Crystal Rose


Hisoka and Masa stood there in the dark. He was holding her tight keeping her close to him. I love you thought Hisoka as he squeezed her into a hug. Masa squeezed his arms hugging him back. She looked deeped into his eyes and a feeling possed Hisoka. He kissed her neck gently licking before his teeth sharpned and he bit deep into her skin. Masa let out a small moan and put her hands into his hair holding his head there. Hisoka drank deeply allowing the blood to flow down his throat. Her blood tasted sweet with a small hint of imperfection. Still Elric would never be allowed to do this to her if he did Hisoka would kill him. Finally Hisoka pulled away and stood back.

"Are you okay?" Hisoka asking Masa as she wobbled for a second. She nodded yes.

"I better get back. I've been gone along time now." Masa said wipping Hisoka's mouth and lingering as if she was going to kiss him, but didn't. Hisoka hugged her.

"Come back to me." Hisoka said leaning in close to her lips.

"I will, I promise." Masa said as she put her head down, hugged him one last time and ran back into the castle. Hisoka stood there happy and lonely already missing her.

Masa hurried through the hallway her blue night grown flowing behind her coming to a stumbling stop before two huge wooden doors. She stopped took a deep breath smoothed out her gown and opened the door quietly. It made a slight squeaking sound and she froze peeking in. Elric truned in his sleep, but didn't wake. She let out a small sigh and pushed the door a little more allowing just enough room for her to squeeze in. She closed the door enough were it didn't crack, but wasn't latched. She tipped toed to the bed and pulled back the covers slightly Elric moved again and Masa froze.

"Masa?" Elric said his eyes still closed.

Masa grunted as if he was waking her. Slowly she climbed onto the bed and in the covers. Elric opened his eyes just as Masa closed hers. Her breathing was still heavy and she laid there hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Are you awake?" Elric asked. Masa truned.

"Yes I'm awake." Masa said tiredly. Elric pulled her close and snuggled to her. She allowed it.

"Masa, where did you go?" Elric asked. Masa didn't answer at first as her mind thought of an excuse.

"I had a nightmare and went for a walk." Masa answered.

"You were gone along time." Elric said.

"I had some difficulties. It must be because of the baby." Masa replied.

"You smell different, Masa." Elric said. Her mind raced did he know? How? He had been asleep what would he do if...

"I do?" Masa asked innocently. He pulled her closer and looked into her eyes they glazed red.

"Masa, did you go to see him." Elric asked. Masa didn't answer. "Masa did you go and see him and don't lie to me." Elric asked. Masa looked away. "Answer me Masa, did you go to see him?" Elric said.

"I had a nightmare it sacred me, so yes I went to talk to him." Masa repiled. Elric pulled her closer and moved her hair revealing her neck two small holes dripped a small amount of blood. Elric shook with rage. Masa trembled under him.

"Did he do this?!" Elric scremed.

"No, it's old I swear!" Masa repiled.

"It's bleeding!" Elric repiled. Masa froze he knew there was no way to hide it. Elric jumped off her and grabbed his robe heading trowards the door. His fangs starting to spourt and his eyes blazing a deep bright blue.

"Elric no!" Masa scremed jumping up too.

"I'll deal with you later!" Elric yelled as he pushed her back and slammed the door. Masa recovered quickily she had no time to stay hurt.

Despertly she tried to pull the door opened. Elric moved quickly down the hallway as he walked glass shattered, doors and windows flung open, and Elric let out a lound ear nailing screech. Hisoka stood his guard a small smile on his face.

"So, he knows." Hisoka said to himself. He had been waiting for this day for so long now.

"HISOKA!" Elric yelled as he appared behind him in a quick flash. Hisoka avioded the hit.

"Missed." Hisoka said with a sligh smile. Hisoka flashed and appared behind Elric, but Elric truned and made to stab him with his long knive like nails. Hisoka dodged drawing his blade.

"You're a nasty breed Elric, not worthy of the powers you have." Hisoka said as lunged forward.

"You're one to talk you flithy mut." Elric repiled lunging forward also. They calshed Hisoka's sword against Elric's nail. Masa was done with the door not budging.

"Fine!" she scremed and stood back. She brought one hand up out and stright with the other she grasped her elbow abnd bowed her head. A second later an bright pink light blasted from her hand and slammed into the huge oak doors shattering them into splintters. Quickly Masa ran before it was too late.

"I've been waiting for this night!" Elric yelled as he stepped back and flashed into the air Hisoka met him in the air.

"So have I!" Hisoka repiled slashing his sword at Elric.

Elric blocked each attack in graceful movements. Elric brought his sword up just as Hisoka brought his down. Elric's nail landed on Hisoka's shoulder and his sword into Elric's side. They both pulled making the wound longer and deeper. Elric licked the tip of his blood soaked nail.

"Disgraceful" Hisoka said as once again he lunged forward as his wound begain to heal. Masa watched through a window as they flashed across the ground exchanging blow after blow. Masa truned and ran this had to stop.
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