Crystal Rose

Seri's Life

Seri stromed out of the castle anger filling her like venom. How dare he say those things to her after he of all people knew how she felt about Masa. There was something there something so unexplianed and so strong it was a driving froce behind her. She loved Masa deeply so deeply that she wouldn't be able to live without her. It was like the love for an older sister something Seri didn't have. She climbed the tree like usual when she was upset.

"Up there again?" said a boy's vocie.
"Aren't I always?" Seri answered
"Not when your with me," answered the boy.
Seri sighed,"That's not fair you know to say something like that, Zack."
"Well it's ture..." Zack said in a half mummble he hated when Seri was like this.
"You're not suppose to be on these grounds Zack what if you get caught?" Seri asked.
"Do I ever?"
"No but oneday your luck is going to run out," Seri answered hoping that it never would.
"Seri, I hate it when your like this. What has you upset now? Zethies once more?" Zack asked knowing Seri would be diffcult.
"Don't worry about it," answered Seri knowing he would drag it out of her.
"Kain?" Zack asked always knowing it was one of the two.
"Yes its Kain-sama if you must know..."
"What did he do now?" Zack asked.
"Told me I shouldn't be around Masa-chan because father doesn't approve."
"Oh, why don't you come spend the night with me and mom that always cheers you up." Zack invited happily.

Seri looked back at the castle knowing that tomorrow there was to be a grand event. And her father always kept a close eye on her when a big event was about to happen. Which to Seri's dis-advantage seemed like every other day. However, this event Zethies seemed to be putting importance on.

"I can't Zack..." Seri said sadly
"I understand... Why don't mom and I come to the ball than?" Zack suggested.
"Would you?" Seri asked excited.
"I can't grantuee mom, but I promise I'll be there." Zack answered
With that they said good-bye and Seri was happy like she always was when Zack came.
♠ ♠ ♠
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