Out of Boredom

Painful Comics

When Krissy saw that Porsche Boxter S parked in the drive way, she smiled and knew who it was for. “Seriously mom? Are you kidding me?” she said as she leaned in the space between the drivers and the passenger’s seat. As Krissy gushed about how thankful she was for it, I remember frowning at our house. It looked like the kind that big, techy CEO’s lived in. It wasn’t big but if you were a robber you could definitely identify it as one of those houses that you’d dream of breaking into but never get the guts to do so because you knew it was packed with high-tech security systems. The kind that was painted in neutral colors, in different shades of either brown, black or white. We were going to be labeled as ‘The Rich kids’ I just knew it. The last thing I wanted was to be assumed as some kind of spoiled brat.

“Don’t I get a car too?” asked Toty.

I chuckled, “Tot, if I, who am two years older than you can’t get a car. Do you seriously think anyone would let an 11 year old drive around town?”

He chuckled, “Sure they would. And I’d savage their homes by driving right through their lawns.”

We all laughed, even mom - now that was rare, “Now Toty, don’t get any ideas now.” she said.

I remember mom telling us that Toty and I have to share a room and when we climbed up we found two extra rooms. Turns out those were the guest rooms and mom and we had a debate over it.

“Can’t we just have these rooms?” I asked pointing at the two guest rooms.

Toty nodded, “And the guests can just have that one.” Pointing to the room that mom said was going to be ours. It wasn’t a horrible room or anything, it was nice – had cherry red walls and grey carpet, it had a double deck and one desk in a corner where a flat screened computer was placed, a book shelf by the bed and there were two bean bags there, one red on grey and there were two walk in closets – one for Toty and one for me. As for the bathroom, we both had to share that.

I especially remember mom saying, “No. Are you guys, guests? I don’t think so. You take that room, it was made for you.”

“So if that room was made for us. Does that mean that this house was properly made for us?” Toty asked.
Mom nodded, “The house wasn’t made for us but, it was redecorated for us. When I talked to the designers they asked me what we’d want this house to look.”

“When they asked what we wanted this house to look like, shouldn’t you have asked us too? Because they did say we, referring to all of us.” I said.

She rubbed both of her temples, “Toty, Max… please not now. Just learn to love your room ok?” she said and walked down the stairs.

We both went in the room and tried to learn to love it. “I take top deck,” called Toty.

“Not chance,” I told him, “Everyone knows you sleep walk Tot, if you sleep up there you’d just end up waking up on the floor.” Seriously Toty does sleep walk, like one time he woke up wet in the showers, right Nick?

“Yeah, I can’t even get how he stand the cold, I mean the air conditioner was on high,” said Nick, “And the time where he woke up next to Garret.” Nick cracking up.

Ok, back to the story… This is where the real story starts. I was walking around town, and there was this shop I wanted to go to. Heard they had tons of comic books that they sold in low prices and I was totally up for comic books. I was on the other side of the side walk, and I had to cross a side of a construction site before I get to the comic shop. So very carefully I walked by the construction site, making sure that nothing was going to fall down and squish me like a bug. But that all changed when a dude ran passed by me and knocked me over, making my balance unpredictable. My face swung to the bob-wired fence and it slashed right through my skin which was right under my eye. That was painful. I quickly ran and stopped in front of the comic shop, my face bleeding furiously. I covered it with one hand and walked in the shop coolly.

“Do you guys have tissue?” I asked. I remember thinking about random, funny stuff just so I wouldn’t notice the pain – but I did.

The cashier must’ve saw what was happening behind my hand because then he grabbed a Kleenex box from under the desk which he stood behind of, “Here you go. Are you ok? What happened kid?”

I took it and mumbled a ‘thanks’, “Aw, I just tripped and you know. I’ll be fine.”
He took away my hand from the area I placed it, he took in a sharp amount of breathe, “Ouch.” Were his words when we saw my deep cut. He shook his head, “I’d have to call your parents or something. That looks pretty deep and it may need to be stitched up.”

“My mom’s at work, you can’t disturb her,” I told him, “But you could call my sister,” I handed him my empty wallet, “Here numbers there somewhere.”

“What’re you guys doing? You’re not editing pictures again in Photoshop are you? ” Kennedy is now right beside me standing reading this.

Nick pushed him, “Dude, you can read it later when it’s finished.”

He pointed, “But… but-“

“Kenny!” I shouted, “Later!!!”

“Ok, Gosh…” and now he left. Thank God, he would’ve spoiled some things.

He eventually found it and dialed her number. I can’t remember what he said to my sister but I bet he must’ve exaggerated it because in a matter of a few minutes, my sister’s red Porsche pulled in front of the shop and she walked, wait, slash that, ran to me. She had a bottle of water in one hand and some medicine in the other, “Here drink this.” She as she kneeled in front of me.

“That depends, what is it?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes, “It’s a pain killer, pop it in your mouth or I’ll sell your bass on eBay.” She threatened, it didn’t really scare me. It wasn’t much of a threat, she would never do that.

I rolled my eyes in response to her rolling of eyes, “Ooo… I’m so scared,” I said. I took the pill and dropped it in my mouth nearly choking on it; luckily I grabbed the water bottle from Krissy’s hand fast enough before I could’ve seriously choked on it.

I remember her looking up at the comic clerk, “What happened?” she looked at his shirt that had a ‘Kennedy’ embroidered on its shirt pocket, “Kennedy.”

He raised his shoulders, “I don’t know, she just stumbled in here asking for some tissue then I saw that she was bleeding then I told her we needed to call her parents then she told me that your mom was at work and that she couldn’t be disturbed and that I should call you instead, so I did.” I’m not really sure if that’s how he said it because it was a year ago but it went along the lines of that, I think… Ok so I don’t really remember ok? But that fits most in the story so deal with it!

“Pff, she only said that so she wouldn’t get in trouble with mom,” she said.

I stuck my tongue out, “Ok, so what? Are you guys going to stitch this up here?”

Kennedy chuckled, “You better get her to the hospital before she bleeds to death.” This line I definitely remember, I couldn’t forget it.

She nodded, “Thank you by the way. Thank you a lot.” Flirting much Krissy? Tsk, tsk…“I’m Krissy by the way. I’ll drop by here some time; I need to repay you from saving my sister’s life.”

“Krissy seriously said that?” asked Nick.

I nodded, “Obviously.”

I watched Kennedy scroll something on my wallet, on my wallet! “Here’s my number, call me when we should hang out.”

“Dude? On my wallet?” I asked.

Krissy glared at me, “We’ll get you a new one.” I rolled my eyes and nodded.

“Bye Kennedy,” said Krissy as we headed out of the comic shop.
I climbed in her car and we drove off, “Ok, spill. What the fuck happened?” she asked as she started driving.

I cracked up, “Bye Kennedy” I mocked her in a slightly high pitched voice, “I need to repay you from saving my sisters life.”

She glared at me, “Oh shut up,” she mumbled and then said, “Now tell me.”

I sighed, “Well, I was heading for that comic shop but I had to cross that construction site,” I looked at her and she didn’t say anything, signaling that I continue, “I was cautiously walking on the side of that construction side when this dude like ran passed me and he nearly knocked me off. Then like… you see, the construction site had like bob wired fences, I don’t really know why… but anyway, that dude knocked my face right into it which led to this little baby,” referring to my cut, and I added with a chuckled, “And which also led to your lovely yet sickening encounter with your dear cashier lover… Kennedy.”

She glared at me again for that last sentence, “Why couldn’t you just cross the street, and walk to the place across the comic shop and cross the street to the comic shop instead?” she asked.

“Obviously because that would be a waste of good energy,” I told her.

She rolled her eyes and kept on driving.
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