This, Is Getting Over You

But now, I was gripping onto the silver gun, crying endless rivers as my head spun with thoughts of pulling the trigger and ending it all, ending it just like he ended me.
A tale that explores itself through two bands. Leaving the expressions of hate, uncontrolled lust and its consequences. Sexual guilt and confusion, destroying the lives of those in My Chemical Romance and the band Hella.

Written by Chel (Kiss.Me.Goodbye) and Die (Kerplunk Girl), we write each chapter together. The plotline and characters from the band Hella all belong to us. Obviously we do not own MCR..much to my dissapointment.

If you read, please comment. It will motivate us to continue writing...when we get off our ass' and stop being lazy. xD

  1. Prologue: Down the Barrel.
    Written Together.
  2. Chapter 1: ***ing Time
  3. Chapter 2: Over Exposed
  4. Chapter 3: I've Had Too Much To Drink
  5. Chapter 4: In Your Honour
    We love our readers. xD
  6. Chapter 5: Deadly Chemical Reactions
  7. Chapter 6: One Week of Avoiding You.
    Time is moving forward. xD
  8. Chapter 7: How To Save A Life
    Hours of entertainment. (:
  9. Chapter 8: Some Bad Romance Movie
    Long awaited....xD
  10. Chapter 9: The Catastrophic Hymns Of Yesterday.
    Woops, we took awhile. Enjoy! (:
  11. Chapter 10: Moonlight Nights
    So..we know you've waited a really long time. So to make up for it, it's a long chapter. xD
  12. Chapter 11: All Off Without You, Having Fun
    Oh, how exciting! (:
  13. Chapter 12: Guilty by Association
    So..we took a little while again, but it's long! xD
  14. Chapter 13: To Break
  15. Chapter 14: If You Don't Know Me By Now
    Dedicated to Helena, who gave me motivation to finish it!
  16. Chapter 15: The Problematique
    By moi. Deds to all the people I've made wait.