Blood Bond

Just Maybe

"She's a bitch, you know that?" Daryl said as we walked through the street. He reached over and put his hand in my pocket, pulling out the piece of paper.

"Wait!" I yelled, trying to get the paper, but he had it. He laughed as he read it and I wondered what it said. I tried to see, but he was squeezing so tightly that I couldn't move. "What's it say?" I asked.

"Okay. And I quote 'Hi, baby.' Is she gay? That's what I call you!" He started laughing.

I waited patiently to hear more.

"Here's some more: 'Here's my number. Call me when he goes to sleep. We'll get you away from him. He made you do something so... You don't deserve to be with that jerk. I am taking you away from him!' You wanna know the best part? She gave you a fake number! I can prove it. We'll call that number and see who picks up. I've...seen this number in the phone book before. That's the mental hospital’s number! Can you believe her? Wanting to put you in the crazy house? That... I'll get her good." He was really mad. I could tell by the look in his deep, smoldering eyes when he looked at me.

I didn't know it, but I had started crying. I felt a tear slid down my cheek. She didn't care about me at all! She thought I deserved no one! She put down Daryl! I didn't know why—and I doubt I'll ever know—but Daryl seemed so important. He looked over and saw me crying. With his thumb he wiped away the tears and led my face to his chest. I cried onto his shirt. He was so sweet; letting me cry and even comforting me with a hug. That evil nurse didn't know him like I did. He was the nicest guy I could ever want to spend my life with. Maybe it could work.

I finished crying and he asked if I wanted to take a break. I nodded because, truthfully, I didn't care about that nurse at all. She could rot in hell! I just wanted to know if Kyle was okay and she didn't help at all. She just tried to get me out of the picture!

We walked home considering it wasn't too far. My father's door was closed and I guessed he would have a hangover when he woke up, so I told Daryl to be quiet. We sat together on the couch and Daryl turned on the television. I leaned my head on Daryl's shoulder and he pulled me close.

We both fell asleep; the last thing I remember was Daryl lying down with me in his arms under a blanket, the TV's light illuminating the otherwise dark room because we had been gone the whole day. I never did call the number that night: I didn't need to. I didn't need anyone or anything but Daryl. He was all I needed in the whole world. I just thought he was too good to be human.

I dreamt that night:

Daryl and I were inside a huge house. There were two other boys. They scared me, so I hid behind Daryl. He smiled, so when he started walking towards them I followed. One was Damien and the other didn't tell me his name, but all three looked alike. The only thing that scared me was the fact that they had fangs in their mouths, including Daryl. For some reason I was crying out of pain and Daryl was really worried. He held me in a hug as he talked to them in a whisper.

Damien asked, "Are you serious? And she is still alive? That is one tough girl. Most would have died by now. I bet even my girl wouldn't be able to handle that if she was only human."

"What were you thinking?!" the other boy piped up. "She is in a lot of pain and she’s only a mortal! Why make her go through with that? By now it’s probably biting her insides and killing her from pain! Vampires can only take that pain!" He calmed down a little. "Did you at least talk to her about turning her? It might be the only way she would live. If you really love her and want to raise it with her, then you're going to have to--"

"Shut up! I know that, Daren! I was just getting to that!" He turned to me. "Do you love me enough to let us raise the child, together?" I felt really dizzy then. My legs buckled and I fell to the floor after letting out a shriek. I saw Daryl run over to my side. "Tonia? Please wake up. Tonia. Please! I love you!"