Blood Bond

Intuition: A Woman's Best Friend

"Shut up about that!" I yelled at Daryl, leaving behind that memory.

"Awww… Don’t be upset! I’ll always be there to catch you! Just call on me! I have to say, the real kiss was better than all of the rehearsals put together! God, I've never gotten so much tongue in my life!" I started fuming. His gaze fell on me and I shut up. "Shall we go?" he asked, hooking an arm around my waist. I just nodded.

I hate him for that, right? Yes, absolutely! I hope…

I followed him back to the front and, by the time I got there, Kyle was pacing and looked a bit creeped, like me.

Anyone could tell I was scared, but I didn’t want to look like a big baby, so I tried to ignore my feelings, which I shouldn't have done. I kept feeling shivers go down my spine, but even as I looked around I saw nobody. Even Daryl looked a little unnerved, like he had a sixth sense and it was screaming at him to run away. He even hugged my waist tighter, either because he was scared or to reassure me by holding me closer. Kyle would look up frequently due to a noise heard.

"What do you think you are doing here? We don’t appreciate what we think you are up to."

All of us jumped when we saw those two freaky twins; one leaning on the biggest tree and the other sitting on the tree’s branches that appeared thick and heavy enough to support his scrawny body. Daryl let out a sigh of relief, but I didn’t dare to breathe or move a muscle. "Hey. We were here first, so go away."

The twins looked at each other, laughed at him, and said, "We live here and I wouldn’t step on Vampire territory!" I bit my lip and waited for Daryl’s harsh response that didn’t help the delicate situation. Nobody—especially James—was very happy. They were just angry and irritated.

Daryl spoke the harsh words of "Vampire territory? You guys are just kids trying to get attention!" He laughed as he said it. That had to be a very crucial blow and that appeared on their faces.

"We are vampires!" they yelled at Daryl who replied "Right…" still laughing. I saw James look at how Daryl had his arm around my waist. He scowled and growled at Daryl. Daryl looked at him funny and held me tighter as I put a hand to my stomach. I was so scared it felt like there were butterflies in it. I looked to James, who was now wincing because he thought I was in pain because of the baby, like a spell or something. Was he against teen parents that much? He reminded me of someone who I loved with all my heart—as a cousin, of course.

"Sorry, Kyle," he said my brother’s name with a snarl, "but I hate Daryl! You tell him to stay away from Tony! Got it? I’ll kill him if he goes anywhere near her! You, too!"

"Why do you hate me, Justin? What did Daryl and I do to you?" Kyle yelled.

"You’re friends with that creep! He keeps hitting on your sister… Are you blind? She seems uncomfortable around him, but you don’t do anything!" Justin Moffey had yelled exactly a day before he died, choosing the last few of his words to chew out my brother.

"I thought…She didn’t say anything to me. Daryl said she…"

"Tony… Come here," he said calmly and I walked in from the kitchen reluctantly. "What do you think of Daryl? Well?"

"Um… I" I stuttered, looking for an escape. Bingo…

"Hey, Kyle, my old man needs me at home. I’ll see ya later. Hey, Antonio (Why do people have all these names for me?), I need to ask you something. Could you walk with me for a little while?" Daryl asked, walking towards me with a hand out. I stuttered.

"No. She has to-"

"Well, Tonia’s cousin, she doesn’t have to have you answer for her. Come on, Tonia." Oh, so that time it was a command? I realized that this could lead to a fight. I looked one last time at Justin, sullen. He shook his head, frowning. I dropped my gaze and he gave me a sorrow filled glance.

"Okay… Let’s go." Daryl smirked at me and Justin at the same time, mine nicer than Justin’s. Justin scowled and stomped up the stairs to his room that was actually one of the many guest rooms that he had claimed since Jeremiah and Justin had lost their parents and came to live with us. I grabbed the arm he offered and we walked out. That day I had gotten a choice: a date for the Winter Dance or a boyfriend who would take things too quickly, and by quickly I mean that he said we’d start working on a family in a week. An obvious answer... Either way, chalk up another point for the world.