Blood Bond

The Prologue: Part One

"Come on, Tonia!" my best friend, Wendy, yelled, pulling me out of my house. I smiled and pulled the door behind me.

"Alright! Alright! I'm coming!" I said, laughing as she dragged me to the sidewalk.

"Well come faster!" She laughed, letting go of my hand. "Hi, Kyle!" she called to my twin brother who was a few steps ahead. He lifted his hand to say hi and continued walking with his friend William. "He couldn't even say it back," she pouted. I laughed and patted her back.

"He never does! Not even to me, and I'm his sister!" I smiled contently and proved my point by yelling a rather long greeting. Kyle didn't say a word, but Will turned around and began walking backwards.

"Hey, Tonia! Right back at ya!" William smiled. I rolled my eyes and Wendy laughed. Will smirked and turned back around.

He was one of the good guys at school, so I liked him. He actually spent more time talking to Kyle than bothering me, unlike some of his other friends.

"Bet I can beat you!" Wendy blurted, mischief in her big brown eyes. Her blond pixie-cut hair framed her face perfectly and stayed in place, unlike mine.

"Yeah, because you're wearing pants and I'm wearing a skirt!" I pouted, crossing my arms, telling her I wasn't going to run. I shook my head wildly, frowning as my long red hair bounced about just a furiously.

"Oh, you just don't want people to look at you! I'd be flattered really," she argued with a pouting lip.

"Well, after awhile it's just annoying! I do not like boys eying me, sorry. I'd rather be liked for who I am, not my feminine…qualities."

"Oh, so you are hot, what's the deal? That's all guys think about! Feminine qualities? You got a big bust! So what?" I blushed and looked away.

"Can we just drop it already?"

"Fine, but you're lucky you're not flat!" she yelled. I glared at her through narrowed, almond-shaped blue eyes and she patted my back. "I'm fine now. But we should get to class," she suggested, pulling me down the sidewalk. I laughed and allowed myself to be dragged to school.

Once we got inside the building, we went to our lockers, which were right beside each other's. We were laughing and I closed my locker. I turned around and bumped into someone.

"Sorry," I apologized.

"No problem, Tonia." Richard, one of the coolest guys in school, said. He never looked into my eyes though. I blushed and backed away. He was still looking at my chest when Wendy pulled me away.

"Come on! Stop flirting and let's get to class!" She was always yelling lies.

"I wasn't flirting!" I yelled back as we walked to class. "He was flirting with me!"

"Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that." She winked and sat down in her normal spot. I sighed and sat beside her.

"Besides, there are way cuter guys…Like the ones who wear mascara…" We both smiled at each other as if picturing it.

"Oh yeah," she agreed. "And speaking of which, hottie twelve o' clock!" She pointed to the doorway and I had to agree, he was pretty hot. In fact, no matter how stupid it sounded: he was gorgeous.

"Who is that? I've never seen him before. You?"

"Nuh-uh. I think he's new…" It seemed as though he took Wendy's breath away. I laughed. No guy would make me speechless—I wouldn't let him. That was a weakness and you can't afford any of those to show when you go to a school run by cheerleaders.

"Just ignore him. Trust me, a hottie like him will be taken by the prettier girls in a few hours, a day tops." I looked back down. It was better to ignore him.

"Oh, don't be so negative. That's why you only have a few friends. Not to be mean, but you could be a bit happier."

"Sorry…" I apologized. She made me feel like such a burden sometimes.

"Oh, cheer up! I didn't mean it! We can a least think he's cute, right? So what if we don't get to date him? We'll still be able to dream!" I laughed.

"Oh yes! We can sigh dreamily whenever he passes, too!" We were both laughing by then.

"So, what is it that you girls would be laughing about?" The voice sounded so perfect.

"Actually, we were just thinking about how all the little preppies are going to be chasing you like mindless zombies!!" I informed him, smiling. I knew Wendy wouldn't be all that happy with what I called them.

"Preppies? Chasing me? Why would they?" he said, acting as if he didn't know how incredibly good-looking he was.

"Because you're hot—to them!!" I added quickly. He smirked.

"Oh? To them? I already had some girls flirting with me earlier…but you mean to say that you two aren't the least bit interested in this?" he asked, gesturing to his perfect body.

"Certainly not—"

"Why?" Wendy interrupted. He smiled.

"Only if you both admit you want me!" he whispered in my ear.

"No way!" I yelled. "Why would I want you?" He shrugged.

"You tell me: 'Ooh! We can dream about him and sigh dreamily whenever he walks by!' And lest we not forget, my personal favorite, 'A hottie like him will be taken by a prettier girl in a few hours, a day tops!' And I do believe that was you. You obviously want me."

"You're cute, sure, but that doesn't mean I want to date you!" I hissed.

"Can't say I'm used to hearing that, but I wasn't entirely saying that it'd be a date--moreover it'd be a fuck and run. Who are you anyway?" he asked out of the blue.

"If you must know: Tonia. And who might you be?" I asked, trying to act uninterested. Then again, I had never been good at being aloof.

"Daryl. And no need to put up an act. I already know you like me." He winked and walked off, leaving me shivering.

And the only cold air in the entire room was surrounding Daryl...