Crystal Rose

Hisoka's Gift

Hisoka put Masa on a bed hoping she would make it through the night. He had done all he could. It was too close, he couldn't lose her... not again. He hadn't been there last time, but that didn't matter he was here now and she was alive even if just bearly so.

"Masa... Masa don't leave me. Stay here with me, please. I'll do anything, anything as long as I don't have to lose you." Hisoka pleaded as he held her hand tight his tears rolling down his face.

Masa moved slightly and Hisoka's heart jumped for joy. She was showing a sign of life. Yet, it wasn't much. What if she died? Hisoka chased the thought away she wouldn't die she would live he would see to that if he had to die himself to ensure that. Hisoka stayed by her side the whole night and despite everything that had happened the toll of battle fell on him and he dozed into a light slumber.


Masa woke up her head hurt immensely. What happened? She asked herself and at once the memories of Elric and Hisoka fighting came back. She shot up I have to stop them! She thought, but as she looked around she notcied she wasn't in her room, but instead in the ICU (Intsive Care Unit). Hisoka was asleep in a chair by her bed. Masa smiled. He had been there all night she knew he had.

A great pain shot up her spine and Masa whinced and grabbed her stomach. Her baby was moving. It was alive too. Another memory flashed back to her. She had stopped Elric from killing Hisoka... Only Hisoka was in the room, but where was Elric? Shouldn't he be here too? Had Hisoka killed him? The questions in her mind grew and grew until she dazed back into a tried sleep.

The boy lived in a shabby shack he called home. Here is where he would spend days away from his family and friends. The roof was made of solid drift wood and had been done so well that there was no holes. When it rained everything inside stayed dry. Between each layer of dirft wood was dried mudd that held everything in place. The walls, door, and floor were also made of the same type of drift wood.

The walls had been cut and shaped to the boy's liking and needs. The walls had small nails in them which held the boy's tools, pots, and a few drawings framed in seashells. The shack was bulit 16ft. high so he could fit in there comfortably. Though he was only 6ft right now he knew he would be growing more.

On the far side of the shack was a hamack the boy used for a bed, but to the right of that there was a small wooden bed he had built. It was one of his greatest works, at least he thought so. It was only about 8ft long and only the size of a twin, but the wood was fine and the desing explict. He laid the hurt girl upon it and than went outside.

Outside, he took a deep breath reliving himself of the day's stress. He started the work for a cooking fire.

Masa woke to the smell of something like bruning wood and roasting meat. Her stomached growled at the smell with the dull ache of hunger. She sat up and opened her eyes. Her head spun at once from sitting up too fast. With it came dizziness and the room spinned. When it finally stopped, Masa had no cule where she was or how she had gotten here.

"Where am I?" Masa whispered to herself.

She put her bear feet on the dirty wooden floor and went to stand up, but as she did the door to the shack opened and in came a boy who looked much older than her. Masa froze.

"You're awake?" the boy asked.

Masa nodded.

"How are you feeling?" the boy asked.

Masa didn't know what to say or if she should hide anything.

"Confused," Masa answered truthfully.

"I found you; you were almost dead." The boy repiled.


"A few hours. I'm gald to see that you're awake."

Masa nodded trying to remember how she had ended up hurt in the frist place, but she couldn't remember. Everything seemed hazy and foggy. She tried to remember everything, but nothing was coming.

"My name is Bear. What's yours?" Bear asked.

Masa thought for awhile trying to remember what name meant.

"I don't know," she repiled.

"You don't know your name?"

"I don't know what name means."

"Name means something you call something else. Like... like people call Bear and I respond to that." Bear informed.

Masa tried to remember what people called her, but the only name that came to mind was Hisoka and she was sure that was someone else. Masa shook her head.

"I don't have a name," she repiled.

"You have to have a name."

"Well I don't."

"Than can I give you one?" Bear asked.

Masa nodded her head gravely.

He thought for a little bit.

"How about Riley?" Bear asked.

Masa tried to picture being called Riley, but it didn't fit well.

"No try something else."


She instally fell in love with the name.

"I love it" Mia-karina repiled.
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