Blood Bond

The Prologue: Part Three

"Who are you people!" William shouted, pushing everyone away. "I definitely have never seen you." He pointed to Daryl.

"Daryl, at your service. I haven't seen you either. But hey, you're a chick magnet!" Daryl joked. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. I heard footsteps and turned around: Richard was walking up to me and he only stopped when he was a breath away.

"Hey," he said coolly.

"Hi," I said back, not liking how close he was. He smiled and I felt his fingers run through my hair and then he tucked in a loose lock. I smiled nervously, praying for someone to save me.

"Tonia, I…" He didn't say anything; he just looked to my lips and pulled me close. I tried to speak, but all that came out was a gasp as he pressed his lips on mine. I stared wide-eyed at him and saw his eyes only partially open. They closed all the way and just as my own eyes betrayed me, he forced his tongue past my lips. I tried to gasp, but couldn't. There was a low growl.

"Richard. Stop it, now," a voice commanded sternly. He seemed to freeze before pulling away. Daryl's cold breath must have given him a sudden chill.

"…Right, sorry." Richard walked off and I looked to my savior. It just had to be Daryl.

"Are you okay?" he asked, walking up.

"What else would I be?" I asked, and then shook my head. "Yeah, but thanks anyway." He nodded and walked after Richard. "Even if you're weird…"

"Hey. What's up, Toni?"

"Same old, same old, Justin. So have you met Daryl, the new kid, yet? Josh wanted to know."

"Yeah, but he was a total jerk. Have you, Tonia?" he asked me.

"Yes, but he's confusing. He's a pervert, but he stopped Richard from…yeah."

"What'd he do? What did Richard do?" I flinched.

"He just kept bothering me is all…" I'm such a dirty liar.

He kissed me.

"Oh." He didn't buy it. "So I'll see you at class?" I nodded and walked to my locker. Surprisingly there was no Richard, so I grabbed everything and headed to class.

"Tonia! Over here!" I looked over to see Justin pointing to the seat next to him. I ran over and sat down.

"Hey! I haven't seen you in forever!" I joked lightly. Daryl walked in, looked at me, smiled, and led Kyle to the two empty seats beside me. He sat the closest to me, to my despair.

"Hey, Tonia! Hey, Justin!"

"Oh, you remember my name. Should I feel honored?" Justin remarked. Daryl smirked.

"I feel the love! Anyway, so how's it going, Tonia? And what about Richard? You seen him lately?" he asked. I shook my head. He nodded, satisfied that I had understood his hidden meaning. Justin stared at me, thoroughly confused. I smiled, letting him know to drop it: it was nothing.

"So, Daryl, you think you could come over today? I'm kind of bored and I thought maybe we could do something." Kyle just had to say something.

"Oh sure, honey! I'd spend eternity with you—I just love you so much! Know what? Someone's getting laid tonight!" Daryl exclaimed. I could've sworn I saw Kyle's eye twitch.

"I'll take that as a yes..."

"You got it, baby!" Daryl gave him a high five.

"And I'll see you after school," said Daryl with a wink Kyle couldn't see.

"You'll also see me," Justin warned. "I live there as well, you know." Daryl shrugged.

"Sure, whatever. Not like that will ruin my evil plans to kidnap Tonia and rape her under the bridge or anything." Daryl rolled his eyes and talked to Kyle before Justin could retaliate.

"Man, I hate that guy." Justin muttered. I smiled and shrugged.