Blood Bond

Good Lord, My Finger Is Naked!

"So you're a vampire now?" Daren asked, looking me up and down, shock on his face.

"Yeah. Daryl turned me the other day. How did you know?" I asked.

"Tonia…Have you seen yourself lately?" Daren asked.


"Well, you're not human anymore." Daren held up a mirror.

"What happened?" I asked anyone who could answer. I had black hair, deep violet eyes, and pale skin.

"You lost your humanity. Now, if you're eyes ever turn red, you need to feed, got it? Bright red means you're going to lose control soon, so avoid it. Maybe avoid Daryl, too…"

"Why?" I hadn't seen him since he turned me since he had left right after.

"He might lose control." Daren walked off. But Daryl promised he wouldn't lose it… I sighed and walked off to find something to do. I no longer had to stay in bed and it no longer hurt when the fledglings started biting. I saw Daryl waiting for me in my room so I walked in.

"What do you think?" I asked, twirling in my black and purple gown. He stared while the dress settled.

"Tonialla…" Daryl stood up and looked me up and down. "You are so hot." I looked at him funny. He said he wouldn't call me that, but he did in that dream, too…

"Um, thank you?" I wasn't sure what to say.

"You have no idea of all the things I want to do to you…" Daryl's eyes lingered on my chest but when he saw my stomach he shook his head. "But that'll have to be another time. Babe, we only have a few more months before they're born and…you're going to be done with being pregnant." Daryl stepped up from behind me and pressed my back against his chest. "And we can make love all we want because I only want three and we'll have that many on the dot." He kissed my collarbone and nibbled on my ear.

"Daryl, what if I don't want to…make love?" He turned me to face him.

"Tonia, a guy has certain needs and he wants to fulfill those needs with the woman he loves and chooses to be his Devii—or wife. You're my Devii and I love you. You've said it back. Its how a married couple shows love. Believe me, you'll want it."

"We're not married," I said rather coldly. "I don’t have to have sex with you Daryl. I don't want to 'make love' either. I don't see a ring on my finger and if you're using marriage as a guarantee for getting into my pants, then this ring finger is staying naked."

"And so are you," Daryl said perversely. I scoffed at him.

"Daryl. As far as I'm concerned, if you keep acting like this, we're not going to be married. I'll take the kids and move on to someone who appreciates me." Daryl growled and I smiled defiantly.

"Oh, you're not leaving me. You're not taking my kids with you and you're not taking you from me. You're mine, got it?" he asked, glaring.

"I am not your property! You don't own me! Or am I a toy, like you told your father I wouldn't be? Daryl, I'm starting to think you didn’t mean what you said. Because in that case, I don't think I meant it when I said I love you." I ducked out of his arms and stared at him, arms crossed.

"Who else but a vampire would love a vampire? And believe me, if you leave, I'll tell the vampires that you're mine and if they so much as lay one finger on you that I will kill them. So I don't think you'll have anyone if you leave."

"Bastard! I know plenty of people who will at least take care of me!" I stormed out of the room, but Daryl appeared before me.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Away from you."

"Oh no. You're mine and you will do as I say. If I want you to stop right here in the hallway and let me have sex with you, you will. If I want you to go back to the room, you sure as bloody hell will."

"Really?" I asked, humoring him.

"Yeah. And right now, I think I want you to let me fuck you. Right here in the hall."

"I don't think so, Daryl."

"I do."