Ivy's Song


Ivy Song was a sweet little girl. Always did what she was asked, always respected adults. She was the perfect child. All other parents envied her parents. At least that is until her older brother left. Her 16 year old brother Mason had left because of Ivy. Ivy’s parents grieved for a long time. When they were done, they hated her. She even hated herself. She was depressed and everyone noticed it. When they asked, her parents would say it was just post-dramatic stress that had gotten to her. At home though, they ignored her. Finally Ivy met Jason. Jason was her rock, and he always would be…

Yes, this will have a quite a bit of Jonas in it, so please be patient with me.

I do not own any celebraties in this. I do own the plot, and any other non famous charecters. Please repsect that.
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