Death Eaters Fall in Love, Too!

Draco Malfoy is in search of his dream girl and finds her in one of the most fairytale-like ways!
  1. The Beggining
    Introduction of Abigail
  2. Pansy's Idea
    Well, Pansy gets an idea! (I know, i'm being a smart ass!)
  3. The Big Night
    The fateful night that Abby and Draco meet! (I know, it comes a little soon)
  4. The Wand's Witch
    It's about Abigail's wand!
  5. Leaving My Prison
    Draco finds Abigail! Yay Draco!
  6. The Proposal
    Somebody proposes to... someone!
  7. Shopping
    They go... shopping?
  8. A Maturity Problem and Shopping for Wedding Dresse
    Abigail goes wedding dress shopping and Draco acts immature...
  9. The End of Summer
    What will happen when Draco and Abigail go back to school???
  10. A Day Together
    Abby and Draco spend a day together...
  11. When Everything Seems Perfect...
    Something happens to someone...
  12. Memories
    Abigail remembers things...
  13. Cocky Much?
    Pansy's Point of view!
  14. After the Fall
    Kinda short, but.....
  15. THE END
    It's kinda short...