I Love You More Than Skittle Flavored Blood


* Frank's POV *

No. You aren't turning into your dad. You're a vampire. Wanting blood is what vampires do. What's good is that you never give in to it. That's the difference between you and your dad, you never give in. To blood, war, or racism. The only reason you're here is to protect your mother.

I was thinking logically again, not panicky like I was.Good. I looked at myself in the small mirror.

But more people will get hurt and killed than your mother if you go through with this. Fuck being Skittle King, And what kind of name if that anyway? God, it's sounds so retarded and kindergarden-playhouse. The fame and money's not worth it. Skittles may be keeping the vampire race alive, but it's not like we have a shortage. This is so stupid and pointless! I need to stop it from happening.

Quit it, Frank. You don't have the power, the strength, or the right.

Yes you do. You have every right. It's what you believe in. You father taught you something, How to be strong and to gain power. You're already strong from all the shit he put you threw, you just need followers. Not the vampires who believe every word your father says. Every racist word he says is shit. Nothing more.

The war in my mind settled. I just had to think out a plan and do it flawlessly. There will be vampires in Jersey. Maybe not all of them agree with my dad. Maybe some of them hate him as much as I do and will side with me. Maybe.

I hate maybes. I'd rather have it yes or no.

Yes, I'm going to try.
No, I might not succeed.
Yes, it's true I won't have any respect from most of the vampires you know.
No, I don't want their respect anyway,
Yes, I've got a plan.
No one is going to stop me from trying it.

Someone knocked on the door to the bathroom, making me jerk away from looking blindly into the mirror and disrupting my thoughts.

"Frankie? Are you okay in there?" It was just Bob.
"Yeah, Bob. I'm fine." I opened the door and looked at him innocently.
"I know that look. What's going on? Don't pretend to be inoccent, you're planning
I sighed. "I'm not doing this, Bob. I'm going to stop it." He looked frightened at what I'd just said, but I continued, "And I need your help."

He looked even more shocked. "Frankie, you can't talk like that! This is the way it is. There's nothing we can do. No matter how much you... or I don't want to do this, we have to."

"No, Bob. We don't. We don't have to kill or bite anyone. It's what my fucking father's embedded in your mind, in most everyone's mind. But it's pointless. We have more than enough Skittles,the factories aren't behind, that's a lie. They're making as many Skittles as ever, maybe even more with him dictating them.
"All we need are people who haven't been brain washed or we need to persuade them to see the truth. Please, Bob I need your help."

He looked into my pleading eyes with his brilliant blue ones and sighed.
"All right, I'll help. It's what's right."
"Thank you, Bob!" I gave him a tight hug.
"You're welcome, Frankie."

"I don't get why we had to fly to Jersey instead of flying to Jersey...." I wondered, letting go of him and walking back to my seat. My dad was alseep so he didn't hear me. One of his fangs was poking out but luckily humans can't see them unless we want them to.

"I think it's faster," replied Bob. "Though I do like the night air whipping under my wings better than this hunk of metal."
"Yeah, well the faster the better. For me and unfortunalty for my dad." I wasn't going to tell Bob my plan. I needed to finish making it first. So while Bob snored quietly beside me, I gazed out the window forming my plan as New Jersey grew nearer.