Status: Re-writing this story. Check out Heartbreak Down for the re-write. Love to all!

Silence You Lost Me

Currently re-writing. Check out: Heartbreak Down
  1. The Concert
    We were partners in crime, best friends. And that’s all we were supposed to be. Never anything more. But nothing less.
  2. Up in Smoke
    I breathed and pushed open the door, all eyes on me. All but the green depths of Zacky Vengeance.
  3. Time Won’t Change
    “Yeah. Ok.” he smiled at me. Like there will be another day, yeah right, Trinity. Good going… I’ll never get to talk to them again!? What the *** am I thinking!? “But, we need to patch things up between you and Zach.”
  4. Almost Apologies
    “Just a lick-full of Jimmy makes the whole world go down!” he danced, singing. “Thought it was a spoonful of Jimmy.” Zacky mumbled, laughing a bit.
  5. Unknown Number
    But I reluctantly closed my eyes and soon felt myself succumb into a deep sleep; my dreams replacing the darkness of my eyelids…
  6. Make Me Hot
    I couldn’t help but stare. My eyes traced over her body as she leaned foreword, sliding her shorts down. I gazed over her form as she threw her clothes next to Leana’s and Lacey’s.
  7. Second Try
    READ A/N:..... I knew he didn’t care. It’s just that I was so hopeful…
  8. Facade
    Her eyes which were once filled with happiness and laughter had darkness, holding pain and hiding truth. Tears brimmed in them but she made sure not to let them fall. I’m going to find out what happened to her and I’m going to help in every way I can
  9. Hearts Beating Faster
    He’s gonna want me to tell him…secrets. My life has too many secrets…
  10. Tension
    That girl is just too damn sexy for her own good…
  11. Lucky Pole
    A muffled moan pulsed in my ears but I continued while tracing my lips across his neck.
  12. Whatever You Like
    “Matt!!!” Trinity sobbed.
  13. Punishment
    Matt…please…help me…
  14. You Need More
    Matt’s eyes bore into mine; such an astounding color they were…
  15. Need A Savior
    I groaned loudly, tears streaming.
  16. You Know That I Could Use Somebody
    “I wasn’t good enough then and I sure as hell am not good enough now.”
  17. Kill The Lights
    That’s the mind-frame I’m going to have to put myself in tonight, just to get by…
  18. Here Goes Nothing
    My heart stopped again from just his name.
  19. Secret Second Chance
    When you’re nervous, a minute seems a lot longer than it really is.
  20. It's Gonna Be Okay
    ***. This.
  21. Love Lies Bleeding
    You're not ***ing worth it...
  22. I Could Have It All
    As soon as I looked at him, I knew what it was.
  23. Too High, Can’t Come Down
    She breathed out, “okay, are we gonna do this or not.”
  24. Never Too Late
    Sometime soon, our plan will be in action.
  25. Baby Steps
    One situation averted. One to go.
  26. Danger