Monster Mash

Okay, so I confess - I plagiarized this story... From myself. I stumbled across it in one of my old school notebooks the other night as I was cleaning out my storage closet. I wrote this way back when I was about 14, and I was a twisted little teenybopper... You know, back in the days when *NSync was the shit. Yeah, this was orignally about them. In any case, I thought it'd be fun to convert it into an MCR fic (basically I just changed the names and tweaked the personalities a bit - oh, and I dropped their ages a bit so it wouldn't seem quite so bad...) and post it. It's just fluff, mainly done for myself because I think it's funny as hell to look back and see just how bad it was. Oh, the teenyboppery horror...

  1. Chapter One
    Okay, let's suspend belief for two seconds and actually say that MCR would "rescue" an injured girl at a concert and take her to a dressing room instead of a hospital....
  2. Chapter Two
    Oh, the hilarity... Have fun, kiddies... This is so BAD... By the way, let me know if you run across any stray "Joeys" or "Justins" or anything.
  3. Chapter Three
    BAHAHAHAHAHA.... If you've stuck with it this far, I'm impressed!