Princess Of Pranks and her fellow Knights

The Midnight Academy is a new gang of pranksters with their leader Mischif who is a GIRL! They didn't start causing chaos because from a certain show but because it was who they are. Now see their journey of fame, tears, love, and everything else that comes with the package of being the Princess of Pranks and her fellow Knights.

Girl: Mischif (Kimberly is her real name)
Looks: 5'2", Mid length natural jet black choppy with many layers with bangs, always wear eyeliner, snakebites, monroe, and dress unique/rocker/alternative, and has a michief
Personality: Hyper and she'll become a ADD bunny when she eats her favorite candy SKITTLES!, hates thunder storms but love rain, likes to draw and skateboard, favorite colors are pink, black, white, and red, loves going to concerts, listening to music, all around just having fun being herself, and being their for her friends
What she does: The leader of Midnight Academy

Guy 1: Aiden
Looks: 6'3", Black hair long in the fron short and spikey in the back, wears black guyliner, skinny jeans, band tees, hoodies, snakebites, eyebrow pierce, tatto of a heart with an octopus warp ed around it on neck, and many more on his body
Personality: Don't give a f@ck about other people execpt his friends, hates to see Mischif hurt or sad, favorite color red, hates to be alone, and all around just laid back while helping causing chaos to the fellow world.
What he does: One of the four guys of Midnight Academy

Guy 2: Kyle
Looks: 5"11, Short light brown/blonde hair in spikes, skateboard brand clothing, wears glasses
Personality: The calm one of the group but still causes trouble, hates when of his friends is hurt epecially Mischif, favorite color green, always has a skateboard with him close by, listening to music and going to parties
What he does: One of the four guys of Midnight Academy

Guy 3: Pete
Looks 6'0", short dark brown hair with some bangs in the front, wears skinny jeans and v-necks, and vans slip-ons
Personality: Catches everything on film, but still helps to be in pranks, loves dinosaurs, Mischif second mind, theme parks, playing video games, hates blonde bimbos, hates to see someone hurt Mischif
What he does: One of the four guys of Midnight Academy

Guy 4: Mikey
Looks: 6' 1", dark purple mohawk, plaid skinny jeans, black shirts, black boots
Personality: The one who makes sure Mischif goes to jail he is right there by her, going to concerts, likes to dye his hair every month, seems to have a differnt um girl toy with him almost every night, loves street racing cars, hates posers, beats anyone who hurts Mischif
What he does: One of the four guys of Midnight Academy

Other Main Characters: The Viva La Bam and jackass Gang

*I own no one execpt for the charaters I created and don't take that name either it's a friends band name. Even though it would be so awesome but sadly I can't have the famous people T.T