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Red Light Into Blue

Corie Reynolds had her normal life of work, friends, sleep, and the occasional concert. The only vibrancy in her life consisted of her friends and her bright orange Adidas sneakers.

Until one day she was caught in the sights of Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of one of her favorite bands. While most girls would faint from the attention, she took a step back. She put it in fate's hands, fully not expecting him to be looking for her. Or for her to want him to be looking for her.

Fate had a different plan. It stepped in and brought them together in a little coffee shop in London. Can it be enough for the young rockstar with the rational and level headed girl? They were pressed beneath a spell for nearly six months...has the spell been broken or has it flourished?

Can it turn from red light into blue? Here comes the breeze.

*There will be two parts to the story.*
First part will consist of flashbacks of her trip and the second shall be her present day.

This is the tour (revamped from MCR's 2007 schedule)
Week 1
* London, UK (Wembley Arena)
* Brighton, UK (Brighton Centre)
* Plymouth, UK (Plymouth Pavilions)
Week 2
* Dublin, Ireland (RDS Arena)
* Paris, France (Elysee Montmartre)
* Cologne, Germany (Palladium)
* Berlin, Germany (Columbiahalle)
* Hamburg, Germany (Sporthalle)
Week 3
* Malmo, Sweden (Baltiska Hallen)
* Copenhagen, Denmark (KB Hallen)
* Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Heinekin Music Hall) (she goes home)
Week 4
* Birmingham, UK (Carling Birmingham Academy)
* Manchester, UK (Manchester Evening News Arena)
* Cardiff, UK (Cardiff International Arena)
Week 5
* Nottingham, UK (Nottingham Arena)
* Glasgow, UK (S.E.C.C.)

This is the sequel to Pressed Beneath This Spell. Below are some banners from that story. The top two made by my showgirls: Rish n Nina. Thanks you two!
  1. Oh, Hello
    Corie returns from her European escapades with Alex...but Jaynie sees a long story brewing in her eyes.