you live forever... then you always have what you’ve gained, you’ll never lose it.”

“So, if I gain something, I'll never give it up?” Alsia asked, clarifying.

“Correct. To give up anything you have gained is to die.”

Alsia followed him in silence, rolling everything that he had told over and over in her mind... it completely contradicted everything her mother and father had told her, and she trusted her mother and father. She didn't trust Chinc, and she realized she must decide at that moment who she was going to follow...

And it was not the Dark Lord.

But she didn’t want to die, not ever... because that’s the price her mother and father paid for her to live. Chinc seemed to have a way to make it to they wouldn’t have died in vain, but he wanted her to follow him in order to obtain it... and she wanted to follow him for that, but... something Alsia didn’t understand... nagged at her and told her to follow what her parents had taught her.

She curled her fist and gripped the side of her dress in an effort to keep her mouth shut. She wanted so badly to talk to someone about this, but she feared Chinc. So she decided she would have to make this decision by herself, after all she was alone and that was Chinc’s fault.

They now were a good distance away from the camp and in an open felid, grassy plans waved in the murky morning, dew still fresh on them. The water made Alsia feel even colder.
Without warning, Chinc turned and punched Alsia and she fell to her knees, gripping her stomach in pain.

“First rule, always be ready to defend yourself. Get up,” Chinc ordered.
Alsia couldn’t move, her body was in too much pain. She felt another pain strike with deadly on her face, which swelled immediately. Alsia crippled over and lay curled up on her side.
“Second rule, do not stay down. Get back up. Get up now!” Chinc ordered again.

Alsia still could not move. Another pain rolled up her side... he had kicked hard in her side and bruised it. “Stop!” Alsia cried.

“Get up!” Chinc ordered again.

“You’re hurting me..!” Alsia cried.

He kicked her again, harder this time.

“Stop, please stop! You’re hurting me…” Alsia tried to say as he kicked her again.

“Third rule, never beg for anything. Now get up or lay there and die. Your choice,” Chinc said as he went to kick her again, but Alsia rolled away, going just far enough that his kick missed.

Slowly... slowly she tried to get up, but as she did Chinc kicked hard into Alsia's stomach and caused her to collapse back onto the wet, muddy ground. She rolled in pain. I’m going to die... Alsia thought. She forced herself up again, but Chinc shoved her back down.

“Get up!” Chinc yelled.

Alsia tried to get up again, but once more he knocked her back down.

“Get up you useless, child get up!”

“I’m not useless....” Alsia whispered.

“What was that?” Chinc mocked.

“I said I’m not useless!” Alsia said as she stumbled unto her feet.

“Do you think that you can face me?”

“No, I don’t, but I won’t lay there and just let you kill me,” Alsia replied.

“What reason do you have to live? You’re my slave and you’re all alone. You have no one, except me... the man who killed you parents!” Chinc said with a voice of pleasure.

“I have a reason to live, but you will never know it.”

“Do you live for revenge? Do you want to kill me, Alsia? Do you want me to suffer the same you are now?”

“I will kill you for what you've done, Chinc. My parents were good people, they didn’t do anything wrong... unlike you.”

And in a flash Chinc grabbed Alsia by the neck, whispering in her ear... “Do you remember this? I held your mother like this just before she died, before I killed her.”
Alsia couldn’t hold back the tears that rolled down her face. She tried to push him away, but she could not get free.

“Rule five," Chinc continued, "show no emotion towards the enemy!” Chinc said as threw Alsia down in the mud, face first. Her body ached, but she tried to get up anyway, only to collapse. The wound in her head reopened and gushed blood.

“Get up weakling,” ordered Chinc again.

Alsia tried to get up again as she was ordered, but failed. Chinc walked over to her and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled.

“If you won’t get up, then I’ll force you up.” He pulled Alsia up by her hair and forced her to stand.

She wobbled in place, but she still stood, though her knees felt weak and like they were going to give out on her any second. Chinc raised his arm to hit her again, but somehow she grabbed him and twisted his arm backwards, Alsia's hazel eyes blazing bright neon blue. Chinc laughed at her futile attempt and quickly had her on the ground. Alsia’s eyes blazed brighter and she knocked him, throwing him hard onto the ground beside her.

“I WILL NOT DIE!” Alsia screamed.

This was exactly what Chinc wanted to happen. Alsia was no longer in control of herself, the force that kept her alive was taking effect. It made Alsia stronger and she would fight to the death. He had pushed her far enough. The only other way he could stop her without either of them dieing was to knock her out, but this would be challenging because of the skill Alsia now had. It wouldn’t be hard for him, though; his skill was much greater. No matter, it’s simple enough... thought Chinc. He launched towards Alsia, but she moved aside. Chinc quickly changed his motion and launched towards her again. They launched and clashed with great force, that caused a shock wave across the land; harming nothing, but blowing everything in a strong wind.

“I WON’T DIE!” Alsia yelled again.

In a sudden burst of strength, Chinc overwhelmed Alsia. She struggled against his force, but he was stronger. No, this can’t happen... I can’t lose... I refuse to die! With the last bit of strength Alsia had, she pushed against Chinc, but he did not move, instead Alsia felt a great deal of pain across the back of her neck. I won’t die... Alsia thought as she fell into Chinc’s waiting arms.

Stupid, foolish girl, thought Chinc. He checked her pulse to see if she was still alive, it was faint, but there nonetheless. He carried her back to camp where the soldiers were finally waking up and making breakfast. Chinc started a fire near his tent, grabbing a small pan from his horse as it crackled. He took out some dried meat and a contain of water, poured the water into the small pan and added the meat, then pulled out a half a loaf of stale bread.
Though he had plenty, he wouldn’t give Alsia a single piece. If she wanted food she would have to get it herself. The same would go for water.

When Alsia awoke she was back in the portable object, moving not so smoothly over something. Alsia stood up only to be knocked back down by a huge bump. Her body hurt and was sore, bruised all over, ribs hurting and were swelling. Alsia looked and felt the beating she had taken from Chinc.

Then it crossed her mind, how had she gotten here? the last thing she remembered was struggling with him, so she must have lost, and he must have brought her back here. Why hadn’t he killed me? Alsia wondered. Carefully she moved to the small hole to look out at her surroundings, gripping the edge with tight fingers, barely able to see over the edge even though she stood on her tiptoes.

What she saw was a sight she would not soon forget. Rolling fields of grass, crops of corn, and vineyards of grapes all mangled together in a smooth sincere scene. Occasionally they would pass a watering pond which only added to the beauty of it all. Livestock moved freely about the grassy plains, grazing to their heart’s content.

Alsia’s stomach rumbled at the thought of food and she realized how dry her throat was. She looked around the hay filled box in which she was traveling in for something to eat, but only hay was in there. She looked out the window again, soldiers were right there, surely they would give her some food and water.

“Hey!” Alsia cried out to the nearest soldier.

He ignored her.

“Hey, you there! Answer me!” Alsia pleaded.

He still ignored her, so Alsia directed her attention to another soldier in better hopes of getting notice.

“Hey!” Alsia yelled out again, directing her voice towards the new solider.

He, like the first one, ignored her.

“Come on, I need to go to the bathroom. Can we stop please?” Alsia pleaded.

She waited and still no one paid any sort of mind to her.

“Aww... come on, I don’t want to pee myself...” Alsia said in a voice that made it seem like she was trying to hold it.

One of the soldiers in the back ran off. A sudden jerk, Alisa fell, and they had stopped. She got back up and pulled herself back to the window in time to see Chinc coming. They made way for him as he approached her, and stopped in front of the thing Alsia had been traveling in.

“You wanted to stop, Princess?” Chinc asked in a high voice that made some of the soldiers tremble.

“I have to go to the bathroom and I’m hungry and thirsty...” Alsia replied.

“I told you child, if you want something: take it, do not complain to me.”

“How can I when you have me locked in here and the only time you let me out is so you can beat me?” Alsia asked.

Chinc found this fair, but he was not a righteous man, besides he knew what that kind of freedom would do. She would escape and that would ruin the whole plan. So he had to think, the child could not starve, she would die. So he would make sure she had enough food so she wouldn’t die and so that she would have enough energy to fight, but he would give her no more than what was needed.

His mind thought of a plan that would give her the chance to get some food and something to drink, but it could not be when they were traveling, she would too easily get lost in the crowd and escape, but he didn’t want it to be when they were camping either - that would be too easy also, the soldiers would be too relaxed. It couldn’t be at night either, most of the soldiers would be asleep. It couldn’t be while they were setting up for camp; they would be too busy. Damn Chinc thought... there had to be a time when she could get food and water.
He gazed at the sun, it was almost noon and they would be stopping soon enough so his soldiers could eat and rest, but it would be no more than an hour. That would be perfect. Everyone would be on alert and would keep their eyes open.

“We’ll be stopping at noon to rest; you’ll be let out then, but not a minute sooner. If you want food and water for the day get it then or you’ll go hungry,” Chinc said, then made his way back the way they had came.

It hadn’t worked exactly as Alsia had planned, he must know she was planning on trying to escape, so she would have to be more careful from now on. Simple tricks wouldn’t be enough, he was to wise to them, but if they had worked at least her mother would still be alive...

That thought sent Alsia into a relapse of tears and sobs that swelled in her chest again. She couldn’t help but feel alone and again she felt hatred towards Chinc, and all at once the same memories came flooding back. Every last word of her parents became precious emblems.

Chinc could never take her memories away from her... at least that’s what she thought and believed, after all what else did she have to believe in? Even as she asked herself the question, the answer had already formed.

She had to believe that she would make it to Swage and find Shirley, which sent her mind racing and her tears began to dry. This Shirley, Alsia's mother had told her nothing about her, or even if it was a girl. All she had been told was to go to Swage and look for her. Him?
How would I find him/her? Would she/he allow me to stay with him? ...her? Alsia asked herself. If not, then what will I do? I’ll run and go into hiding, so that way he’ll never find me... Alsia thought. What if he does find me though? ...I’ll run away again. Alsia answered herself. I’ll run away as many times as I need to, because I won’t ever stay with Chinc. Not ever.

Alsia looked out her small window; it was almost noon, just a few minutes away... They should be stopping.... Alsia had to think of plan and quick, but she didn’t know how long she would be let out or for or how long they would be stopped for. She wasn’t sure if Chinc would be watching her or not... but there was something she could count on, she was sure he didn’t want her to escape or her earlier plan would have worked. She had to think of a new plan and quick, but she didn’t have enough information to make a well formed plan, so she would have to go on what she did know.

He had to let her out at least for enough time to collect some food and water. Her bet was that he would be watching her closely so she would not have freedom. The soldiers would be busy trying to cram their faces and rest what little they could, but they would also be alert, which had to be why Chinc had chosen this time.

Alsia had to be smart about this, any little mistake would cause the whole thing to fail. Maybe this time I’ll just get the feel of things so I can come up with a much better plan, but Alsia’s mind quickly saw the flaw in that. She didn’t know when Chinc would let her out again. This could be her only chance for many days.

Alsia shifted uncomfortably as the object in which she had been traveling in pulled to a stop. Oh no, we’ve stopped already, Alsia thought. I still don’t have a plan. Her mind worked faster and in brief moment before the door opened, Alsia made up her mind on what to do.

“Come now girl, if you want to eat and drink,” Chinc said in a harsh voice.

Alsia obeyed, looking up to Chinc with innocent, fearful eyes.

“It’s up to you to get your own food, but I will be watching you, Princess. If you don’t get food within twenty minutes you will starve. Do you understand?” Chinc instructed.

Alsia nodded gravely. “Yes, I understand,” Alsia replied submissively.

“Your time starts now.”

Alsia walked slowly around. Soldiers sat in groups, huddled in small circles. Some were trying to make a fire, others were pulling dried food out with stale bread. All of them seem to have food and it looked easy enough to steal from them. Seeing an unguarded horse, Alsia snuck over to it, hiding behind roaming soldiers and random objects through out the camp.
She was close enough now she could almost touch the leather pouch. Alsia’s plan was to run, but she would have to steal enough food to get her to a town first. Purposely, Alsia made odd dashes and took random and obscured paths towards her target as an attempt to try and lose Chinc, but she could feel his cold hollow eyes watching from afar.

She reached her hand out and touched the bag and as soon as she did the soldiers looked over at Alsia with glaring eyes. Only a minute ago were lost in conversation, but now they all fell silent, standing up at once and racing towards her. Alsia’s mind said run, but fear held her frozen to the spot.

One came up behind her and grabbed her by the arms. He was an elderly man, his hair was long and gray and tied back into a pony tail. Wrinkles and battle scars made up the lines of his face and he was tall and thin, but well fitted. He looked strong and had once been a handsome man, but now age and battle had stolen his once perhaps charming looks. He wore armor that was clearly damaged.

“Look here Gentlemen, we got our selves a thief, and look this one is only a child. You would think parents would teach their children better than this,” the solider who held her said with in voice of mockery.

Alsia wanted to speak, to struggle, to do something besides stay there, but fear held her like a puppet with strings. She was paralyzed, held in fear’s icy cold grip. Move, fight! her mind screamed at her.

“Do you know the punishment for thieves?” the solider asked in a small laugh.

Alsia didn’t answer, she lay limp in his arms, unable to respond to the man.

“Did you hear me? The punishment for thieves is death around here.”

“Cane, she is just a little girl. She doesn’t know any”-- One of the men tried to say, but in a flash the elderly soldier let go of Alsia and had the man by his throat.

The old man had attacked a much younger man, though he looked to be past the age of puberty, but he still did not have the graceful looks of an adult, he was somewhere in between. He was charming with short black hair that was just long enough to touch his ears.

“Abel, do you think our master would care? A crime is a crime. Those who are guilty of a crime must receive punishment for their acts. How else are we going to create a world ridden of insects?” Cane asked.

“She’s an innocent child. She doesn’t even know what a crime is. Besides, it’s our master who is making her commit such a crime. I’ve been thinking lately Cane, about our master and what he says, what he stands for. You see, I don’t think that he really stands for what he says he does, all his actions contradict what he says he stands for and”--

“That’s enough, Abel! I will hear no more blasphemy from you! How dare you dishonor our master right in front of us! What he says is true. He stands for a new world, one free of infestations. You deserve to die for what you said,” Cane said as he raised his sword and drove it down, but at the last minute before it hit Abel, the sword dropped.

“...I can’t kill you... I can’t kill my only family...” Cane said as he dropped to his knees. Tears swelled in Abel’s eyes.

“Father…” Abel said in a soft voice.

Alsia watched this, her heart solemn for the father and his son.

“If you, my son, no longer believe in this cause than neither do I, but to not believe in this cause anymore is certain death to us...” Cane said.

Chinc watched this from afar, of course he already knew that Abel had betrayed him in his heart, but his father was far more loyal. He was only turning his back on him because his son was, but he would die before killing his only child. Chinc laughed at the irony of it. The foolish old man would die to save his child, Chinc even bet he would sacrifice himself if it meant his son would live... Chinc approached them from the shadows.

“This... this is wrong, people should be able to believe in what they want without fearing death,” Alsia said.

They looked at Alsia as if all the sudden they became aware of her. Tears were in Alsia’s eyes.

“People should be able to follow what they believe. They shouldn’t be forced to believe in a certain way. It’s not right. It’s not fair and it’s cruel,” Alsia said with a powerfully soft voice, full of heartbreak. How the the world could be so cruel...

“Child, what is your name?” Cane asked.

“My name is Alsia Swan, Princess of Swania.”

“So you’re the princess… Listen, Princess Alsia if you want to live, listen to what I have to say and follow it or suffer death. You can’t go around here stealing; these men have come a far way. They are used to fighting and are not afraid to kill, not even you. These men are ruthless and unforgiving. None of these men will even stop to think before killing you, unless..." he hesitated for a moment, the continued, "Master Chinc orders them not to. I would have killed you just now, but my son has saved your life. Be assured that I will die for it... If you are ever captured again follow those rules. Do whatever Master Chinc tells you to do and don’t hesitate or waste time, he’ll know. We haven’t much time, he’s on his way now and he’s close. My son, take this child with you if your heart has really changed; she is the only hope left for a world that you would want to see. I’ll put up as much of a fight as I can, but I’m sorry... my son; I’m not that strong... run as far away as possible. I don’t know if Princess Alsia has a place she must go to, but if she does, get her there at any cost. Go now with my blessing and take this as my last wish,” Cane said and turned around.

“Father…” Abel said again in the same soft voice.

“Go now, you have no time to waste,” Cane said.

Abel grabbed Alsia and threw her upon a black horse, and together they galloped away.

Alsia was shocked. Was this really it? Was she really on her way to freedom? It was too good to be true. Chinc could stop it, but here she was, in this man's arms... and he was carrying her to freedom... and it was within their sight... What was his name again? She remembered his father saying his name, but couldn’t remember what it was... He was saving her and she didn’t even know his name... However, she was grateful for him and for his father. This man was her knight, just like the ones she used to dream of.

“I don’t know where the girl went,” Cane said.

“You lie, Cane,” Chinc said in a low grumble.

“Master, I would never lie to you. Am I not one of your most faithful?” Cane asked.

“You were one of my most faithful. Tell me Cane, your son, where is he?” Chinc asked, knowing the answer already, as always.

“I don’t know, he was gone when I woke up this morning. I haven’t seen him all day, have you?” Cane asked innocently.

“In fact, I have seen him Cane, I saw him running away from here with the girl under your orders.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Master. I’m loyal to you and your cause. I wouldn’t ever order my son to do such a thing. If he has done such a thing, it was most certainty on his own free will, Master.” Cane said in a voice full of shock, as if he couldn’t believe what his son had done, but his heart raced and pounded.

Chinc knew he was lying. No doubt, he had been watching the girl and had seen everything. However, he hadn't reached them in time before Abel had rode away with Alsia.

Cane, was no longer faithful to Chinc, but still he must pretend as if he was, at least for awhile longer while Abel made his escape with the girl.

“Stop stalling. I could kill you now and it would all be over. However, you have proven yourself as a faithful follower up until this point, and for that I shall allow you one chance of redemption, but that’s only if you tell me where your son has taken my prisoner. I do suggest you take it,” Chinc advised.

“I do not know where he has taken her, if in fact he has taken her, my Lord,” Cane replied truthfully.

“Have it your way, fool,” Chinc said and with that, in a single movement, Chinc unsheathed his sword and lashed it in a blinding flash across Cane’s neck, sending his head rolling across the field and to another group of soldiers... who stomped on his head, leaving it in a bloody mess on the ground.

Alsia still couldn’t believe it. The camp in which she had been prisoner was now getting less and less visible behind them. The horse’s gallops were a study beat on the dirt, pounding almost in rhythm to Alsia’s heart. For the first time Alsia decide to get a good view of her knight, and that she would savor every detail and etch it into her memory.
His chin was well chiseled with high check bones, his nose was medium size and fit his face perfectly, his eyes were a deep blue and were... seductive to look into. She wondered how many people had looked into those same eyes and felt terror and fear knowing that those, charming, romantic eyes would be the last they ever saw. His short untamed black hair made him seem both rebellious and wild. The man, when standing, stood with grace and posture and even seemed to do so while riding the horse. Bronze skin and a well fitted body only added to his wistful and dreamy looks.

Alsia felt her checks flush a bright red and at that realization, her cheeks only became redder. Abel caught her gaze and Alsia became even more flushed and she looked away at once, face a bright pink now. Alsia didn’t dare look behind her again. Abel smiled at her and she couldn’t remember ever feeling more embarrassed in her little life.

“You’re a quiet little girl...” Abel’s soft voice mused, yet there was a hint of sarcasm in his smooth tone.

Alsia blushed harder still.

“I talk a lot, so people tell me to shut up all the time...” Alsia replied humbly.

“Aw, so she does talk. The mysterious princess has a voice! Tell me Princess, do you have somewhere you need to go?” Abel asked.

“Yes, in fact I do. I need to go to Swage and look for a person named Shirley.”

At this, Abel let out a hearty laugh. Alsia almost dared to look behind her at the man, but to save her flushing face she stared straight ahead.

“What’s so funny?” Alsia asked, face still oh so red.

“Swage, that’s the place I’m from. I believe the person you’re looking is of great importance...” Abel said with a distant voice.

“I wonder if I have any connection with her.. and I wonder why I have to go to her...”

“I don’t know why, but if that’s where you have to go that’s where I will take you. I’m sure the answers you seek are there. It’s quite a ways from here, we’ll be traveling for about a month.”

“We don’t have any supplies to last such a trip...” Alsia mumbled. Abel let out a soft laugh.

“Your right, but you don’t have to make it seem so hopeless. I have ways to get what we need.”

“It is hopeless. You’re just going to steal or cheat or lie and all of those things are things I’ve been taught not to do...”

“Don’t be so cynical. Listen here, just because I was part of Chinc’s army doesn’t mean that I’m like him. Don’t be so quick to judge, or you’ll push people away,” Abel said wisely.

Alsia replied with the same cynical outlook despite that. “You haven’t proven yourself to be any different.”

“I haven’t? If I remember correctly, it was me who stopped you from being killed by my father, and who I’m sure by now has sacrificed himself for your goals, Princess. Everything that happens comes with a price that someone has to pay. This time it was my father who paid the price for you, so be grateful you little snot. If it wasn’t for him you would be dead or still a prisoner of Chinc’s. You're spoiled and selfish and have no idea of real life, so learn now while you can, before you go back to your sheltered lifestyle!” Abel said in a loud voice that was clearly angry.

Alsia didn’t say anything but started to cry. Abel didn’t even take note of it and ignored her at first, but as her sobs seemed to deepen and she snuggled into his arm, he became aware for perhaps the first time that she was only a child, a child who was traumatized and hurt.
He didn’t know what to say, he had made it worse by saying what he had said already, but it was still the truth.

Then he realized that he was angry at her for the events of the day, but at the same time grateful because she had given him freedom to the things he had been feeling for quite a while now, and how could he put all this into words to comfort a sobbing child?

“Princess… I… I’m… not very… good at saying this usually, but I’m…" he paused to gulp quietly... "sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry,” Abel said in a soft, kind and gentle voice.

It made Alsia think of her father and his gentle ways, and this made her even sadder and she sobbed harder. Abel was scared he had made things worse by trying to apologize since she didn't cheer up, and instead he had seemed to make her more upset.

So he stopped the horse and hugged Alsia tightly, arms wrapped around her... so calming and comforting that Alsia didn’t realize how much she had needed it and how much she missed it... She sobbed into his arms until she fell asleep, and once that happened Abel sped the horse to a full gallop, and they were off again
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