No One Will Hate You Like I Do


Pandora likes to dream, she pretends that she has a better life than the one she lives every free thought she has. She's herself, but better and her life is full of mystery and adventure. Than she realizes that she's been dreaming again.

Pandora loves her dying father but when the bills add up she starts to wish that he had more retirement money to fall back on. If she does not take a cleaning job as a maid for a local rock star she will lose the house she grew up in.

The rock star's name is Ville Valo and Pandora gets on his bad side accidentally. War progresses between them, Pandora can’t stand the fact he's a smart ass and he can't stand the fact she's so stubborn. Confused sexual tensions rise and a dramatic scare brings them together.

Can they find happiness together even though they are both 'wrong' for each other?

This is a re-post, I've edited it and almost have all the chapters complete. I hope you enjoy it. Constrictive criticism please.