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Dreamers Never Wake

Day Four: The End

“Saige? What’s wrong?” Saige had called up Jasey Rae to see if she could come over. It was only seven thirty.

Sitting in Jasey Rae’s room was slightly comforting. It was normal and it was bright. Saige looked up at her friend, knowing Jasey Rae was there reassured her that everything was going to be alright. “Jasey, it’s my dreams. Nightmares really. I can’t put my finger on it, there’s just something.”

“Well, why don’t you tell me,” Jasey Rae said, taking a seat on the bed next to her friend.

So she did. Saige told her everything, not sparing any details, surprised that the dreams were still as clear as crystal in her mind. She told Jasey Rae about cereal incident, the foot prints, her mothers head in the toilet, finding out who the dark and mysterious figure was. Then about Jensen being adopted, some how she knew that played a big part in her dreams. Jasey Rae knew just how to respond, she didn’t interrupt, she nodded and gasped in the right places. And finally when Saige was done she sympathised and told her everything was going to be alright.

“Will it be?” Saige wondered.

“Of course it will, “Jasey Rae told her, “they’re just dreams and dreams can’t hurt you.”

Saige laughed, “You’re right. They’re not real.

“No, they’re not,” Jasey Rae agreed.

Suddenly out of nowhere a might pain came from Saige’s chest. She gasped and her hands shot up to her heart.

“Saige?” Jasey Rae cried, “What’s wrong?”

Saige looked up at her friend just in time to see her face go pale white. She looked down; her hands weren’t normally red were they? She breathed in deeply. There was that smell… blood.

Saige choked back a sob. How could this be happening?

“You’ll never escape me,” was the last thought that passed through her mind before she fell into a never ending sleep.
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Okay, so that's it. The end. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.