Blood Bond

How About A Quickie In The Closet?

"Oh, nothing if you don't mind me seeing your 'intimates'!" I looked down and saw that he had my shirt and jeans.

"How did you—? Fine! If you wanna play that way..." I pulled of his shirt and laughed at him. He shifted his eyebrows and I laughed even more.

"Don't you want my pants?"

"Oh, right, Daryl. I am so sorry," I apologized sarcastically and laughed even more when he started taking them off. "Ooh, boxers! God, you're such a man!" I ran my fingers along his abs. "And hot, too, aren't you?" He smiled and lay down gently on me again. I looked questionably at him before he smiled even more gently and put his arms under my back, pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck again and kissed back when he leaned in.

His hands moved further up and felt them fidgeting with something. I looked at him, but he had his eyes closed. When the snap made it to my ears I pulled back and he just looked into my eyes. "I love you," he promised and I smiled. We started kissing again. I barely felt it, but I did feel him take off my bra. He pulled back for a minute and looked at my chest before looking questionably in my eyes.

I kissed his cheek and, not satisfied with that, started making out with him. I felt a tug on my only clothing, but kept kissing him, aware now that I was entirely exposed, and he just took the rest of his off.

"This is why I don't come home sober. And, the one time I do, you and your boyfriend are 'making love' on the couch!" a voice said and I instinctively grabbed a blanket and looked at my father who was just standing there. "Don't blame me when he gets you pregnant," was all he said before leaving.

"I'm sorry, Tonia. I didn't mean to go that—God, I'm an idiot."

"Daryl...if you were an idiot we wouldn't be completely naked on the couch, now would we? But I don't think we know." He nodded and smiled.

"We'll save it for when you want to get 'violated,'" he said winking.

Jeremiah avoided Kyle for you. I believed in you. You stabbed my back--to be with him. I trusted you, helped you, talked to you. I don't think I'll ever do it again ...


"I'm sorry, Daryl. I—I—I have to go!" I stuttered, taking the blanket and running up to my room with a stack of clothes, leaving Daryl confused under the blanket I had thrown at him before leaving.

What have I done? Oh, Justin, why am I so stupid?

"Because you're my cousin and I wouldn't have it any other way." I stopped running and just stood there in the doorway. I looked at him, thoroughly ashamed.

"How far did you—I mean did you really—?" He took a deep breath and forced out, "Did you really have sex with Daryl?" I bit my lip, knowing I couldn't lie to him.

"Justin....I—I—How did you know he even tried?" I stalled.

"You and I both know this is a distraction, Tonia. But I've been watching over you since yesterday when Daryl slept in your bed. Think of me as...a guardian vampire maybe. Now, tell me. Did you and Daryl have sex or not?" he asked, persistent as ever.

"My dad came in, but I—for a few minutes—yes." Justin flinched for a moment, but calmed himself.

"I see...and right now...get dressed. I'll be here. We really need to talk." I nodded and walked into the closet, changing my clothes completely, not able to stand wearing the clothes that I had been wearing. I walked out and sat next to Justin on the bed.

"What's wrong?" I was concerned with the serious and worried look on his face.

"I—He didn’t tell you, did he? What if you’re pregnant with Daryl’s child, huh? That is, assuming you’re not already…?" I shook my head and he let out a sigh of relief. "Still. What if…just now…What if you just got…? There’s something about Daryl that you should know…about his family."

I looked at him for a while, urging him to continue. He opened his mouth, but I heard a different voice.

"Tonia! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that to you! I just—I’m sorry!" I heard Daryl yell and then I heard footsteps. There was a knock and then the door opened. His pants were clinging dangerously low to his waist and he was holding his shirt balled up in his hand. He growled upon seeing my cousin. "What are you doing here?"