It Began with Detentions with a Drunken Professor

The Second Detention

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Chapter 2:

Harry stared at Snape for the longest of time, maybe hours. The idea of Snape loving his mother gave him various feelings: confusion, anger, and even a little disgust. After what seemed like days sitting there, watching Professor Snape stare into the distance, Harry finally glanced at the clock.
“Er, Professor? I think- I think it’s time for me to go.” Harry closed his book and slipped it bag in his bag.
Severus snapped back into reality, as if just realizing Harry was in the room. “Oh yes. Of course it is.”
Harry stood up and walked out the door. To his appreciation, Hermione and Ron were waiting outside the door for him.
“So? How did it go?” Ron asked eagerly. Harry shrugged, more things on his mind.
Hermione seemed to notice his expression. “What’s wrong? What did he say?”
“He said…nothing. Never mind. It doesn’t matter.”
“Harry, are you sure he didn’t say anything to upset you?”
“No, Hermione. Now, let’s just go to bed. I’ve had enough drunken Professor talk for one night.”


After a long, sleepless night, Harry met his friends in the Great Hall for breakfast.
“I want to do it again tonight.” He said, sitting down at the table and grabbing a biscuit.
“Harry, I’m sure you won’t be able to do that two nights in a row. I mean, Snape’s bound to notice a headache this morning and just doing it again might tip him off.” Said Hermione.
“But you didn’t hear him, Hermione. He was talking about my mother when they were in school. He said he…He said he loved her.”
Bother her and Ron’s jaws dropped immediately.
“Snape? Loving your mother?” Ron said, a mouthful of food muffling his voice.
“I’m not sure you should look into this, Harry! Messing with people’s minds about their love life can be…it just isn’t right!”
“Hermione. If you wanted to hear stories about your mother, you could ask your Gram. I don’t have any family anymore, remember?”
She looked blankly at him.
“Well, maybe we could.” She sighed. “But there is most likely a possibility you’ll hear something you won’t want to, Harry.”

That night, the three of them did the same thing that they did the night before. They sat and waited for the moment that Snape would down his big gobletful of alcohol.
Harry went down to the dungeons eager to see Professor Snape.
When he arrived, Snape was sitting down behind his desk, reading what appeared to be a journal.
“Mr. Potter! Have a seat!” he was too cheerful for his usual self, Harry had noticed this the night before.
“Professor Snape?” Harry sat down at a table. “I was wondering if you knew anything about my mother, Lily Evans.”
Snape glanced up from the journal and gave him a curious look. “Why? What do you want to know?”
Harry knew Snape was flat out drunk, and there was a happy possibility that if he would just wing this whole thing, Snape would not even notice he was up to anything and tell him everything. “I was just curious. I know that you two were close during your years at Hogwarts.” It was very odd for him to be talking so casually to his usual, uptight and scary Potion’s master.
“Yes. Yes we were.” Snape paused. “She always was the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“Did you two…date?” Harry asked, half of himself praying the answer was no: mainly because the idea of his mother dating his creepy teacher was totally nauseating, but the other half of him wishing to hear a lot more about his mother.
Snape hesitated before answering. “Yes, sort of, for a long while. It was never my intention of letting her go…but things came up…and she decided she didn’t love me like I loved her.”
Harry suddenly felt a little guilty for dragging this out of Snape when seeing his face change from being gleeful to…sadness.
“But of course,” Snape continued. “She was an extraordinary witch. She couldn’t be stuck with a guy like me forever…But then again…I’m not quite sure James was a wise choice, either. I heard she just married him because she was expecting his baby…It’s a shame. She once told me she would only want children when she was sure it was safe.” Snape’s expression was almost sorrowful.
Professor Snape didn’t talk more then that the rest of the detention, and Harry had left within the hour.
Harry walked out of the dungeon hall and passed Professor Slughorn’s office.
“Oh, Harry, m’boy!” Slughorn shouted from his office. “Come and visit for a while! It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked, just us!”
“I’m sorry, sir, I’ve got to get back. I’ve got loads of work to do.” Harry made an excuse.
“Oh, I’m sure the teachers would understand if I informed them of our little meeting! Please, come and visit!”
It was always hard to get out of things with Professor Slughorn, as Harry had noticed in the past. He thought about it more closely, and finally gave in.
Harry walked over to Slughorn’s desk; where in front of it was an empty seat. He sat down, and in walked Slughorn, carrying two packages of Chocolate Frogs.
“Here, m’boy!” Slughorn handed a pack to Harry. “Dumbledore gave me a bundle of them for my Christmas gift.”
Harry opened his, and inside was a chocolate treat, moving and breathing with the anatomy of a frog.
“Professor, I was wondering if you could tell me something.”
“Oh, sure! What would you like to know?” Slughorn was always a cheerful person.
“You taught my mother, didn’t you?”
Slughorn nodded quickly. “Oh, yes. She was my best student! I had her during all of her seven years. Dumbledore said I could’ve retired earlier, but I reckon I stayed just to see her off.”
“Did you have Professor Snape, also?” Harry was getting to his point. He was determined to find out more about Snape.
“Ah, yes.” Slughorn chuckled. “I had both of them, same years. They always were quite the couple, they were.”

”So, they were a couple?”
“Yes, yes, of course! People were jealous of them. They were always caught holding hands on the way to their classes. Teachers always complained that they were snogging behind the Whomping Willow.” He laughed again. “I even heard Moaning Myrtle saw them coming out of the girls’ bathroom, once.”
Hearing this made Harry extremely uncomfortable. “Snape loved her, I heard.”
“Yes, he did. It’s a tragedy he let her go. I always thought they’d be together forever. But poor Lily couldn’t bear to see him join the Dark Forces.”
Harry shuddered. All this time he had felt disgusted with the idea of Snape dating his mother. But then he suddenly felt bad for his mother: she seemed as though she loved him too, but it was him who made her scared.