Crystal Rose

This story is about Hisoka and Queen Masa and the jounery that they are forced to take.
Hisoka is deeply in love with Queen Masa and has been all his life. Masa loves him back jus as deeply, but for her kingdom chose a different path.
  1. Hisoka's and Masa's Story
    The story of Hisoka's and Masa's love.
  2. After the Party
    How Masa feels about Elric.
  3. Cought
    Masa get's cought by Elric,
  4. Two Fights One Outcome
    Who will win between Hisoka and Masa? Who is Kain and what dose he want? The answer to these questions in this chapter.
  5. Elric's Decsion.
    Will Masa live?
  6. The Boy
    Who is this boy and what dose he want?
  7. Kain's Victory
    This part is following Kain and his life.
  8. Hisoka's Gift
    Finally getting back to Masa and Hisoka
  9. Gyro
    The introducation of a new chacter.
  10. Seri's Life
    The Life of Kain's Sister Seri