Blood Bond

Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs, Why Don't You?

They were pretty much just standing their ground, so I sighed and stood up. What was with flying knives? I saw yet another cut through the skin on Daryl’s arm and he cursed. Jeremiah came up, pulling Kyle.

"Leave," he demanded. I could tell Daryl wasn’t going to, so I walked over to him and forced him. I stopped and turned to say something and felt Kyle push me backwards. They threw my brother at me—my unconscious, moronic, stupid brother! I woke him up and told him to come on. I looked one last time at my not-so-dead cousins. I nodded to say good-bye and left. Daryl glared at Justin and—when Kyle was a few paces ahead of me—he hooked an arm around my waist. Jeremiah held his brother back. Daryl frowned and pulled me into an embrace.

"Let go of me!" Justin yelled to Jeremiah. To Daryl he added, "Let go of her!" I wished I had the nerve to say that. Daryl pressed his body against mine and leaned in.

"You’re dead! You fucking bastard! Stay the fuck away from her! Tonia!" I heard him yell and my back hit a wall. He started kissing my neck as I started shaking uncontrollably.

"Tonia? Please… Come here." He started whispering. I couldn’t move. I wanted to run to him and cry as he told me that I was going to be okay. I wanted him to stroke my hair lovingly as father wouldn’t ever do. I wanted to hug him and never let go. I wanted to…I wanted to talk to him about mother and Kyle. To just talk as we used to. I really wanted to tell him I wanted Daryl to stop, but would he believe me? I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

"I love you. Give us a chance," Daryl whispered, wiping the tear from my face. His lips pressed on mine again and I saw Kyle just leaning against a wall, looking down.

He knew! He knew all along! He knew that Daryl liked me! He wanted to help Daryl! He didn’t care if I was happy! He just wanted Daryl to be happy and have whatever he wanted! He knew I was miserable and he didn’t care as long as Daryl wasn’t! He would probably let Daryl… No! There was a limit. He wouldn’t let him touch me like that, would he? Would he if Daryl really wanted to father a child at 16 or just wanted to do that for a rush?

"You don’t even care! Some brother you are, asshole! You’d probably let him rape her again!" Justin yelled. I shivered, but Daryl wasn’t even fazed by it. He just kept kissing me. Kyle looked at him, frowned, and started walking away. "Kyle! You idiot! Don’t just leave her there! You bastard! Just keep walking! Just keep walking to fucking hell! It’s where you fucking belong!" Jeremiah kept holding Justin back. Kyle just kept walking, his hands in his pockets, not caring. As Justin called him every name he could think of Daryl smiled against my lips and I shivered. "Stupid moron… I’m so sorry, Tonia. I don’t want to let him do that to you. But, maybe, that’s what you want…" He walked into the house and I tried to reach for him, but Daryl laced our fingers and made sure I couldn’t move. His cell phone rang.

"Yeah. She’s here. He went into the house. Thanks." He hung up. He looked back at me. "Your brother." I frowned. What if Justin was right? I saw a figure look out the window. Daryl pinned me against the wall again.

"Justin’s not looking!" I cried. "Please! Justin’s not looking! Justin’s not—" I felt Daryl’s hand push my head to his shoulder, stroking my hair. "Justin…"

"It’s okay. Just be quiet." I felt myself slip into peaceful darkness.

It’s still not the same. I wouldn’t dare tell him my thoughts...