Blood Bond

"Long Lost" Was Never So Appropriate

They got angry and the one in the tree — Jeremy — jumped down beside James. They looked at each other, and then gave me an ice-cold glare that made it feel as though my blood and limbs had frozen. "We’re going to teach you the values a human being should have which you don’t!" they exclaimed.

Kyle looked at me and yelled, "Hurry it up, Tonia!" Daryl saw Kyle trying to get me to move and walked over. He yanked on my arm and if felt like he dislocated it or completely tore it off, but that broke the spell over me and I ran with Daryl and Kyle. I felt a dagger meant for Daryl rip the sleeve of my shirt and fly in front of me. It didn’t matter because we just kept running.

Daryl was so far ahead I could barely see him. Kyle ran the same pace as me so I wouldn’t be alone. I wasn’t sure I believed them, but they gave me a thing or two to believe: they wanted us dead; at least that’s what I used to think. It seemed like they were actually hoping to make us just leave their property. Daryl seemed to get us in a lot of trouble. He even got another kid mad as soon as the twins stopped following and I’d caught up with him.

This kid was dressed as a werewolf or something. He tried to tell us he was what he’d dressed up as.

"Yeah, right! It’s just for Halloween." Daryl’s big mouth shouted.

The kid looked up at him funny and said, "What’s Halloween?"

Daryl looked at him like he was stupid and said "Oh, shut up!" as I looked at Kyle, hand on my forehead, stupefied. Daryl looked over at me and shrugged. He turned back around and looked at the kid. The kid’s face showed the expression of anger and hatred.

"What?" Daryl asked as the fists the kid had made started shaking. Kyle and I looked at each other, not believing how thick Daryl truly was. The kid’s fist raised and hit Daryl in the face. That made Daryl so mad that he punched him and they got into a fistfight. Well, that ended quickly because he pulled out a dagger. He cut a rip in Daryl’s shirt and he even cut his stomach and made him bleed a little. That made Daryl back off a little and walk towards me.

"Come on," he pulled me away and the kid just called out, "Stupid" and walked off. He told us we’d just go home. That meant we'd have to somehow pass those strange kids. It was a little unnerving that James Scanthers looked like Justin Moffey. That would be impossible though because Justin’s twin, Jeremiah was still alive. Even still, what if he’d died recently? Yet, they wouldn’t be here, of all places, because they were dead.

I just had to know so I asked. Kyle looked at me confused and said, “He’d died the same day. His grave was next to his so… I thought you knew.” I stopped and just stood there. They were dead, not alive, or… No! They’re gone! I couldn’t even agree with myself even though the facts were—are—there: they are dead.

I shook off the feeling and ran to catch up with Kyle and Daryl. I was still running when I felt Daryl’s arm slam into my stomach. I fell to my knees and gagged. He pulled me up and whispered, “Shut up, Tonialla,” a little worriedly and nervous.

I looked at him and got scared, too. He only called me my real name if he was serious and cared for our safety—or his, mostly—so I nodded. We were going to try to sneak past in case those people—or things—didn’t really give up chasing us and they were waiting for us. But he still didn’t have to slam my stomach so hard. I mean, I was supposedly carrying his child, right?

Kyle looked through a window that revealed the "living" room. This would be considered the "unliving" room to them since they didn’t appear human or alive. Oh, that's funny! They were watching the TV and James was pacing. Jeremy was yelling at him to drop something. It reminded me of my two cousins’ meaningless fights. Those were so far away…

"It’s not like they have a brain! Don’t worry about it. I’m the younger one, so you should be comforting and worrying about me, not vise versa," Jeremy was yelling at

“Jeremiah…” James said to purposely make him mad.

"Don’t call me that, Justin! I abandoned that name." There was a smirk on his face as he saw his brother’s eyes flare up at him calling him Justin and not James.

Kyle backed away from the window he’d been staring through. He ran back over to me, still looking dazed and confused. He spoke only of the names he had heard. I looked at him, horrified, and Daryl looked confused, but caught on. They must have heard us outside because Justin peeked out the door and called to Jeremiah. There went the sneaking idea.

Kyle looked back at me and then turned his attention back to the doorway. They were gone! All of a sudden Jeremiah appeared between Kyle and me. Daryl told Kyle to run since I was separated from them. Some father of my child he was turning out to be! But they had no choice because Jeremiah ran after them. He used to like Kyle, but he really hated Daryl. This time Jeremiah chased them so far I couldn’t even see them anymore!