Melody's Secret

Dear Diary, I'll Tell You My Life

Melody found a red book in the department store, she went to pick it up. She paid for it, it was a dollar at the local and the cheapest store. It came with a red beaded pen, and Melody began to write her life's details in it. Nobody would know her, except for this little thing you call a diary that every girl had in life. In big black pen, she wrote 'Melody's Diary' on the cover and she opened it to the first page. She tucked a strand of her blond hair behind her hair so she could see the papyrus-like page, it's crinkles like music to her ears. The cover was a blood red, but Melody didn't mind the color, she just wanted to have somewhere to write.
Melody's flute and sheet music lay next to her hip as she grabbed a thin-point black pen and jotted down what her secret was onto the page. She felt pain through her waist, but she didn't mind it, she just kept on jotting down things on the papyrus-like piece of paper. She was enjoying the sound of her pen on the paper. She felt the whip marks on her waist, but continued to write on the pages, jotting down her thoughts for the first time. She had never tried to explain this to anybody in her life... until now, where she was spewing out all her feelings inside a book, for only her book to know.
She could hear noises around the house, that was just wind, since the house was empty, and she didn't really mind that at all. She continued to jot down her thoughts, as if she was writing quickly for her sake. The finished diary entry was written like this.

Dear Diary,
I'm the outcast of my school. My name is Melody Woods, I'm already 14 and I'm the odd one out, the oddball of my town. Many people think I'm mysterious because I barely talk. Here's the real secret behind me. Let's hope that nobody finds this book, so they don't know my secret! My 'mother' also never goes to school- because she's my step-Mom. She doesn't look like me at all- I only look like my Dad and my real Mom, so we go together, usually. Here's my secret, anyways-
My Mom and sister died in a nuclear bomb in France. They were there on a trip, and suddenly, they were dead. So, my Dad courted another woman- a mean and ugly one named Patricia. I hate her. Now and forever. Why do I have to hide this? For Patricia. And another secret? I'm whipped by her, too.

After writing the entry, she stashed the diary into her closet and hid it there, until the next day, where she would write in it... She wrote in it everyday, explaining her feelings and the horrible emotions locked inside of her stomach. But now, she had to treat the whip marks on her waist that hurt whenever she walked. Melody Woods needed help.
♠ ♠ ♠
I hope that you liked it. :)