This Child

The Decsion

Morana drove herself there. She didn't want anyone to go with her. Vip had agreed this was the best thing to do, after all they weren't ready to be parents. They simply had too much going on in their lives right now. As she pulled up she seen the protesters out there with their signs and yelling all kinds of things. She paid no atteion to the as she pulled into the parking lot.

"They can't tell me what to do." Morana said to herself. She truned the engine off pulled her key out and opened the door. She grabbed her purse and walked trowards the clinc.

"Don't do it!" "It's a human life inside of you." "Your child dersevers to live!" The protesters shouted.

"Why are they acting like I'm gonna kill the lump of flesh and nevers?" Morana whispered to herself. The plocie held back the protesters and Morana walked into the clinc. It was cold inside and Morana went stright to the help desk.

"Hi my name is Morana Starr I have an appointment at three." Morana said with a smile

The nurse didn't smile back, but checked her clip bord and looked for her name.

"You can pay here, if you want, or you can pay the doctor. We perfere to be paid in full up fornt." The nurse said in a cold and reharsed vocie.

"Right, how much is it?" Morana asked pulling out her wallet.

"It's $450" The nurse repiled in the same reharsed vocie.

Morana opened her wallet and pulled out the cash she had been saving for a new car, but Vipper said he would pay her back. She handed the money over and the nurse took it. Corssed her name off the list, gave her some pills and told her to take them than told her to have a seat.

Morana walked over to the drinking fountian and put the pills in her mouth and sollowed than took a seat. A few magazines laid on the table and she picked one up and looked through it until the doctor called her name. The pills were starting to take affect and she was growing sick to her stomach. Others sat in the waiting room with her waiting on their name to be called too.

"Morana Starr?" A man's vocie called.

"Here." Morana said as she got up and walked trowards the door.

The doctor didn't smile only lead me to a room where she changed into a night gown and than to a room with other girls; who were on tables some of them looked to be in extereme pain. Morana flinched and started to re-think her decsion. The doctor lead to her an empty table and told her to lay down. Morana did so.

"Is it too late to change my mind?" Morana asked.

"Sorry, kid, the medchine has already taken affect you don't have any chocie now." The doctor said coldly and un-caring.

Morana began to feel her stomach cramp badly and she had to bite her lip to keep form screaming in pain.

"Don't worry it's natural to feel some pain. It will all be over soon." The doctor said.

The doctor than proceded to check her dialation. He yelled to the nurse to bring the machine in. Morana looked up at the celling a picture of baby ducklings was there. She steared at it. Another cramp called her to winch in pain.

"How much longer will I be in pain?" Morana asked dazzed.

The doctor didn't answer, but truned on the machine.

This is worng... Morana thought to herself and went to sit up but the medacation had to huge of an effect on her and she laid there. The machine mad a horrible buzzing sound that onlyseem to worsen her pain. She heard it all from a distance. They stuck the hose inside of her and she felt a jolt of movement in her belly. Her ears became filled with a loud pain werenching scream. After a few mintues it was done. Morana felt empty and cold and she was bleeding heavily.

"What have I done?" Morana asked herself.
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Morana is a fictonal chacter who chose to do something no human being would do if they understood what abortion is. Wether you see it or not people may argue day and night wether it's the right thing to do or the worng thing to do, but in the end to those who have had this horrible experince they say it's worng.(As stated before google "abortion testmoines" If you are considering it ethier one send me an e-mail I will not judge and I am understanding. I have helped others who've had abortions. Most of the people who have had an abortion live with a pain that will never go away. They end up hating people who are preganate or have childeren because of their shame. They even end up hating themselves. I hope my story helps open your eyes to how horrible abortion is. . If you've had an abortion also please e-mail me on this site. I will help you heal from it. After all, it wasn't you're fault you were so blind you simply didn't understand what abortion was.