This Child

The Interuption

Morana sat in class tapping her pencile on the side of her desk, looking out the window. She had no idea what the teacher was letcuring about today. Usually she was a good student who sat their and listened to the teacher and took her notes, but today she couldn't focuse. It was her senior year in high school she had skipped 11th grade. She was already planning on going to collage in the fall to Havard, her dream place to go. (She had a full scholarship to go) Her parents were 100% behind her and did anything to make sure she got there. Sometimes she felt like it was there dream then hers.

Though that was her usual stress today that wasn't it. Today was the thrid test the "for sure" test as her friends called it. The other two had both been postive. After school she would go over to her friend Ven's house and take the thrid one. She out a heavy sigh and glanced at the clock an half an hour still... She laid her head down untill the bell woke her at 2:30 when school got out.

She pulled her head up with a heavy yawn, looking at her blank paper. She'd copy today's notes from a classmate. She gathered her things and as she did noticed she was the only one in the class room. Mr. Pierce walked over to her.

"You seemed to be distracted today, Morana." Mr. Pierce said. She blushed slightly.

"Yes, you know just the usual." Morana repiled lazily, as if it were no big deal.

"Getting reday for graduation and prom?" Mr. Pierce said. Morana nodded.

"I have to go now." Morana said as she picked the last of her things up and left.

She stopped by her locker and truned knob to the right numbers and pulled up on the handle. The door opened and a note dropped out. Morana smiled it was proabley from Viper her boyfriend. He always left her a note once a day and each day it always picked Morana up. Quickly, needing the boost she opened the letter. Two tickets fell out. She picked them up they were prom tickets. She blushed slightly. She read the letter to herself.

Dear Miss Beatuiful,
How are you? Do Mr. Pierce try hitting on you again? I swear I'll hang him from his toes if he ever askes you out on a date. No really, I'm serouise. Ha cought you you're smiling right now (Morana blushed for she was smiling) Anyway why don't we met at the skate park after school oh I say around five. Cancel anything else you have planned.


Morana smiled and checked the time. It was already three. The school was filled with the select few who did after school activites. Morana placed her books inside her locker and grabbed her truck keys. It wasn't a great truck it was white s10 with a thin sliver line on both sides. It got her back and forth from school and her ocsinal babysitting job. It had a major dent in it from the summer before last when she was just learning how to drive. At that time the truck was her uncle's.

Slowly she got it started the engine hoping it wouldn't die again and pulled out and onto the road and went down the road on her way to Ven's house.

When she arrived at Vennie's (Ven) house she let out sigh this was it. Today she would know for sure. She got out her truck slammed the door and walked up the side walk to her house. Ven had been her best friend since middle school.They stuck to each other like gule.
She walked into Ven's house house and the smell of ginger bread hit her nosie at once.
Ven's mom was making her world famouse ginger bread houses. (That were made for any occasion and wonderfully decorated for the ocsian too)

Morana walked into the kitchen finding bot Ven and her mother in there splattered with dough. Morana laughed.

"You're twins!" Morana teased.

"No way I'm not old!" Ven teased back. Mrs. Raid (Ven's mom) gave her a sharp look.

"Well if I'm old then you two are babies." Mrs. Raid repiled.

"Ouch!" Morana and Ven said togather with a slight chuckle.

"So what's the occsain this time?" Morana asked.

"A wedding." Ven replied.

"A wedding, in or out of the family?" Morana asked.

"Out, bussiness." Mrs. Raid repiled.

"Would you mind if I stole Ven for awhile Mrs. Raid?" Morana asked.

"Go ahead, I don't need her right now. Just bring her back in about 20." Mrs. Raid repiled.

"Thank-you!" Morana said.

Vennie took her robe off and washed her hands and face then followed Morana up stairs into her room.

"Well do you have it?" Morana asked.

"Yup." Ven repiled going to her top dresser door and pulling it out. Morana looked at it with dread.

"Too late to chicken out?" Morana asked.

Vennie gave her a stren look. Morana sheriked back. "Too late." Ven said with a slight attuided.

"Fine..." Morana said taken the test from her and going to the bathroom.

She followed the instrections as before and waited the time period it said to wait paceing back and forth in the bathroom. The test made a small beep letting her know it was done and there in the resualts was the word pregnate.
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I wasn't going to add another chapter because I thought I had said all I had to say in the 1st chapter, buut I think if there is more to the story that it will make my point stronger.