Blood Bond

He's just your typical arrogant boy who thinks he's such a hotshot. Daryl-Grant Trint seems to think that the world revolves around him even though he's the new kid. Sure, he's got his good looks, but the guy is a delinquent!

My thoughts exactly, as Tonia Tyronia might say. While her best friend is going gaga for the guy, she can't help but hate his guts and the way he struts around like an A-list celebrity. Just what does he have that makes him so special?

She wishes she had never asked.

Daryl quickly becomes friends with her brother, Kyle, and sworn enemies with her cousin, Justin. She's sure there has to be something between them other than the fact that Daryl is constantly alluding to the fact that he wants in Tonia's pants, but he won't be getting anywhere near her if she and Justin have anything to say about it!

Yet Daryl has this mystical air about him that pulls Tonia closer, no matter how much she tries to get away. Just what is so special about him?

The answer just distorts her entire world beyond recognition.
  1. The Prologue: Part One
    Those damn new kids and their sexy hair!
  2. The Prologue: Part Two
    Surely he's all bark and no bite...right?
  3. The Prologue: Part Three
    Maybe he's a homosexual. Let us pray!
  4. The Prologue: Part Four
    Meow! Kitty got claws; kitty can scratch!
  5. Hoes Know How To Work A Pole Or Two
    Halloween just gives him an excuse to run around without having to cover his ugly-ass face!
  6. Meow, Tiger!
    So he has a brain?
  7. The Carnival Is That Way!
    There certainly are some freaks running around town late at night.
  8. Leave The Lies For The Liars
    Some people wouldn't know comedy even if it was a rabid dog biting them on the ass...
  9. Car Crash Hearts
    His heart was broken quite literally!
  10. Intuition: A Woman's Best Friend
    Well, too bad that friend moved away!
  11. "Long Lost" Was Never So Appropriate
    At least they're working off some extra pounds.
  12. Trust Exercises
    Now why the hell would I fall backwards and expect you to catch me?
  13. Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs, Why Don't You?
    Cover your ears!
  14. Good Morning, Gorgeous, Now Make Me a Sandwich!
    What a lovely wake up call, not!
  15. How About A Quickie In The Closet?
    There should be a clean line between "What a flirt" and "Good God, my pelvis!"
  16. She's Such A Sack Of Normal!
    I've been called a lot of things, but "worm baby?" No, never.
  17. Withering Petals
    That's what happens when you're on dope, I guess.
  18. Drama Club
    Is that even legal?
  19. Have You Seen Me?
    Alright, which jokester thought it would be funny to make this place smell like Death?
  20. Here's To Your Awful Puns
    Honestly, you have no business in comedy.
  21. Just Maybe
    My best friend always said that Maybe was a baby that just needed to be loved and hugged until it said Yes!
  22. Eyes Oft Deceive
    Well beat me with a sack of oranges and call me Nancy, why don't you?
  23. Cruel, Twisted Metal
    Ten-thiry must be the Devil's hour... Well, not for the Devil, but for poor little girls!
  24. Mission Impossible
    Some people just shouldn't be fathers.
  25. Lost, But Unfortunately Found
    I always told him "No crack, no smack, no doubt about it, Jack!" but I guess he never listened...
  26. And All Hell Broke Loose
    Some people should really learn the word "no"...
  27. Mutter His Name Under Your Breath
    Hey, I didn't really expect to see you ever again!
  28. He Is "The Law"
    Who could've thought that someone could actually breathe authority?
  29. Spawns Of Satan
    Yeah, I can be pretty damn funny.
  30. Like A Dog
    Keep screaming and maybe you'll make your own ears bleed!
  31. Some Boys Will Say Anything To Get In Your Pants
    I've heard of Price Charming, but a vampire version? Oh, save it!
  32. Kitty Got Fangs!
    Yeah, that was a terrible pun, I know. But I have millions of them!
  33. Good Lord, My Finger Is Naked!
    Yeah, sometimes it likes to go streaking. What are you gonna do?
  34. The Line May Be Fine, But It's There
    I think I just met a guardian angel!
  35. What A Coincidence!
    Oh, curse these well-thought-out plots!
  36. Let's Not Rush Into Things, Hmm?
    The last thing I'd want would be to make you think I love him--because I don't!
  37. Well... At Least You Don't Have Malaria
    Could be worse. I could have fallen in a bottomless pit or been attacked by a rabid gopher... This still sucks.
  38. Intimidation Techniques
    Honestly, it's kind of like being glared at by a baby kitten!
  39. Step Off Your Pedestal, Queenie
    Some guys should just get over acting tough.
  40. Mules Got Nothing On Me
    Stubborness is a good thing, right?
  41. You're The One That's Overrated
    Bastard says "What?"
  42. Brain, Do Your Worst!
    Thinking only leads to bad things, so should I honestly be doing this?
  43. Getting Some...Conversation!
    Yeah, he's not always a disgusting pervert.
  44. Good God, I'm Blind!
    Sometimes the world just decides to slap you across the face. This is one of those times!
  45. Through Vampire Eyes
    If she dies, I hope she knows I'll be coming after her.
  46. Premature Mommy
    Some things are meant to come sooner. But God surely hates me right now!
  47. It's Sickening, Really
    You could stand to get that pole out of your ass!
  48. Well... You Tried
    It's like those certificates you get for participating in something. They might as well say, "Well, hey, you tried!"
  49. Sex Jokes Get Old Sometimes
    But I don't think he's realized that yet.
  50. Drink Your Windex!
    After all, we don't want you streaking!
  51. Four Little Brats
    I have three kids at home, and now I have to babysit four more? Life just blows!
  52. Yeah, I Tapped That
    Sure, write it on a billboard, why don't you?
  53. Royal Brat
    Worst. Movie. Ever.
  54. Men. Need I Say More?
    It speaks for itself, really.
  55. He's Like the Snuggle Bear!
    So cuddly and fresh!
  56. Hidden Motives
    Men. Need I say any more?
  57. Black Is The New Life
    It doesn't matter if it will or won't work: we have to find a way to make it work.