Blood Bond

Mutter His Name Under Your Breath

Hours passed and I was surprised that Daryl never came to bug me. I spent that time stopping my crying and looking around, but there was nothing worth looking at. I dug through my suitcase, which had been placed by the door, and pulled out a book to read.

There was a knock on the door a few hours later, causing me to jump. I put the book down to see a familiar face peek through the door.

"Hey, so you're Tonia, right?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," I told the boy who resembled Daryl almost perfectly, the only difference being his hair color and the fact that he seemed more relaxed. He nodded and walked up to me.

"I'm sorry. Believe me, I want to let you go, but I can't."

"You're Damien, aren't you?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yep. So you know me? How?" he asked, trying to lighten up the mood.

"My dreams. You are always there, and Daren, too. You seem to fight a lot with...Daryl." Damien grimaced at how I didn't want to say his name, as if it were a curse. "So Saskia is here, too, right?" He nodded.

"Mhmm. I could get her if you want. She's probably either eating or sleeping. You know, with the pregnancy and all..." Damien smiled a hearty smile.

"So...she's pregnant?" I crawled to a sitting position.

"Well, yeah... But I'm also a dad! You didn't mention that!!" he whined. I smiled.

"Well, congratulations. I wish you good luck. Happy?" He bowed in response. "But...does she know that Dezzy's dead?"

"You mean that wicked harpy—err sister? She's not dead. Saskia just spoke to her."

"But I saw her! Jeremiah killed her! With a sword!"

"There's a name I haven't heard in a while. How are him and Justin?"


"Well, anyway, she's a witch, so I doubt that a normal blade could kill her. She's fine. It might put her off a bit, but she'll be fine...unfortunately."

"I sense the love, but anyway, then that means I'm the weakest thing here?"

"Yeah, but you also have the strongest one here next to my father to protect you: Daryl. Please, give him a chance. The way he talks about you to me, I can tell how much he loves you. He even talks about you to Father, not even wincing when saying you're a human... Please, just try to start over with him. Might as well enjoy life, right?"

"What's there to enjoy? Soon I have to have three children--or more—with a man I don't love. And I have to live with him and pretend to love him for my kids' sakes." Damien frowned.

"You know, Saskia thought she couldn't love me, but look at us now. She's so excited about having a family and she even gave up her throne for me."

"Throne? She's royalty?"

"You didn't know? Yeah, but so am I. So is Daren. And Daryl."

Should have seen that coming.

"She gave up her throne to her sister to come with me and take up the throne. My brave little Devii...but still. He'll be persistent as ever until you at least care for him. He'll definitely try to get you and him like me and Saskia. Just take some time to adjust. So...are you hungry?" he asked.

"I suppose..." I sighed, placing my book on the nightstand beside me. I stood up and followed Damien through the staircase maze. By the time we got to the kitchen, I didn't know how to get back and I was a bit dizzy.

"Tonia? Is that you?" Saksia ran up to me and gave me a hug. That took me aback. She was usually distant and didn't like touching.

"Saskia? You're...hugging me?"

"Oh, right. Well, I don't think Damien liked how distant I was, so I got used to his...affection, if you will. I'm glad I did. Everyone is so warm. Of course, I don't go up and hug strangers, but growing up like me, you got cold at night, even in June..." She shrugged. Damien walked up and picked her up gently, kissed her, and put her back down. Saskia laughed and stayed at his side. "So you're with Daryl right?" she asked, still giggling.

"Hardly..." I muttered, walking into the kitchen, now in a really bad mood.