Blood Bond

Cruel, Twisted Metal

In my dream Daryl and I were in that house again. We were eating breakfast and I think Saskia was there, too. Yeah, she was sitting on Damien’s lap as I was on Daryl’s. Their other brother just acted as though we weren’t there, except when he made fun of Damien for kissing Saskia’s cheek all the time. I felt kind of bad for him, being alone while everyone else had someone with them all the time. I guess Damien and Daryl hung out a lot because they were always talking to each other about something they did the other night.

"So she’s still hanging out with you? But you’re such a control freak!" Damien was saying to Daryl as he laughed.

"And you’re not?" Daryl asked.

"Now no one said that." Damien said seriously. "Right, Daren?" Damien asked, pulling his other brother into it.

"Well, not really, but why would you make fun of him about that if you’re just like him?" Daren reasoned. I heard Saskia giggle and Damien go off asking, "What does that mean, Saskia?" and she said "Oh, nothing!"

"Definitely a control freak!" Daryl laughed. To me he whispered, "I bet right now he’s thinking 'And, Saskia, you are not allowed to be happy until exactly 10:30 tonight!'"

I asked him, "What happens at 10:30?" and he winked at me.

"What happens in Damien’s bed stays in Damien’s bed, right?"

"Eww!" I exclaimed and Damien glared.

"Well, at least they’re trying to keep the world populated!" he whispered back.

"I’m pretty sure you just made some sick joke involving sometime after ten and my bed, right?" Damien asked.

"And your girlfriend!" Daryl sang.

"I’m going to kill you!" Damien sang back and told Saskia to get up. Daryl laughed and nodded to me, telling me to get up, too. Damien chased Daryl out of the room and we all stared wide-eyed as there were loud thumps and crashes.

"Well, it could be worse." I remarked.

"How?" Daren asked.

"Who said it was bad that they left and are tearing each others' limbs off?" Saskia intervened.

"I heard that!" they both yelled, coming back in.

"Come on, Saskia. We don’t need to listen to these lies. Lies!" Damien yelled, pointing at Daryl before leading Saskia out the door.

"Let’s just go somewhere that isn’t tainted. Tainted!" Daryl mocked. "See ya later, Daren." Daryl smiled, leading me out a different door that led outside.

"Wake up, Tonia. Fine. I know how to wake you up…" I opened my eyes and saw Daryl on top of me. He smirked and leaned in, kissing me like in the cemetery. I laughed a little and wrapped my arms loosely around his neck to pull him closer and make the kiss deeper.

What are you doing? You don’t like him! He makes your skin crawl, remember? What happened to you and me? Am I a shadow of you now? What makes you so sure that he didn’t lie about that number to get to your heart? Are you listening? Listen to me!

I pulled back out of a quick pain in my head. "Daryl? What are you doing? Get off me! I—What? Daryl—Get off me, you jerk!" I yelled trying to push him off. He started growling and he held my arms down. "Get off!" I persisted, squirming. He grabbed my chin with his free hand and forced me to look at him. "Pervert!" I yelled, growling at him. He just stared into my eyes.

I didn’t understand it then and I'm very confident that I won't ever know, for I must have missed that lesson. All I knew was that it was something about his eyes. Those amber, soft but hard, deep, mysterious eyes…

"Tonia. Stop moving," Daryl commanded, his eyes burning into my head. I stopped moving completely and just stared back. He smiled softly and started leaning in again.

In the back of my mind was my old self—locked up and only unsealed when that small thought could make it through: What happened? He could lock it back up whenever he wanted. As soon as his lips pressed commandingly on mine, it was in the cage again. My mind was locked up and his wants were let out, free to take over my mind and make me be what he wanted me to be. I started kissing back, this time the thought couldn’t help me. Daryl pulled back and let go of my hands. "So…?"

I looked at him for a moment, smiled, and said, "I love you, Daryl." He smiled and got on top of me and started kissing me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and it was as if that episode never happened: I loved Daryl and, as far as I needed to know, I always had.