It's Not As Easy As It Looks

Green Day fan-fiction!

Set in 2006, Jennifer Walker breaks from her chains and joins the ranks of becoming Green Day's photographer, but gets far more then she bargained for.
  1. Goodbye
    A 24 year old woman named Jennifer Walker gets a photography job in New York and runs away from her family for it.
  2. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
    Jenni discovers the life of luxury that comes with the job and meets the drummer of Green Day.
  3. I Slept in the City That Never Sleeps
    Drunken fridays.
  4. Suffocate
    Jenni and Billie become trapped in an elevator.
  5. You Lied
    Finding out lies is harder then it seems
  6. The Day That Cupid Died
    It takes two minutes and three seconds to lose a dear friend, whilst it takes a shopping trip to gain one.
  7. Oh, Tea Face
    Alcoholics anonymous, much?
  8. Merry Unemployment
    And she thought Christmas Eve was a holy time...
  9. Merry Christmas
    "So this is where I find myself; stark naked in front of a very rich rock star."
  10. Countdown
    "I couldn’t walk in a straight line, or recite my ABCs."
  11. Green Eyed Monsters
    "I wasn’t a bitch; I just hated people."
  12. To Hell We Ride
    …it wasn’t a taxi… it was Billie.
  13. Keeping Up Appearances
    "I told you, you should go to AA meetings.”
  14. Welcome Home
    I felt so many emotions, it was like a bag of Revels in my mind.
  15. Every Single Night is a Fight With My Brain
    "So when did we get married?"
  16. Never is a Promise
    I wanted him to accept my life, and maybe, just maybe, be proud of it.
  17. Sullen Girl
    I felt like I was walking to my death.
  18. I'm So Tired of Crying, You'd Think I was a Siren
    Why had I fallen in love with such an idiot?
  19. All I Know is That We're Just Friends
    That's 18 weeks, 127 days, 3048 hours or 182,880 minutes.
  20. Happy Birthday
    Jennifer celebrates her 25th birthday with her friends.
  21. You Feed The Beast I Have Within Me
    All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
  22. Heart Sick and Eyes Filled up With Blue
    Jenni get's a life changing question, will she make the right decision?
  23. We Both Know I'm Leaving Here Tomorrow
    Goodbye is the hardest word to say.