Death Eaters Fall in Love, Too!


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“A month has past since the wedding and everything has gone brilliantly. Draco and I couldn’t be happier, and Pansy is happy for us. Tonight, I am telling Draco the best news ever, along with his family and Pansy. So, we’ll see how it goes...” I wrote in my diary.

Draco got home from his job (He works at the ministry) and kissed me as usual.

“When should everyone get here?” he asked, sitting down on the couch, and making me sit down on top of him.

“I told them six-ish.” I said, and tried to get up to finish the cleaning that I was occupied with before he came home.

He laughed. “Good, we’ve got a whole hour to ourselves,” he said.

Then it was my turn to laugh. “Honey, the last time we had ‘a whole hour to ourselves’ we ended up being interrupted by our guest.”

“But they like knowing that we’re a happy couple.”

“They know we’re a ‘happy couple’ when you talk during dinner.” I said.

He gave me a puppy dog pout. “Please.”

“No, Draco Lucius Malfoy,” said as I stood up.

Draco stood up with me, and before I could go anywhere, his arms were wrapped around my waist as his breath tickled the back of my neck. “Why, Mrs. Malfoy?” he said. I smiled. Even after a month, I still wasn’t used to the sensation that being ‘Mrs. Malfoy’ still gave me.

I turned around and was about to kiss him when the doorbell rang.

“I win, Draco.” I said before going to answer the door.

It was Pansy at the door with her boyfriend, Blaise Zambini.

“Hey, guys. Come on in.” Abigail said, inviting her guests in.

Blaise looked at Draco and knew his expression. "Hey, Draco, just because you didn't get laid doesn't mean you won't tonight."

Pansy and Abigail laughed as Draco made an angry expression.

Soon, everyone was here, and we were eating dinner.

When the desert was served, I said, "Everybody, I have an announcement." All heads turned to me. "I'M PREGNANT!!!"

"Are you serious?" Draco said with a smile on his face. I nodded. "I'm gonna be a dad. AWESOME!"

Nine months later, a baby boy was born.