I Love You More Than Skittle Flavored Blood


(Gerard’s P.O.V)

“Gerard…don’t do this, please.”

I sighed. My brother didn’t understand what responsibility came with my job. OH PLEASE – head of Vampire Hunters, and with enough time to chill out and rock to The Misfits while spying on the airlines for the supposed Vampire King’s arrival?

You’re joking.

I used to be able to do that, the rocking out, the partying, just hanging out with my friends. But hey hey hallelujah – Dad had to go off and leave me just hanging here. Oh, plus! He had to leave me with my brother. Mikey.

Sure, we both knew about Dad’s (ex) job. Head of Vampire Hunters, sworn to protect New Jersey from any further Vampire Attacks, just like the first generation that formed ten years ago, when the first assault came.

So he left, that day. He never told us where he was going. On a secret mission, he said. For the Hunters.

He never came back.

So the responsibility passed on to the next in line. Me.

Mikey resented the vampires, but got butterflies at the thought of killing them. He wasn’t a violent sadist like some kooky suicide bomber. But me? Well, you couldn’t exactly say the same. I had this notion that the vampires took dad, see?

But of course. They probably had taken him, and then tortured him to death in the process of extracting information. Vampires, screw the bloody things. I hated them for taking dad; I hated them for screwing my entire life.

And yeah – News Update from one of the hunter scouts. The Vampire King would be arriving today, right here in New Jersey. Rumor had it that he was bringing his son, the…what was that again?


My brother raised a suspicious eyebrow at me, glaring slightly through the frames of his glasses. “Yeah?”

“The Vampire King’s son…what was he called again?”

“Uhm…” his brow furrowed as he drew his eyebrows together, deep in thought. “I think it was the King of Skittles?”

“Oh. Right. Thanks, bro.” King of Skittles? What kind of fucking title was THAT?


I suppressed a groan as I glanced sideways at my brother once more. Mikey...I love you, but please, get off my case?

The sheer amount of raw emotion behind my brother’s eyes just shook me. Deep.

“Gerard, you’re going to the airport?”

It was more of a statement than a question. He knew.

I nodded, refusing to face my brother, too busy with thinking back. How many times had I neglected him because of this curse I called a job?

I’m a terrible brother. A. Complete. Failure.

I don’t care, I’m leaving before all this shit gets too much to take and I break down completely in front of my brother. Older sibling guilt, Mikey was ALWAYS the one that worried for me when I dashed off on some mission.

One of these days, I’ll make it all up to him. Everything.

I ran towards the front door, eager to leave.

“Be careful.”

Pang. Another flash of guilt through my heart. I’m such a lousy brother.

“Yeah, Mikey.” I turned around, smiling softly. “Yeah.”

One day, I’ll make it all up, everything, every worry, every concern, everything. I’ll make everything up to Mikey.

One day.