Crystal Rose

Kain's Victory

Kain and his father arrived back at the Elders hall. They landed with a grace onto the hard polished white marble. Without a word Kain stormed off into the hall.

"Kain-sama, you're finally home!" Said a little voice and before Kain could turn around to greet her he was on the floor with her hugging him.

"Did you miss me, Seri?" Kain asked with a chuckle.

Seri nodded.

"You were gone for such a long time." Seri replied.

Kain smiled and hugged her back tightly.

"I'm sorry, Seri. You know how father is." Kain said.

Seri looked down for a second and then got up.

"It's okay, Kain-sama. Masa and I have been playing a lot. You know she's my best friend in the whole world." Seri replied. Kain flinched.

"Seri, I don't think that you will be seeing Masa anymore." Kain said with a slight heavy voice.

"Why is that Kain?" Seri asked innocently.

He grabbed her shoulders and looked deeply into her strong hazel eyes. He held back the hurt at the fact that he had killed Masa.

"Because you know how father feels about you hanging out with Masa. You know he can't stand it." Kain said with authority.

Seri shook him off her and eyes blazed with anger.

"How could you take his side, Kain-sama!!! I thought you hated him!!" Seri yelled her screams echoing through the quite hall.

"Seri relax." Kain said trying to get her to calm down.

"No you're just like him!!" Seri yelled.

It cut Kain deep in his heart to hear his sister say those words. It's not true. He thought. I'm nothing like him.

"You don't mean that, Seri." Kain said caimly.

"Hai, I do!" Seri said and stormed off down the hall.

Kain felt alone and his heart heavy with despair. He had killed Masa for whatever reason his father wanted her dead, but in this he had saved Cece and Seri. His heart harden at his father. He had done it too protect them, but at the same time hurt Seri.

I'm horrible. He thought to himself as he made his way to his soon to be wife Cece.
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This part of the story is imporant, but you won't see why for awhile. This part is about Kain and his life.