No One Knows

No one will ever know

She waved goodbye to her parents at the door, another outing she wouldn't be affiliated with since summer arrived.
It gave her about an hour alone. She shook her head as she watched her parents enter the car, so blissfully unaware.

Just the way she liked it.

A warm summer rain yesterday had gave the grass a sort of dew like glow, which reminded her ever so much of her most treasured thought.
He was the reason she was like his, The reason she had never wanted to leave the sanctuary of her beloved four walls, They had became beloved because of him.
The boy who haunted her every though that a lingering ghost. The boy she longed to talk to once again, even as a friend.

She walked around the house without a destination, she never had a destination. Just a Thought and a few rooms to explore once again.
A silvery glint coming from the sink caught her eye. A large metal blade, stained with water and a bit of soap from its place in the sink.

She lifted the cold blade from the shallow water of the sink and touched it, letting the cool metal take her mind of him for a millisecond.'
In an instance her mind was once again filled with thoughts of the boy she thought she loved.

She gave a quick smirk before steadying the blade over her arm.
Tears stung her warm skin as she carved. She wanted it to be absolutely perfect.

Perfect pain for a perfect creature.

She threw the blade back into the sink, and looked at her masterpiece. Red Letters spelled out the name of her perfect creature.

She washed the thin blood off the knife, erasing all evidence of the macabre scene, and scuddled to her room, to find her jacket.

She turned to the sink before leaving.

"And No one will ever know."