It's Not As Easy As It Looks

Merry Christmas

A knock on the door made me jump a mile – not because I didn’t expect it, but because I was totally embarrassed. Reaching forward I turned the metal hob anti-clockwise until the pouring water ceased to cascade down my body, stepping out the shower, I shivered and grabbed the nearest towel.

Oh shit, I have to answer the door stark naked.

Chewing my bottom lip, my hand touched the wooden door handle in front of me, too scared to open it, I opened and closed my mouth a few times, wondering how to start a conversation. “H… Hello?” I asked, almost like I was questioning the door in front of me.

“Oh, crap, is that you Jen?” I heard a familiar voice call out. I was so glad I didn’t open the door. I peeled my hand away from the door handle and sighed. “Well, dinner is ready soon, so make sure you are down in like… …you know, today.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Sure, Billie, I’ll be down in a bit.”

It was Christmas day at the Armstrong household, and ever so kindly, Billie Joe had set me up in a guest room. I had decided to refresh myself and get myself all nice and done up for dinner, so, I took a quick shower, unfortunately--I had been disturbed by Billie.

So this is where I find myself; stark naked in front of a very rich rock star. Or well, there was a door in between us, but I still felt very uncomfortable, as I had not gotten used to being around him, or the other two for that matter.

Once Billie had gone back downstairs, I finally found myself with more self-esteem, and ran into the guest room to pick up my clothes, dashing back to the bathroom I put on a black dress with black flat shoes. I did my make up lightly and then stared at myself in the mirror.

what are you doing? This is just a family Christmas dinner!

I stepped into the guest room, and looked into my temporary suitcase – I had some worn jeans in there that I could wear, and a nice t-shirt, but, before I even touched the fabric my hands hovered over, I heard footsteps behind me.

“Woah… you… you look amazing,” I heard him say. I turned around and went bright red. “You’re wearing that? Jeez, I better dress up,” Billie laughed deeply, and I just stared at him in reply. “What?”

“I’m going to get changed… I… I shouldn’t dress in just this, aha…,” I replied, nervous as heck, fiddling with my straps to my bra that had slipped down my arms. This was so embarrassing, if I went any redder I’d probably be arrested for impersonating a boiled lobster.

Billie frantically waved his arms about like a lunatic. “No, no, no! You look… amazing, keep it on girl!”

I blushed even more. I felt the handcuffs slipping onto my wrists as I just smiled back. “Okay, I will do,” I managed to get out, honestly regretting it—Billie’s mother was turning up for this dinner, what will she think at first impressions?

Slut, slut, slut.

“Hey tea face, do you mind laying the table with Jacob?” Billie asked as soon as my foot hit the last step downstairs, I shook my head in reply. “That’s good, thanks,” He flashed a charming smile, and handed me five plates, in which, I stared at him, almost a glare, for about ten seconds, and then I went off to lay the table down.

“So… you,” I heard a high pitched voice say, I turned around to see little Jacob Danger Armstrong staring up at me with his big brown eyes. “…you are the new mother?”

I raised my brow at the mini Billie and sighed. “No, no I’m not your new mother Jacob; I’m just a work friend of your fathers.”

The young boy’s brow knitted in confusion, I almost laughed at the expression he pulled, but held it back. “Your accent is awfully strange,” he said, attempting to mock my own. “Where are you from?”

“I’m from England,” I said in reply, wincing a little. It stung, a lot to say that. I don’t know why but I felt like I had betrayed England, and I didn’t deserve to say that I’m from there—or, that I had a lot of emotional damage in that country, and so far, the US of A was treating me a hell of a lot better. “…the Midlands.”

Jacob made an ‘o’ sound, before slowly nodding, and reaching up to put the cutlery on the table, I tutted rather loudly and he looked to me. “What?”

“Your father has made poor you reach up to put these on here? Are you his little slave or something?” I joked, lifting him up so he could put the knives, forks and spoons down in the right places.

I heard a low pitched laugh behind me, and, presuming it was Billie I turned around and put down the boy. He tilted his head at me and smiled. “Wow, you are like… a natural, y’know?”

I giggled and shook my head. “Nah, I’m not… I mean, I’m an only child so I really don’t have any experience with kids.”

“You just don’t know it yet,” Billie said quietly, walking over to me. “…but you’ll make a great mom one day,” He smirked, laying down a gravy boat down beside of me.

I didn’t want to admit it, but he was really making my pulse unsteady, and it didn’t help at how close he was to me, nor did his cologne. Jeez, the guy was still married. Knock, knock brain.

I laughed nervously, and moved out the way slightly so we weren’t so close together. I couldn’t help but want to feel his breath, his warmth, but, for the sake of my God damn life I moved away sheepishly. “So… er... anything else need setting out?”

Billie nodded and pointed towards the kitchen. “All the dinner spread, obviously,” He said, rather rudely, I rolled my eyes and whacked him a little.

I started to walk into the kitchen, hearing Jacob talking about how he liked me, and wanted me to stay. I picked up the turkey, totally ignoring anything else they were saying for the good of humanity. When Billie told me to put it in the middle, I glared at him, and rather… attempted to lean over and put the turkey down without any awkward tension… I mean… he was standing right behind me.

I can’t remember ever feeling so mousey around a guy since my teenage years.

I often wondered throughout my duration of staying here whether or not Adrienne would be back, not so that I could snipe Billie, but so I could help him… move on, rather. I mean, I don’t think I could stay in a relationship with Billie, so yes, I actually would rather stay friends, but of course, I want Billie to meet new women.

There is that new bar I saw…

I decided to wait till after Christmas to talk about Billie moving on, I didn’t want to ruin the Christmas spirit, after all.


I stared down at the plate which had just been served by Billie. It was strange, as a child, growing up in Cannock, my father cooked for the family around two times, and he never served out the food then, either. So seeing a man do this, for me, and his family, was all too surreal.

I just smiled down at the plate of turkey with all its trimmings. The boys must have thought I had lost it, oh and, Mrs. Armstrong, too.

“So, Jennifer, you lived in England?” She asked me, her face creasing into a smile as I looked up to her.

In a polite way I smiled and nodded back to her. “Born and raised there,” figuring I had just killed the conversation with a dead end answer, I wanted to be nice to the mother of a famous rock star. “So, how’re you?”

She looked, honestly, taken aback… what? Is it rude to ask that in America or something? She nodded to me and smiled, which made me feel a whole lot better. “Yes I am dear, thank you for asking! How about you, honey?”

All the nice pet names she had just given me, made me want to laugh in her face, but, yeah, I decided to keep that as a day dream, instead. “I’m fine thanks.”

“Billie tells me you are after a job?” She asked me, I shot Billie an evil glare, and then looked back to her—slowly nodding in reply. “My friend Michelle is one of the managers at the San Francisco zoo – I could totally get you a job, just like that,” She clicked her fingers and smiled at me.

I widened my eyes and put my fork down onto my plate with a rather loud clatter. “Seriously?!” When she nodded in reply I wanted to get up out of my seat and kiss the elderly lady. “That would help so much! Thank you!”

“No problem, dear, consider it your little Christmas present,” She giggled, and then continued to eat her dinner, as did I.

Billie had been talking about me to his mother. He hadn't just told her of his photographer friend from England... he had discussed my problems, in most likely a full blown conversation dedicated to me.

I didn't expect any of this when I came over here. I expected a short job... and then hoped I would get to stay in New York. I didn't think I'd make friends with Green Day... I thought they'd completley ignore me--I'm nothing special.

My attention was drawn back into the room as Billie's sons started a verbal fight.

"Daaaad, Joey has more turkey then me!” Jacob cried out, disturbing the little peace we had whilst eating. I laughed quietly and looked to the two young siblings fighting with each other.

"Have not, your plate's just bigger" Joey said, obviously lying.

"Oh okay, sorry Joey,” Jacob replied, naively. I giggled again, quieter, and continued to eat.

I loved this scene… eating with a proper family. This one wasn’t broken either – even if the situation with Adrienne was tearing them apart, I was sure, with a positive heart, that I could stop this family from burning to the ground like my own did a long time ago.


As we all cleared the table, Jacob, once again decided to stand up tall and question, myself, the guest of the house. “So do you like my daddy?”

I nodded slowly. “Sure, I do, he’s a cool guy,” I looked to Billie and smiled, as much as he did back.

“Oouh, so you love him?”

Ollie, Billie's mother, cackled her head off. Billie grinned and looked at me; awaiting a reply.

That word. It flashed around my brain, and then dissipated into a place known as my recycle bin. I narrowed my eyes at Jacob, a light blush spread across my cheeks. “No.”

I don’t think I could love anyone that easily.

“Are you sure?”

♠ ♠ ♠
Merry Christmas everybody~!